G Steel Series

Once in a while, a series comes along, which needs to stand out and be mentioned. One such series, is the stainless steel, polished G-Steel range, which is made for the active person, that’s looking for a watch that’s rugged, reliable and can perform in any circumstance. While tough and durable, G-Steel watches are analogue and digital, and they address a common complaint found in combo watches – that the igital time doesn’t light up at night. To combat this, the G-Steel have come up with two fixes. The GST-S Range uses two LED lights to light up both the analogue and digital display. Meanwhile, the GST Range uses a brand new Super Bright LED, that’s bright enough to let you see both sets of times. Now, as mentioned there are two types of G-Steels that you can find in this category. The GST-S uses Tough Solar panels to keep your watch running without any need to change the battery. The GST version uses a normal battery, and is more economical for those on a tighter budget. Both types have what’s known as a Layer Guard structure – the bezel is a mix of steel and resin. This combination protects both the display and the mechanism inside the watch. Knowing that everybody has a different sense of style, Casio’s G-Street series accommodates you by giving you 3 different band options – Leather, Resin and Stainless Steel. Whichever you desire, you’ll find one on this page.
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