GA 500 Series

If you’re an athlete, you need a watch that can withstand punishment. But if that was the only requirement, any G-Shock would do. Casio wanted to create a watch almost exclusively for athletes, and came up with the GA-500 series. Being G-Shock watches, they’ve got shock resistance, as well as 200m water resistance, so they can survive most conditions. The digital screen is big enough so when you turn on the stopwatch, you won’t find it hard to see. One special function that was created for the GA-500s is a target time stopwatch. Basically, you can set the stopwatch to go for only 2 minutes (as an example), and see how many laps you can do during that time. And this feature isn’t just for athletes, it comes in handy when doing practice exams too! If you’re worried about your wrists sweating, you can always pick the GA500P series. Borrowing from the GA-110LPs, the band is covered with a mesh-like pattern of holes, which lets your wrist breathe on hot, or active days.
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