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  1. Coming Soon, the First Casio Smart Protrek Outdoor Watch, WSD-F20A-GN

    Casio’s had fitness watches, camping watches, even pilot watches, but one thing that’s always been missing is the Smart Watch. Well, very soon this is going to change! Welcome to our blog, and today, I’ll be looking at the WSDF20A-GN. Ready? Let’s Get To It!

    First up, I do have to be the bearer of some bad news. Due to this being a smart watch, it’s not as water resistant as others and can only withstand 50m of water pressure. But let’s face it, you don’t get a smart watch to go swimming with it! So, let’s see what it looks like.



    The watch has a black outline with an olive green band. On top of the bezel it has Pro Trek, in orange, with other tools including GPS (for the first time ever!), tool and sensor. The display itself is not just fully digital, it’s actually an LCD Display, like you’d see on your monitors or on the smart watches. This makes it a lot easier to see the time, day or night (something that most of our customers have been clamoring for). Heck, you can even change the colour of the numbers to make them easier to read.

    There’s not much more to say about the looks, so let’s get into the features, and boy there’s a lot to unpack. First up, this is the first watch to use Google Wear OS (specifically designed for watches). This means you can link the watch to your android phone. Now, I know that might not seem like much (The GBA and GBD Casio models can do the same), but being developed by Google means you can also see your notifications, emails, SMSes, straight on your screen, and that’s not mentioning the original benefits of setting the time on your watch straight through your phone!

    Another really great feature (and one heavily requested by our customers) is a GPS. You’ll be able to see EXACTLY where you are on the map, so there’s even less of a chance for you to be lost when hiking. Just take a look at the clarity of the map below.

    The watch also has an onboard Microphone, so you can talk to the Google assistant and bring up the features without needing to scroll through them. Being developed by Google also means you can go into the app store and download any newer apps that you’d need. You can even ask for the weather, and it’ll show up straight on your screen.

    Just quickly going back to the smart part of the watch, you can use a touch keyboard, or the microphone to respond to any SMS, write a FaceBook post, pretty much whatever you normally use your phone for.

    By combining the features of a smart watch with the outdoor tools on normal SportTrek watches, these tools have actually been improved. The Altimeter brings up easy to read information on how long you have to go to reach the summit, the compass works with the above mentioned GPS, and through combining the GPS, compass and Google Calendar, you can actually be guided to your next destination!


    I do have one more piece of good news for you though! If you don't want to wait for a GPS watch, we recently acquired the Rangeman GPRB-1000-1B (which I'll cover more in depth next week!)

    The Smart WSD-F20 will only be available for a limited time, and is coming soon to

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  2. Top 10 G-Shocks under $200

    With the quarantine in full effect, you can't really go out anywhere, so why not shop instead. Either for yourself, or your loved ones. And if you’re on a budget of under $200, then this list will be perfect for you. Let’s dive right in, to see the top 10 Casio G-Shock watches, that won’t cost you more than $199!




    10) G-7900A-4 - This bright red digital watch is great for potential surfers. There’s tide graph, moon data, anything that’s needed for you to gain a competitive edge! If you’re not sure how to set up the tide graph, just click here. $169.00




    9) SGW-300HD-1AV - When you’re out a lot, whether hiking, camping, or just enjoying the great outdoors, hopefully you have a watch with a compass and thermometer. While we do have the Rangeman (which is one of our biggest sellers), the price can be a bit steep. Luckily the Sportsgear is much more affordable. $159.00 (or if you prefer the resin band instead of stainless steel, click here for the $149.00 version).




    8) GD-350-1B - Watches aren’t just good tools to tell the time, they’re also useful to remind you when to take medication. If you (or the person you’re buying it for) is embarrassed by the loud beeping, then the GD-350 is a great alternative, thanks to its vibrating alarm. No noise, but you’ll still feel the vibration through your wrist, and remember to take the meds on time. $199.00




    7) GD-120CM-5 - Part of Casio’s Camouflage Series, this G-Shock digital watch is easy to read, and thanks to being fully digital, the backlight lights up the entire screen in case it’s too dark. Resembling tree bark, this is a great hunting watch. $199.00




    6) GA-100CF-8A - Another Camouflage watch, this is an Analogue/Digital combo. Grey with camouflage patterns inside the display, the watch has Magnetic Resistance, on top of being Shock and Water Resistant. $199.00




    5) G-2900F-1V - While some people prefer a digital display, others prefer the larger face of the analogue/digital combo watch. Well, with Casio you can have the best of both worlds. The G-Shock G-2900F-1V has an extra-large face usually only found on combo watches, but it’s fully digital, so the entire screen lights up. Best of all, it boasts a battery life of 10 years, compared to Casio’s usual 2 years. $149.00




    4) DW-5750E-1 - For classic watch lovers, you can’t look past the 35th anniversary model, based on the original DW-5700 series (one of the two first ever G-Shock Series), this watch is large, fully digital, and the numbers are almost as easy to read as the G-2900F watch above. Combined with 200m water resistance, and Casio’s Shock Resistance, you can take it anywhere with you. $169.00




    3) GA-700SE-1A2 - A watch for athletes, the GA-700SE-1A2 has a stopwatch alarm function, which will let you put in the time you’re aiming for. As you’re running, if you miss go over your set time limit, the alarm will sound. The band is also a mixture of black on the outside, and fluorescent blue on the inside, making it easy to find if you accidentally drop it. $199.00




    2) GA-700-4A - If you’re after a single coloured watch, then the GA-700-4A should be considered. Bright red, like the G-7900A-4, this watch has the above mentioned stopwatch alarm, as well as a hand shift function, so that when the analogue hands obstruct your view of the stopwatch, you can simply move them out of the way, and once you’re done, the hands will go back to where they were supposed to go. $199.00




    1) GA-100-1A2 - The original Combo Series, the GA100s started the Ana/Digi revolution. Large face, big hands and hour markers, and it’s also the first Casio to have magnetic resistance. Apart from that, you’ve also got a 1/1000-sec stopwatch (a stopwatch so accurate, it’s even used by officials at the Olympics and the Tour de France!. $199.00




    Well, thanks for sticking around, and as an added bonus, I’ll tell you how to save even more money! Use the code BWOXTENDXX for $20 off as well as 3 years extended warranty!




    Next Time, the best Baby-Gs for under $200! Until Then - Jimmy B

  3. Coming Soon - The Casio G-Shock AR Series

    Coming Soon, the Casio G-Shock AR Series


    Welcome back Casio Watch Hunters! Today I’ll be highlighting the all new AR Series from G-Shock. These are black with a red background, and there’s something for everyone here. Ready? Let’s get to it!


    First up is the GA-140AR-1A. This is based on the GA140 series. This analogue and digital combo watch puts more of its emphasis on the analogue. The band, bezel, and the writing on said bezel are completely black. Under the mineral glass display, the background is bright red, matching the hands and hour markers. The date is in a circle at the top, and the digital time is at the bottom. Both digital displays are what’s known as negative displays, with white numbers/letters on a black background.


    Next up we have the GA-700AR-1A. This one is based on the popular Athletic GA-700 series. Whereas the previous model was more analogue, this one focuses on the digital aspect, with the digital time prominently placed at the bottom of the display. Again the band is completely black, and the background is red, to match the analogue hands and hour markers.


    Finally, we have the GAS-100AR-1A. This is based on Casio’s GAS-100 series, which combines old looks with new technology (more on that in a little bit). As with the 140 series, the GAS-100 puts more emphasis on the analogue part, with the hour markers looking more prominent, making them easier to see. The background is red, with the date, time, seconds counter and day in seperate circles with a negative display.


    So, now that we’ve finished with the looks, let’s see what they have to offer!


    First up is the GA140AR-1A. One of the biggest complaints Casio has received about their analogue/digital combo watches is it’s almost impossible to see the digital time at night. To fix that issue, the GA140AR-1A has a Super LED Light which is much more powerful than you’d see in most combo watches.


    The GA100 and GA110 watches had a very popular feature called a 1/1000-sec stopwatch. That is considered so accurate, they even use those stopwatches to judge at the Olympic Games. Due to this popularity, Casio ensured the GA140s would also have the same powerful stopwatch. This has the added benefit of introducing a feature to allow you to time just how fast you’re going.


    Moving on to the GA700AR-1A, this series is marketed towards those who enjoy staying fit. One of the main features to help you with that is the Direct Start stopwatch. Basically, just as it sounds, you can start the stopwatch from the main timing screen, meaning you don’t have to go scrolling through the modes to get to the correct one.


    As with the GA140AR, the GA700AR has a super LED display, making it easier to see the time in the dark. Apart from that, there’s also a feature called Hand Shift. If you’re unfamiliar with it, let me explain how this works. If you’re out training and you notice that the hands are covering the digital time, you can turn on the feature and it will move the hands to the 12 o’clock position, giving you and unobstructed view. Once you’re done, simply get out of the mode, and the hands will go exactly where they’re supposed to.


    Finally, the GAS100AR-1A. This is a watch that, at first glance, looks exactly like the old AW-590/591 series. As mentioned earlier though, the hands and hour markers are much easier to see. Another difference is, unlike the AW590 series, this watch is solar powered, so as long as you have the watch facing the light every few weeks/months, you’ll never have to worry about changing the batteries!


    As with the other two models, this watch has a Dual/Super LED Light, so even at night, you’ll be able to see the digital time.


    The Casio G-Shock AR Series is Coming Soon to BuyWatchesOnline


    As a special treat for reading through this article, when you are at the checkout screen, use the code BWOXTENDXX for $20 off and 3 years Extended Warranty! This is valid for every watch in your cart, so if you have 2, 3, even 10 different watches, it’ll be $20 off each and every one of them!


    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  4. What is the Highest Selling Casio Baby-G in the World?

    What is the Highest Selling Casio Baby-G in the World?

    Welcome back to Jimmy B’s Guide to Casio Watches! Last time, we focused on the top 3 best selling Casio G-Shocks of all time, today we’re going to do the same for the Baby-Gs. If you’re struggling with ideas this Christmas, look no further. Ready? Here We Go!

    bg169r-2b_xlarge BG-169R-4DR_1_7 bg-169r-1dr_1_7

    3) BG-169R Series! Comparatively recent. The BG-169R started selling in 2009. The series is one of the few fully digital models, which some customers prefer instead of the analogue/digital combos. The BG-169R series comes in a range of colours, so people can easily find pink ones for their daughters/sisters, as well as more boyish colours, so little boys can wear them as well.

    One of the best features is called the Telememo function. You can insert a name and phone number straight into the watch. So if you don’t want to buy your kids a mobile phone, but want them to be able to contact you, program their watch with your number, and they can ring it from any payphone or friend’s house.

    The other great feature is its weight... Or lack thereof. This series only weighs 43g so it’s easy on the wrist. As a digital watch, the entire screen lights up whenever you press the backlight button.

    ba-110cr-7a ba-110bc-1a_l_1_2 ba110-1a_xlarge_1 ba110-7a1_xlarge_1 ba110-4a1_large
    2) BA-110 Series! Released in 2013 due to popular demand, the BA-110 was at first an exact copy of the GA-110 series. This was done intentionally so couples could match. If your wrist was too small for the GA110s, then chances are the BA-110s are perfect for you.

    These models then further evolved into the BA111 and BA112 Series, with the BA111 becoming much more colourful, making it easy to locate the watch if you somehow dropped it. The BA-112 series made them even more vibrant by putting a multitude of colours straight into the display. Just take a look here!


    1) BGA-151-7B! While second and third place was decided by series, there is no question of the undisputed winner. The BGA-151-7B has been consistently outselling all of its competitors. It ended up being so popular, that out of all of the watches in the BGA-151 series, the 7B is the only one left standing, which really says a lot about its appeal!

    White with gold hands, this is a mostly analogue watch, with small windows for the digital time. It looks like a classic watch, but has a resin band and extra large analogue hour markers and numbers. Perfect for the classic watch lover, as well as a great starting point if you’re teaching your child how to read the analogue time.

    That’s it from me, hope this post has helped you make a decision. For the top 3 G-Shocks sold, click here.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  5. What is the Highest Selling Casio G-Shock in the World?

    What is the Highest Selling G-Shock in the World?

    Welcome back to Jimmy B’s Guide to Casio Watches! Today we’re going to focus on a really interesting question - which G-Shocks have sold the most? This is great to read if you’re struggling for ideas on what to get your partner/yourself. Ready? Here We Go!

    Now, before we start I’ll let you know, I’ll be listing not just the top seller, but the top 3, otherwise this’d be a REALLY short post! So we’ll start from 3rd place.

    dw-6900-1v_1_8 DW-6900BB-!A

    3) DW-6900 Series! Now... I admit that actually took me by surprise but they do have a unique advantage. You see, the DW-6900 is actually one of the first models to ever be released for Casio G-Shock, all the way in 1995. This makes it perfect for collectors, plus it’s easy on the eyes. Just this year we started selling the DW-6900BB series which was released for the 35th anniversary of Casio G-Shock, click here to see it.

    GA-100BBN-1A ga-100-1a2_l_6 ga-100cm-5a_l_2 ga100-1a4_xlarge

    2) GA-100 Series! I have to say, this is quite impressive because unlike the DW-6900, the Casio GA-100 series was only released 9 years ago, but it has been blowing up! One of the biggest reasons for its success is the extra-large display. Up until the GA-100 came along, you’d either have to get a digital watch, or the analogue/digital combos with a tiny digital display.

    Apart from the large screen, Casio also introduced Magnetic Resistance. When you’re out and about near electronics, this feature prevents the electromagnetic waves from interfering with the mechanism keeping your watch running.

    Nowadays you can get the Original GA-100 series here, as well as a camouflaged version here, giving you lots of choice.

    ga110rg-7a_xlarge ga110-1a_xlarge_1 ga110c-7a_xlarge_1 ga110gb-1a_xlarge ga-110-1b_l
    1) GA-110 Series! If at first you DO succeed, you can always do better! That seems to be Casio’s motto, because after their successful launch of the GA-100s, they followed it up, later that same year, by introducing the GA-110s. While the GA-100 had the digital time and date in 2 squares to either side of the analogue display, the GA-110 has them on the top and bottom, and more curved, which actually made it easier to read.

    One other feature that they added was the 1/1000-sec stopwatch. Now, to some of you that might not mean a lot, but to the athletes here, you’ll know it’s one of the most accurate stopwatches in the world. It’s even used when judging events such as the Olympics and the Tour De France! That’s a massive seal of approval right there.

    The GA-110 has many models, some camouflaged, some in unusual colours, and they can all be found in the GA-110 section of our store. And their influence has actually spread to the Baby-G series, with a BA-110, smaller version of the GA110 Series. Outselling its predecessor, the GA100, the GA110 takes top spot for the highest selling Casio G-Shock of all time!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  6. What Type of Watch Band and Clasps are there?

    The Different Type of Watch Bands & Clasps


    Welcome back to Jimmy B’s Guide to watches. In this article, we’re going to be looking at all the different types of bands and clasps, so I won’t just be limiting myself to Casios, but will include Citizens and Seikos. Ready? Let’s Get To It!


    First up, let’s have a look at the most common watch band, that’s present in 90% of all of our Casios, the Resin band. This was created with the G-Shock, because the material was shown to be scratch resistant (which will help ensure your watch always looks new). These watch bands typically use buckles to fasten the watch to your wrist. The most popular watches with these bands are the GA-100, GA-110, and GA-700 series. You can also find them on every one of Casio’s Baby-G series.


    Apart from being easy to put on and hard to damage, the resin bands are easy to clean, which is great if you’ve got a light coloured band. A lot of people have complained that the colours get either muted or just go brown from white. However, that’s just the sweat and grime that’s associated with you wearing the watch for long periods of time. Click Here for our handy guide on how to clean your band.


    The second major type of band is the stainless Steel band. This is found in a lot of different watches, specifically the G-Steels, as well as our Citizen and Seiko range. The stainless steel band gives the watch a more classic feel, and some of our buyers say they prefer that look over the look of the resin bands.


    Now, with this band, there’s actually multiple types of clasps. The most popular being the Safety Clasp found in the Citizen BN0194-57E. We’ve also got the Push Button in the Titanium AW1240-57L. Why would you want that type of band? Well as I mentioned it looks slicker than the Resin Band, but the clasp itself is actually safer. With the buckles, if the band gets undone, the watch will just fall on the floor, while with the metal Push Button and Safety Clasp, you would have to unbuckle it fully to get the watch off your wrist. Safer and avoids accidents.


    Some people prefer the feel of Leather bands. They’re not as cold on your skin as the metal bands, nor do they feel as hard as the resin band. They also give your watch a more classic feel, such as with the Citizen BJ7007-02L or the G-Steel GSTS130L-1A. These watches have the same buckle you’d find in the Resin bands.


    Now then, say you enjoy swimming or diving. You don’t want your watch to fall off your wrist. That’s where the rubber bracelet bands come in. You can find them in watches like the Seiko SKX009K1. The reason they’re popular is when you dive, the watch actually tightens around your wrist, making it practically impossible for it to fall off, unless you purposely try to yourself.


    The Rubber bracelets use what’s known as a deployment clasp. Basically to open the bracelet you need to pull the joined ends apart (making it look kind of like a butterfly clasp). Like I mentioned, it is very hard to get that off your wrist accidentally.


    Finally, for those who don’t like leather or metal, or even plastic, we’ve got nylon bands. They use the buckles just like resin and leather bands, but they feel a lot softer on your wrist. The best example of this would be the Citizen AW5005-21Y.


    There you have it, the different types of watch bands that you get with your watches. If you want to know how to replace the watch band you’ve got for something different, click here, but be careful since it could cause you to void the warranty!


    Until Next Time – Jimmy B

  7. How Exactly do I Use the Tide Graph on a Casio Digital Watch?

    Hello readers, and welcome back to the FAQ Section of the blog, where we take a deep dive into your questions, and hopefully surface with an answer! In this article, I’ll be talking about diving watches, specifically the Tide Graph part. Now, I’m sure many of you have noticed that not all Tide Graphs are the same, there are both analogue and digital ones. Here, I’ll be focusing on the digital ones, and a future article will cover the rest. The example I’ll be using is the G-7900 series, but all digital tide graphs function the same. Ready? Here We Go!


    So the first thing I should explain is just what a tide graph does. You’ll notice the graph has 3 horizontal lines. If the tide is really high, all 3 lines will be filled, if it’s low, just one part of the line will be filled. You can use the tide graph to set the time for the next day, and see what the tide is usually like during that particular time of day.

    First up, let’s set the tide graph up. On your watch, press the mode button. You’ll notice the date hasn’t changed, but the time is set to 6 am, so it’s showing you what the tide was like at 6 am on that day. To go to the time now, simply press the forward button until you reach the correct time. If you want to change the date, press the adjust button to go to the moon phase mode (more on that a little later). To go back to the tide graph, press adjust again.

    So, let’s move on to the moon display. As many people know, the moon affects the tides, so the two are interconnected. To go into the moon phase, press adjust while in the tide graph mode. You should see the word moon on the top part of the display, along with the date. The moon graph on the left (or right for some watches) will have a graphic and look full or not, depending on what the moon is like on that date. The visible part of the moon will be clear, while the invisible part will be black.

    At the bottom of the display, you’ll notice a number (whether whole or decimal) between 0 and 29 based on whether it’s a new moon, waxing, crescent or full.

    But how does the tide graph know where we are? That’s actually based on your home city, so if you’re traveling, don’t forget to change it! To calibrate the watch further, you’ll need to do some research. Find out what time high tide is where you are. Then hold the adjust button until you see the word HIGH on the left of the display. Look up the tide tables on the net and see what date and time the tide will be highest at your location, and adjust it accordingly by pressing the top and bottom right buttons.

    You can do the same for the moon phase indicator by pressing mode again once you’ve fixed the high tide time and it will allow you to choose whether the moon is passing to the north or the south of you when you look at it at night.

    Hope that’s been helpful! We’ll cover the analogue moon phase and tide indicators next time.

    Check out our tide graph watches here. Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  8. Introducing the GA700CM Casio G-Shock Camouflage Series

    The Camouflage Range Just Got Bigger With the Casio G-Shock GA-700CM Series!

    You asked, and Casio has listened. Ever since we got the Casio G-Shock GA700 series, people have been clamouring for them. The only thing missing was the ever popular Camouflage pattern. Well the wait is now over. Were they worth the wait? Let’s see!

    First up we have the GA700CM-2A. As you can see, the band looks to be a mixture between light and dark blue, with some people mentioning that it looks purple in some places as well. The display is a negative display, with light blue numbers on a black background, and even the backlight button is a navy blue as well as being stainless steel.


    Next up is the army green GA-700CM-3A. Perfect for blending in when you're out in the forest, whether hiking or hunting. The band has mixtures of light green, dark green and black to blend in with the trees and leaves. Another negative display, this one has light green numbers on a black display.


    Finally, we have the GA-700CM-8A. This one is grey, and resembles the sky during winter (or when it's particularly foggy). The patterns on this watch are lighter and darker shades of grey, mixed throughout the display and the band. Unlike the previous two models, this one has a regular display of dark numbers on a light background.

    With the GA-700CM series, you're getting everything that made the GA700 such a hit to begin with. You don't have to worry about the screen being too dark to see, as these watches have a Super LED Backlight, lighting up both the analogue and digital displays.

    With the hands being really thick, some people may worry that they won't be able to see the digital display properly. You won't need to worry though, because the watches have a hand shift feature. Simply press a button, and the hands will move out of the way, giving you an unobstructed view. They'll then move back to where they were supposed to go, once you press the mode button.

    The biggest draw of the GA700 series was the auto start stopwatch, with a brand new stopwatch alarm. That makes its way to the GA700CM series, letting you set a goal for yourself, and try to beat it before time runs out. This is a great training tool, as well as motivation.

    The last advantage I'll discuss is the battery life. While most new watches come with a 2-year battery, this particular series has an extra-strong 5 year battery! So you don't have to worry about it running out any time soon. This is all on top of a shock resistant module that ensures your watch keeps running, even if you drop it or bang it into something.

    The GA700CM Series is now available at BuyWatchesOnline!

    For more of this series, check out the GA-700 series, or the blinged up GA710 series.

    Until Next Time – Jimmy B

  9. Introducing The Casio 110CR Series!


    Perfect for Couples, Introducing the Casio 110CR Series.

    If you and our partner like to go out, you know how important it can be to match. Well, Casio has come out with the 110CR series, which will definitely make things easier. Introducing the Casio GA (AND BA)110CR Series. A series of transparent watches that are made for both men and women (with the BA-110 series, it can also be used by boys, as there are no obviously female colours). Let’s see what we’ve got!

    These watches are the result of a partnership between Casio and Aqua Planet, so that’s why each of these watches have a shimmering, sea like quality to them.


    First up, the 110CR-2A. Both the Baby-G BA110CR and the G-Shock GA110CR have a dark, transparent blue band, as well as bezel. This surround a dark, negative display that’s a combination of analogue and digital. The added benefit of having both displays is that they’re much larger than watches with only one type of display.

    ga-110cr-4a ba-110cr-4a

    Next up, we have the 110CR-4A. This one looks almost identical to the 2A except it’s more of a dark, transparent red. Inside the display, it’s again light numbers on a dark background, with the hands also being white, making it easier to read the analogue time.

    ba-110cr-7a ga-110cr-7a

    If you’re not a fan of the negative displays, then you’ll be after the 110CR-7A. This is a transparent white band and bezel, with a regular analogue/digital combo display. For some people, that’s actually a lot easier to read. The hands and hour markers are tipped black and grey in order to make them stand out even more, and make it easy to read.

    Now let’s get to the features. Before we go on, I should warn you that there are 3 key differences between the BA110CR and the GA110CR series. Firstly, the Baby-G models are 100m water resistant, while the GA110CR is 200m. Secondly, the GA110CR is also resistant to magnetic frequencies. Finally, the GA110CR’s stopwatch measures at 1/1000-sec increments, making it just a little more accurate if you enjoy running.

    One additional feature in the G-Shocks is actually tied into the stopwatch, because with the 1/1000-sec measurement, you can also use it to get a speed estimate. If you like running, that’s great to use.

    At night, it will be hard to see the digital time, but that’s not the case for the analogue display. That’s because the hands and hour markers on both the Baby-G and the G-Shock are covered with a neobrite substance, making them not only glow after being exposed to light, but actually stay glowing for hours.

    The BA110CR and GA110CRs are now available at BuyWatchesOnline! Check out the rest of our 110 series here. Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  10. Introducing the GMAS Step Tracker G-Shock Series for Women

    Introducing the GMAS Step Tracker G-Shock Series for Women!

    That’s right, I didn’t make a typo. The watches I’ll be talking about here are G-Shocks specifically designed for the feminine wrist, and they’re step trackers to boot, so if you thought the BGS100 Series was a little too small for you, then then GMAS130 series will definitely do the trick. Ready? Let’s get to it!


    First up is the GMAS130-1A. The larger version of the BGS100SC-1A, this is completely black (the buttons, bezel, band and even the display) with the only grey coming from hour markers and hands. Unlike the BGS series however, the GMAS130 has a rectangular digital display (the BGS’s is more like a semicircle). This actually makes it easier to read. The analogue display is also more rounded, and larger, so you can see both displays more clearly. One last thing to mention. The GMAS130-1A has a negative display, which means it has light numbers/letters on a dark background.


    If you’d prefer a little more colour than the black display offers, you can’t look past the GMAS130VC-1A. While also black, the background writing and progress bars are pink, and the seconds hand is orange (making the analogue part of the watch more eye-catching, so it’s easier to tell the analogue time). It also has a negative display.


    Finally, we have the GMAS130-7A. This one is completely white, with grey writing on the bezel, grey hands and hour markers. Even the buttons are white (making them blend in with the rest of the watch). This is an almost perfect match for the BGS100-7A1, with the only exception being the digital time is in a rectangular display instead of a semicircle. If you don’t like negative displays, this is the watch to get, as it has dark numbers/letters on a white background.

    So, that’s what they look like, but are there any new features? As a matter of fact, there are. First up, when you look at the display of the GMAS130 series, you’ll notice 0% written on the 12 o’clock marker, going all the way from 10% to the goal at the 10 o’clock marker. This is a new feature. Basically, you put in your set amount of steps, and turn on the pedometer. The large, thin hand will then slowly go to 100%. This is a great way to keep up with your fitness goals!

    Another big difference in the GMAS vs the BGS series is the level of protection both offer. While both watches have 100m shock resistance, the GMAS also has 200m water resist (while the BGS offers 100m). It’s a great thing to have because it means you can go swimming, and even diving with the GMAS series without worrying about the watch being flooded (though you shouldn’t press any buttons when you’re submerged, nor have it in the shower).

    The GMAS130 series is out now at BuyWatchesOnline! For the BGS Series click here. Until Next Time - Jimmy B

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