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  1. How Do I Use my Bluetooth Casio Watch?

    Hello everyone! If you're just joining us, or even if you've been to our site before, you'll notice we've gotten a lot of Bluetooth Watches. We used to have only the GBA-400 series but that's completely changed. So in this post I figured I'd let you know how to set up, and use, whichever Bluetooth watch you have. Ready? Here We Go!

    First up, let's stick with the GBA-400 series. What you need to do, on your Android or iPhone, is go to the app store and download the GMix App. With it, you'll be able to get your phone to play your favourite music. If there's music around you, you can even use the watch to find out the song title (Kind of like Shazam, except it's free). Best of all, you can program the phone to play a sound when you press a specific button on your watch (perfect if you want to get out of an awkward situation).

    Then we've got the GBA-800 series. While the 400s were mostly focused on Music, the 800 is focused on your fitness. First pro tip here, when you install the app on your phone, make sure Bluetooth is already switched on. It'll save you some time during installation.

    Right, while the GBA-400 had the GMix app, for this one you'll need G-Shock Connected. Once you open it up, select the watch you have, and in the next screen, you'll be asked to press the bottom right button on your watch for a few seconds.

    Here's a cool side effect of connecting the phone to the watch - as soon as they're paired, the time on your watch will be exactly the same as on your phone. This means when you go overseas, as long as you have your phone, you can just repair it with the watch and the time will be automatically adjusted.

    Holding the bottom right button on your watch for 3 seconds, will activate the phone finder mode. This means, if you can't find your phone, but it's in range and the Bluetooth is switched on, it'll turn on your ringtone (even if the phone was previously on silent). Definitely a great idea for people who like the vibrate only function on the phone, but have trouble remembering just where they left it!

    Now, I mentioned this is a fitness watch, and it connects up to the Connected App, to keep track of the amount of steps you take. You input all the data into the phone, which then updates automatically on your watch. If you don't reach the step target, it will also start beeping at you, to remind you to hit your goal.

    If you've got smaller hands, you can instead purchase the BSAB Series which has the exact same functions that I just talked about, but the watch itself is for ladies, kids, and people with smaller wrists.

    Well, I hope you enjoyed this guide. It will work on any G-Shock/Baby-G Bluetooth watch. Until Next Time - Jimmy B!

  2. More Gifts for Father's Day

    Welcome/Welcome Back to our blog. While my last post was for top 10 G-Shocks for dads, this time I won't just limit myself to all the old favourites, but some new ones and maybe include a Citizen or two along the way. Ready? Here We Go!



    10) Bulova 96A187 - Now, quite a few of you may be unfamiliar with the Bulova series, but they're a completely analogue alternative to the usual watches we sell here. If dad wants to keep it simple, then then 96A187 is the way to go. It has 3D numbers that jump out at you, and the screen isn't cluttered with switches.


    9) GBD-800UC-8 - If dad is tech savy, and likes to stay fit, then you can't go wrong with the Casio G-Shock GBD800UC-8. This is part of Casio's G-Squad series, created exactly for those who want to stay healthy. It has a pedometer, and can connect to your phone via Bluetooth so dad can send data from watch to the phone, and keep an eye on his progress. Being fully digital also means the entire screen lights up when you turn on the backlight, making it easier to read.


    8) GWG-1000-1A1 - One of a limited edition of Mudmaster watches, this all black time piece is completely weather resistant, solar powered so you don't have to change batteries, and can also automatically set the time in 6 different countries!


    7) AW-5005-21Y - If you're sick of resin bands (or just don't like the way they feel), this Citizen watch has a green nylon strap, to match the looks of the display. Part of the Eco Drive range, this watch will always run, provided you keep it exposed to light for small parts of the day. The 24 hour clock is also great for those dads used to running on military time.


    6) GGB-100-1A9 - Fit Dads and Army Dads rejoice! This GGB-100 series combines the best of both worlds. It's completely weather resistant, mud resistant, and has the Pedometer of the GBD-800 series, as well as the Bluetooth connectivity.


    5) BJ7007-02L - This one has really been flying off the shelves recently! The band is nicely fitting leather, and the display is perfect for pilots. Completely analogue but easy to read, it's also part of the Eco-Drive series so you never have to worry about changing the batteries!


    4) DW-5600BBN-1 - Take it from me, dads like to keep it simple, but they also like comfort. The DW-5600BBN-1 is both of those things! It's got a soft Cordura Fabric cloth band, which doesn't irritate the skin, and it's also fully digital. There aren't any switches you need to worry about, there are optional modes but you don't need to use them. Being fully digital also means they're very easy to read for those dads with bad eyesight.


    3) GWB-5600BC-1B - No you're not seeing double, this watch and the one above it do look pretty similar. The only difference is, this one has bluetooth connectivity. This means you can use your watch to find your phone, as well as use the phone to set the time more accurately.


    2) Bulova 96B256 - Known as the marine star watch, this is a great looking watch, that will fit dad's wrist, and it's also 100m water resistant so he can swim with it. Add to that, the safety bar and extender for the band and display, you've got a watch that's almost as sturdy as a G-Shock


    1) GA-2000-5A  - One of the newer models in Casio's range, this watch is big, has a carbon core structure making it one of the most protected watches in the world, and if your dad doesn't like the band, it's easily interchangeable without needing to worry about pliers and screw drivers.


    There you have it, the top 10 Newest Gifts for Father's Day. For a limited time, if you use the code TYDAD20, you get $20 off every watch in the cart, on top of our unbeatable 3 year extended warranty - Now that's a bargain!


    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  3. Affordable Casio G-Shock Watch Gift Ideas for Father's Day

    Unless you're in America, Father's Day is fast approaching! With the lockdown in full swing pretty much everywhere, online shopping is the only way to go when you want to show your appreciation for Dad. What better way to show him that you care, than by giving him something that not only looks great, but he'll be able to use for years to come? Welcome to my blog, and today I'll be showing you the top 10 Casio G-Shocks for Father's Day. Ready? Here We Go!


    10) GA-110-1B - A sturdy, no frills watch, dad will get the most bang for his buck, since even if he bumps his hand into a wall, the watch will keep on working!


    9) GA-100CM-5A - The ultimate father/son activity is usually fishing and hunting. When you're out in the great outdoors, hunting your prey, you need to blend into the surroundings, and the GA-100CM-5A Camouflage watch will let you do just that, in any forested environment!


    8) GA-100B-4A - Part of Casio's revolutionary GA-100 series, the GA-100B-4A is another great idea for dad. It's got an extra large display to fit both the analogue and digital side.


    7) G-7900-1 - If your dad's a surfer, he'll love this tide graph watch! It's fully digital, easy to read, and can predict the tide for the next 12 hours (all you need to do is enter the time of high and low tide).


    6) G-5600E-1 - How annoying is it to always change the batteries every few years? This solar powered digital watch will save your dad the hassle, since all you need to do is keep the watch exposed to light.


    5) GA-100CF-1A9 - Another camo model, this watch has a unique design, where only the inside of the display is camouflaged, while the outside is dark enough to provide perfect cover at night.


    4) GA-100-1A4 - One of the original ana/digi watches, this model is not just 100m shock resistant, but can also resist water pressure of up to 200m. Your dad can go swimming with it and as long as he doesn't press buttons while submerged, the watch will be just fine.


    3) GA-110GB-1A - If your dad likes bling, then he'll love the black and gold combination of this watch on his wrist. Unlike the GA-100 series, the digital display of the GA-110 is at the top and bottom of the watch, making it easier to see.


    2) GA-100-1A1 - If dad's working near lots of electrical equipment, including magnets, then the GA-100 series is perfect for that, as it has an innate magnetic resistance to ensure the watch keeps running smoothly!


    1) GA-100-1A2 - Does your dad like to keep active? One of the things the GA-100 is known for is the 1/1000-sec stopwatch. That's one of the most accurate stopwatches in the world, and can also be used to measure your speed while going from point A to point B.

    There you have it, the top 10 G-Shocks to give your dad this Father's Day. And just to make things sweeter, if you use the code BWOXTENDXX when checking out, you'll get $20 off and 3 years Extended Warranty!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  4. Step Up Your Fitness With the Casio Baby-G BGS100SC Step Tracker Series!

    Welcome, and to all the old readers, welcome back! I've got a real treat for out female fitness fans (though boys shouldn't feel left out). Casio has released the BGS100SC Casio Baby-G Series, and I'm here to tell you all what it's about. Best of all, this isn't a coming soon article, since the watches are available NOW! Ready? Let's get to it!

    First up is the BGS100SC-1A. Like I said, boys shouldn't feel left out, as this watch is perfectly suitable for them to wear. It's completely black, from the band to the display and background. In fact, the only white it has is on the digital numbers, as well as the analogue hands or hour markers. The watch looks like it's taken a step back from all of the technological advancements. While this isn't exactly true, one great sideffect is the display is much easier to look at than some of the more technological watches. The screen is definitely less cluttered.


    Next up we have the blue and pink BGS100SC-2A. The band is a sky blue, while the bezel is pink. This is also shown inside the display, with the hour markers being a mix of pink and light blue. Unlike the 100SC-1A, the 2A has a regular display, which is easier to see during the day.


    Moving on, we have the pastel pink/rose gold BGA100SC-4A. The band here is difficult to describe, with some people claiming it's pink, and others saying rose gold, so we'll let you decidde. The bezel is grey. along with the hands. The hour markers are a mixture of grey and purple, and again it has the regular display.


    Finally, we have the BGA100SC-7A. This one is white from the band, to the bezel, buttons and arrows. The hour markers are a silvery grey and they stand out to make them easier to see. It also gives a 3D effect with the markers looking like they're about to come out of the screen.

    Now that we're done with the looks, let's talk features, and boy there are a LOT to talk about! First off, this is a pedometer watch. What this means is, you can use it to count the number of steps you take (or your kids if the watch is for them). Now, we all know kids like to slack off sometimes (so do adults if we're being honest), so you can set an alarm that will go off whenever the watch can tell you're not moving enough to hit your goal data.

    You notice the two circles between the 7 and 8 hour marker? They will actually flash whenever you're walking while the pedometer is on. This helps ensure that the watch is working correctly. Also a great way to remind you to turn on the pedometer, if you walk and notice they're not flashing.

    Another cool feature is when you set the alarm. Now, if you notice, the digital screen is a little bit smaller than most of our ana/digi combos. When you turn the alarm on there is a bell icon, but sometimes it's hard to see. That's where the seconds hand comes in handy (if you pardon the pun)! When you're in alarm mode, if it's turned off, the seconds hand will move to off, and on if it's on.

    Finally, for those who are very strict with their exercise, or want more data than just how many steps they've walked, these watches include a graph that can tell you how many steps you've taken in the past four or five hours.

    The BGS-100SC series is now available on BuyWatchesOnline! Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  5. Top 10 Baby-G Watches Sold In July 2020

    Welcome back fans of Casio Watches, and a big welcome to anybody new here too! In today's post, I'll show you the top 10 Baby-G Watches that were sold in July 2020. If you're not sure what to get your kids, or your girlfriend/wife/sister, this is the perfect post for you. Ready? Here We Go!


    10) BGA-150PG-2B2 - Don't let the moniker Baby-G fool you - these watches are for boys and girls alike. With a navy blue band, your little boy/brother can wear it as readily as your daughter/sister/girlfriend.


    9) BG-169M-4 - This one however is just for girls. It's pink, from the band, to even the face. It's also completely digital, making it a lot easier to see the time. At night, simply turn on the backlight, and you'll still be able to tell the time.


    8) BG-169G-7B - The BG-169G-7B is another unisex model with a clear strap, which makes it look pretty cool on your wrist. The face guard helps protect the display if you happen to fall over - you might break your wrist, but the display will be A-OK :)


    7) BG-169G-4B - Another of the 169G series, this model also includes a rare feature called a Databank Memory, letting you program phone numbers into the watch!


    6) BA-110BC-1A - A complement to the GA-110-1B, this watch is great as part of a his and hers package, or even for the boys who want a watch just like their dad's. Smaller in size but not skimping on many of the features.


    5) BA-110-7A1 - Slightly easier to read than a few models, due to having a regular display, the watch is 100m water resistant as well as being shock resistant, so you can take it practically anywhere.


    4) BA-110-1A - A great looking black and gold watch, if your wrist is too small but you don't want people to think you're wearing a girl's watch, the only giveaway to that is the word Baby-G. Great for anyone to wear, whether a boy or a girl.


    3) BSA-B100MF-1A - The first female bluetooth watch, this model has a step tracker so you can see how far you've walked. A real surprise that it's debuting at number 3, especially considering it only just became available on our (virtual) shelves late June!


    2) BGA-151-7B - A classic model that's always graced our top 10 selling list for Baby-Gs, this watch is soon to be retired, so you'd better get it while you still have the chance!


    1) BA-111-1A - This black and pink Baby-G watch is bright, colourful and almost impossible to lose (something parents have been quite happy about!)


    There you have it. Our top 10 Baby-G models sold in July 2020! Until Next Time - Jimmy B!

  6. Top 10 G-Shocks Sold in July 2020

    Welcome back to our Casio Blog. Hope you've all been staying safe during this quarantine! This article will discuss the top 10 Casio G-Shocks sold in July 2020. If you're running out of ideas on what to purchase for yourself or your loved ones, this will definitely help! Ready? Here We Go!


    10) G-7900-3 - This Gulfman watch is fully digital making it easy to see the time, as well as the tide graph (a feature that helps predict what the tides will be like at any given time at your location). For more info on how to use the tide graph, click here.


    9) G-5600E-1 - The G-5600E-1 features a classic square design, with large blocky numbers. It's also solar powered, reducing your need to replace the batteries every few years. Having trouble making it work? Check out this handy guide!

    dw-9052gbx-1a9 (1)

    8) DW-9052GBX-1A9 - An addition to the list that, quite frankly, surprised me, considering it only just arrived on our virtual shelves last month! The DW-9052GBX is an updated version of the classic DW9052 series. The original watch can be found here.


    7) GBA-800-1A - A rather ironic watch to make its way on our top 10 best seller list (at least during this quarantine), the GBA-800-1A has a step tracker, a graph that can measure your progress day to day, and a Bluetooth function to copy the results onto your mobile! Take a read about all the best features of this series here!


    6) GA-110GB-1A - A classic now, and part of the famed GA110 series, the GA-110GB-1A looks great on your wrist thanks to its shining black case, with gold outlines on the display. Did you know it has a matching female counterpart? Check out our article for the best his and hers watches.


    5) GA-100-1A1 - A constant part of our top 10 lists, the GA-100-1A1 is one of 2 GA-100 series models featured (we'll get to the other in a few minutes). Completely black with white hour markers, this watch is frequently used by the army. It's also the first model to have magnetic resistance! Stuck on what to get your dad for father's day? This watch makes the top 10 here too!


    4) G-7900-1 - Another of the G-7900 series, the G-7900-1 ended up being the more popular of the bunch. Some people just prefer the black band over green! Want this watch but unsure if you can pay for it right now? Use Afterpay instead, and check out this great list of the best watches to Afterpay!


    3) DW-9052-1V - No we haven't accidentally put the same watch in twice! This is the original DW-9052 series watch, made in the early 90s. Again it's fully digital (sensing a pattern here?) and is also 200m water resistant, along with being shock resistant. Want to know some more interesting facts about the G-Shocks? Check them out here!


    2) GA-100CF-1A9 - Part of the original Combo Watch revolution, the GA-100CF gave us the camouflage series, and is still considered one of Casio's top sellers. Blend into the night with this great watch. For more Camouflage models, click here.


    1) GA-100-1A4 - Topping our list is the other iteration of the GA-100 series. As you can see they look almost identical, but this one got the edge because it's a lot easier to read the screen! By the way, did you know the GA-100 series is one of the top selling series in the world? Amazing considering it's been out for so long! Check out the other models making that list here!

    There you have it, the top 10 G-Shocks sold in July 2020. And as a big thanks for those of you who got to the end, if you use the code BWOXTENDXX when you purchase, you'll get $20 off and 3 years Extended Warranty! Until Next Time - Jimmy B


  7. Coming Soon - The Casio G-Shock Skeleton Series!

    Just in time for Halloween, Casio will be releasing some spooky watches with a skeleton motif! Hold on to your Scooby Snacks while we explore this haunting collection!


    First up is the GA700SK-1A and here’s where the first difference is noticeable right away. Instead of having a black band (like all the other 1A watches do), this is more grey and transparent, keeping up with the ghost motif. Inside the display, there are many shades of grey, from the hands to the hour markers, to the digital text being grey on a black background.



    Next up we have the GA400SK-1A4. Now, this one does not look as spooky, thanks to its pink bezel, but it does give one advantage to girls/women who have bigger wrists. This watch is made especially for them. This watch keeps the transparent band, though darkens it to make it look as black as you’d expect from a 1A model. The background and bezel however, are pink. This also includes the hands and hour markers. The bright pink actually makes it easier to tell the time, and the digital screen is much bigger, compared to the GA700SK.

    ga400sk-1a9 (1)

    Finally we have the GA400SK-1A9. If the 700SK was grey, this one is a ghostly white and completely transparent. The writing on the bezel, and the bezel itself is shades of yellow and green. The hands and hour markers are also yellow, to make them easy to read. Best of all (at least for people who don’t like negative displays), this watch has the regular black on white screen, which is, to some people, easier to read.


    Still with me gang? Great, let’s have a look at all the features. Now, if you’ve been following our store, you’ll be familiar with the GA700 series. Considered the top athlete watch until the GA800 came out, one of the most sought after features is the super LED Light. See, with a lot of other ana/digi combos, the backlight only lights up the analogue part, but the super LED Light illuminates the entire screen, making it easier to see the time.


    Another great feature is the direct start stopwatch. Before the GA500 and GA700 came along, you’d need to go to a new mode to set up and start your stopwatch, which can get annoying for both trainers, and people training. The GA700, and its SK counterpart, decided to simplify things by adding the start button on the bottom right of your watch. Simply press the button and the watch gets straight into the stopwatch mode. Press it again and it starts! Simple.


    Here’s where the GA700 stepped it up though. Not only is it really easy to find and use the stopwatch, they also included a stopwatch alarm. Basically, you can put the time you’re aiming for, start the stopwatch, and if you run slower than you intended to, it’ll start beeping. This is a great feature, especially for athletes!


    Well that’s the GA700SK, but let’s see what the GA400SK has in store for us. First up, you’ll notice the rotary wheel on the right of the watch. From the start, you can use it to set your home city without needing to go into the modes. When you’re setting the time, or alarm, instead of using the buttons, you can just use the rotary wheel, which makes things easier.


    Apart from having the popular Super LED Light, the watch also has another important feature called Hand Shift. Some people prefer to read the digital time instead of the analogue, but as you can imagine, some hours of the day the hands can cover the digital time. With this Hand Shift feature, you can move the analogue hands out of the way. Then once you’re done, press the button again and the hands go exactly where they were meant to.


    One big advantage the GA400 series does have over the GA700 is the magnetic resistance. If you’re in an area with lots of magnetic waves, it can sometimes interfere with the analogue hands, so you get discrepancies between the analogue and digital time. The Magnetic resistance prevents this from happening.


    The GA400SK and GA700SK are coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline! Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  8. Introducing the BGA240BC Series of Casio Baby-G Watches!

    If you're into fitness, then chances are you've heard of Casio's BGA240 Series of Running Watches. Now, these aren't the pedometer watches normally associated with G-Squad, but they're still perfect for other functions. Ready? Set? Let's Go!


    First up is the BGA240BC-1A. This watch is completely black from band to bezel, even the background of the display. The buttons on the side are extra-large and grip your fingers so they don't slip. Basically if you want to hit the mode button, you won't accidentally press anything else.

    The display itself is also dark, with only the hands being white, and the hour markers grey, in order to make them easier to see. The hour markers are also long and give a 3D effect, like they're coming out of the screen. The digital display is split with the top showing the date, and the bottom showing the time (similar to the BA-110 and GA-110 series).


    Then we have the BGA240BC-4A. Now, while the 1A was suitable for boys too, this is most definitely a girls watch. As you can see it's a wonderful shade of pink. Inside the display you can see it's mostly pink, with the display being the classic black on white. The hands and hour markers are a shade of white and pink.

    So, that's what they look like, but what do the watches actually do? Let's find out! First up, as they are a running watch, there's obviously a stopwatch, but there's also a lap recorder. You can save up to 60 laps and read through them at your leisure to see if you're improving, getting slower, or staying at about the same rate. This recall mode is quite accurate, and it will tell you the dates and times of the previous laps.

    If you're going overseas, there's a really cool feature called Dual Time mode. It uses both parts of the digital display to show you the time where you are at the bottom, and the time in another city at the top. Definitely helpful.

    The BGA240BC Series is out now on BuyWatchesOnline! Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  9. Top 10 G-Shocks Sold in June 2020

    Welcome back to our blog. Today's topic is the top 10 watches sold last month, and some of these actually surprised me! Ready? Let's get this party started!

    10) Coming in at number 10 is a model that usually tops these lists, the GA-100-1A2. The GA-100 Series was the first Extra-Large case series and is an Analogue/Digital combo watch!

    9) The digital G-8900A-1 is next. This one has an Extra-Large face, and since it's fully digital it's a lot easier to see the time at night, with the simple press of the Backlight button (which lights up the entire screen). It also has the interesting design choice of the display being a dark blue.

    8) Another digital model here, the G-5600E-1. This one has a classic square design, and is also solar powered, which is REALLY helpful if you hate to always change batteries every few years. The lighter display is also easy to see, and while the screen isn't as large as the G-8900A, you're the numbers are quite large.

    7) Joining its brother in the bottom 10 is the GA-100-1A1 XL Watch. Unlike the 1A2, this one is all black, with no hint of colour anywhere. This series was originally created for military use, so it was imperative that the light doesn't shine too brightly if you're on a sensitive mission.

    6) Recently the sales for the DW-9052-1V have surged, almost taking the watch to the top 5! This one is yet another classic digital model, albeit with a smaller screen. The thinner case means even though it's a G-Shock, it's one of the few that should be able to fit a child's wrist too, making it a great present for your kids.

    5) Coming in at 5th place is the Camouflage black and gold watch, the GA-100CF-1A9. This one is part of the Camouflage series that has become so popular it has encompassed the GA-700 series as well as a few other models too.

    4) In 4th place by a tiny margin is the G-Lide watch, the GLX-5600VH-4. This is a digital surfer's watch, and has unique features, such as a tide graph, making it easier to predict what the tide will be like during certain parts of the day (a perfect tool to practice your surfing). The most unique thing here is even though it's a G-Shock, it's actually meant for women.

    3) Third place belongs to another classic watch, the G-6900-1. Another tough solar watch, this one has a smaller screen and isn't as advanced as some of our other digital watches, making it a great beginner watch for your kids. Solar power here also means you won't be going to a jeweller every few years!

    2) In second place we have the sporty GA-700-7A. This white watch was designed for athletes, and has a cool feature called direct start stopwatch. This will allow you to start the stopwatch from the home screen, without having to flick through all the other menu functions!

    1) We're guessing news travels fast, because our top selling watch is the soon to be gone forever, GR-8900A-1. This all black, digital illuminator watch is no longer being made, turning it into a rare collector's item, with a price that's much more affordable than other limited edition watches!

    Well, this is our top 10 G-Shock Watches sold in June, Tune in next week for the top 10 Baby-Gs!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  10. Introducing the Casio G-Shock GBD800UC Series Utility Colour Step Tracker Watch!

    Introducing: The Casio G-Shock Digital GBD800UC Series!

    The Casio GBD800 Series has been a real hit with customers, but some people prefer the more muted colours. Casio has them covered, with the Utility Colours series, while making sure to keep all the features people love, exactly as they are. Let’s see what the fuss is all about!


    First up is the GBD800UC-3D. This is considered the military version because of its dark green colours, matching army uniforms. The band and bezel are dark green, with the writing and buttons being completely black. Under the glass it’s a fully digital display, so the numbers and texts are much larger than in the combo watch. The cool thing is, while it’s a negative display, it still incorporates the green motif, with even the numbers and text, instead of being white, are green on a black display.


    Next up is the GBD800UC-5D. This one is more dirt brown, with the text on the band and bezel being black. One thing you’ll notice is the indicator with the Bluetooth sign on the top right corner of the display. There’s markers surrounding it, which show what functions are turned on (that’s a great idea if you want to preserve power). The indicator here is a mix of black and gold. Again the digital display keeps with the motif, with the numbers being brown on a black background. (8)

    Finally we have the grey GBD800UC-8D. This one is more black than grey, with the writing on the band and bezel being even darker than the band itself. The display here is the closest to a normal negative display, with light grey/white numbers and text on a black background. The mode indicator on the right is made up of different shades of grey.

    So, now that we’ve gotten the looks out of the way, let’s see how these watches work. First thing you should know, these are the first Casio Bluetooth watches that are fully digital. One of the best things about full digital watches is the backlight is much more powerful, and lights up the entire screen, making it much easier to see the time.

    The GDB800 Is known as the step counter watch. This basically functions as a pedometer, which can’t be fooled by you just moving your arms. It’s got a 3-Axis Accelerometer as well as letting you save up to 200 laps (most watches will only let you save 60 laps). You can use these features to calculate the amount of calories burned as well as for making future plans.

    Speaking of future plans, this watch comes with a very special alarm that beeps if it can tell you haven’t done the required amount of walking to reach your goal. So basically like a personal trainer, with the added benefit of not having to pay after every session :)

    Now, this watch is Bluetooth enabled, which also gives you an all new range of features, such as being able to change the time of your watch through the phone. That’s a great feature because most of the time, the phone will have the most accurate time.

    The GBD800UC Series is HERE at

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

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