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  1. Coming Soon, The Midnight Fog G-Shock Series!

    Ladies and gentlemen, have I got a treat for you? The most annoying thing about Casio Analogue/Digital watches is how hard they are to see during the day, because the display is always dark, with the numbers sometimes being impossible to tell. Well Casio has listened to your (and our) complaints, and came out with the Midnight Fog watches. These three models are from our most popular range, so you should definitely find something for yourself, or a loved one! Ready? Here We Go!


    First up is the GM110MF-1A. This is our featured GA110 Range, but with a transparent band. As you can see from the picture, the bezel reflects the light, making it stand out all the more. The analogue hands and hour markers are extra large but they don't overshadow the digital display, which, as mentioned earlier, is a perfect balance of black numbers on a white display.


    Next up we have the GM2100MF-5A. While the previous model was fully black, this has a metallic bronze bezel, which bleeds onto the band, giving it a very unique mix of colours. The hands and hour markers are treated with a neobrite solution so when you press the light button at night, they will light up. The digital display here is a bit on the small side but it's easy to tell the time and you won't have to squint if the daylight is too bright.


    Finally, we have the GM5600MF-2D, part of the original G-5600E series. As you can see it keeps the transparent band, and also adds a dark blue ion plated bezel for protection, and to accentuate the display. It's fully digital, with the numbers and letters being extra large, making it a lot easier to read the time if you have poor eyesight.

    Right, now that we've seen these watches, let's talk about their best features.

    Starting from the GM110MF, the GA-110 series has been the torchbearer for the Analogue/Digital combo watch. They still consistently sell and are on the top 10 lists of any jewellery store I've been to. One of the reasons is the magnetic resistance, which means you can go to a heavily magnetised area (or work in one) and the watch will still work perfectly. Another reason for the popularity is the 1/1000-sec stopwatch. Considered the most accurate in the business, even Olympics judges use 1/1000-sec stopwatches to get the most accurate time possible.

    With the GM2100MF-5A, this is part of the GA2100 Series. They were the first ones to add a dual light so both the analogue and digital screens would be lit up at night if you needed them to be. As you can see above, the digital display is a bit small, so Casio added the hand shift feature, which will move the hands to the 12 o'clock position, letting you see the digital time.

    Finally, the GM5600MF-2D. As mentioned before, it's based on the world renowned G-5600E-1, which was one of the first G-Shocks in existence. It is fully digital which means that at night, all you have to do is press the backlight button, and the entire screen will light up. As mentioned, the numbers are extra large, and the watch itself, like the other two I mentioned, is 200m water resistant.

    The Midnight Fog Series is Coming Soon to!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  2. Coming Soon - The BGD560WL Baby-G Kids Watches

    Welcome back to our blog! Today, I'll be highlighting an EXCLUSIVE to BuyWatchesOnline watch series, the BGD560WL! As of this writing, we are the first sellers in Australia to get our hands on this series, and after playing around with them for a bit, we can tell both kids and some kids at heart, will love them! Ready? Let's Get To It!


    First up is the BGD-560WL-2D. The band is a dark, purplish blue, with purple writing at the top and bottom of the bezel. If you look at the outer pictures just before the digital display, you'll notice snow flakes, and the colours themselves remind you of the progression of light throughout the day, when you're at the mountains, or anywhere there's snow (definitely brought up a lot of fun memories for me). The display is fully digital, which means when you turn on the backlight, the entire screen lights up.


    Next up is the BGD560WL-4D. Now, this one is PERFECT for the little princesses. It's a transparent pink, with shades of early morning surrounding the digital display. The numbers are large enough that even if you have bad eyesight, you'll easily be able to see the time.


    Finally, we have the BGD560WL-7D. If the other two were watches mostly aimed for girls, the 7D is more unisex. The band is off white, like partially melted snow, and the background surrounding the digital display looks a lot like mid day sky, with the snow falling almost into the screen.

    So, we've talked about the looks, but what does this watch have to offer?

    Well, first up, as mentioned from the start, it's fully digital. Why should that matter? Because unlike ana/digi combos, the backlight light up the entire display at night. That's one of the main issues people have with combo watches, so a digital watch is perfect for this.

    The large display area also means there's no need for annoying, complicated dials, it's a very simple screen with the day, date and time all showing on the screen in clear writing. You can even press a button and change it to the date instead of time.

    The watch is 200m water resistant, so you can go swimming with it. Great if you don't want to take it off, but make sure you don't press any buttons until you're back on dry land, and the watch is dry as well. If you want to see the time under water (hopefully you have goggles on already), you can just turn on the Auto LED light before you dive in. Then, when you move your wrist to a 45 degree angle, the light will automatically come on.

    Weighing only 44g, this is a light weight watch, perfect for kids (and the snow theme means it's a great Christmas present!) It's coming soon, to BuyWatchesOnline

    And speaking of Christmas, don't hesitate to take advantage of our special offer! Use the code BWOXTENDXX for $20 off every watch in the cart, as well as 3 years extended warranty. And by $20 off each watch I mean- EACH WATCH, not just $20 off the total!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  3. Top Reasons WHY You Need a G-Shock in Your Life!

    I'll let you in on a little secret - before I was a blog writer, I did my time as a customer service rep, and one of the questions people loved to ask - WHY do I really need what you're selling? Well, that is a very good question, and I've compiled a list that should help you make up your mind! Ready? Here We Go!

    Toughness! That word does get thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? Well according to Casio themselves, their watches are built to last! I was in the gym a couple of years back (before this pandemic hit), and I banged my wrist on the wall. OUCH! Do NOT recommend! But the amazing thing was, my GSTS-110-1A was still ticking along, working normally! Even swimming didn't hurt it (though I do have to remember not to press any buttons while submerged or wet)

    Tons of features! This one is a bit hard to categorize because there are watches here for anything you need. The two most popular ones are the Rangeman and the Mudmaster. These are basically the Leatherman of watches in that they have a feature for any situation you find yourself in!
    gw-9400-1_l gwg-1000-1a

    Futureproof - Oh yes that is definitely something that's needed. With technology evolving so quickly, Casio seems to be one of the few that's staying on top of its game! They have watches that are not only solar powered (so you don't have to worry about changing batteries) but some that can measure your steps, while others are perfect for surfers, thanks to the tide graph feature.

    Trendsetters! Yes these watches aren't only worn by the average Joe, people like EMINEM, The Undertaker, all sorts of celebrities proudly wear their Casio watches on their wrists! Check out this earlier article spotlighting just a few watches that celebrities wear!

    Accurate - Now, I know what you're thinking, "shouldn't that be every watch??" And that's a good point. However, I'm not just talking about telling the time. There are watches that Casio came up with, which use a 1/1000-sec Stopwatch. These stopwatches are so accurate, that judges at the Olympics use them when timing athletes! If they're good enough for the Olympics, you'll definitely find them great!

    Stylish! This one should be self explanatory. The watches Casio brings out will fit in on your wrist, and some may make you the subject of envy among your friends! There are camouflage watches, Stainless Steel watches, every few months, Casio comes out with crossover watches as well! Basically, you're spoiled for choice!

    Handy for Survival - Yes, it may be hard to believe, but these watches can save your life! The Rangeman and Mudmaster that we mentioned before have a compass, which can help you navigate your way back into civilisation if you've gotten lost! Weather resistant, water resistant, shock resistant, no matter what situation you find yourself in, a G-Shock will most likely help you get out of it!

    I hope this article helped you make up your mind! Thanks for reading, and don't forget, use the code BWOXTENDXX for $20 off and 3 years Extended Warranty! Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  4. Which Watches do Celebrities Like to Wear? That'd be the Casio G-Shock!

    Welcome back to our blog! Today, I'll be highlighting not just our range of G-Shocks (some that are coming soon), but showing you just how popular they are, with even the celebrities preferring to wear G-Shocks over other brands! Ready? Here We Go!

    Eminem - GM-110G-1A9 the G-Shock is still the celebrity beater of choice

    That's right, the real Slim Shady prefers a G-Shock! The best thing about this model is, even though it looks expensive, you more likely need to worry about the size of your wrist, not how big your wallet is. Here's a closer look at this watch.


    The DEAD MAN (The Undertaker) - GWG1000-1A

    The Undertaker wears G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000-1A1 wristwatch

    This one definitely took me by surprise but as a prowrestling fan, this definitely excited me. Even if you're not a fan of wrestling, you should know, the Undertaker is HUGE, so it doesn't surprise me that he wears a watch that's as unbreakable as he seems to be! Here's a closer look.


    Benicio Del Toro - GX56BB-1

    the G-Shock is still the celebrity beater of choice

    If you're wondering who this man is, you definitely need to watch a few movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy (he's got a small part but, in my opinion, he steals the show whenever he's featured!). This man obviously films outside, so it makes sense that he bought the GX-56BB-1, since it's solar powered and doesn't need a battery change every few years. Here's a closer look.


    50 Cent - G7900-1

    the G-Shock is still the celebrity beater of choice

    We started off with one legendary rapper, so might as well finish it off with another! 50 Cent is a known celebrity who prefers to keep it simple with his watch style, so he decided on the G-7900 series. If he were to try surfing, he'd find the tide graph detector a welcome addition, that's already built in to these watches. Here's a closer look.


    Well, there you have it. The majority of these watches are already available to purchase on our site, and the GM110G-1A9 is actually coming in a few weeks. Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  5. Coming Soon: The AW500MNT Casio G-Shock Watch!

    Welcome back to the blog (and welcome to all the new readers!), today we're highlighting a brand new series called the AW500MNT. This is perfect for people who love the clubbing scene, so if you're into music, you're bound to find something you like! Ready? Let's Get To It!


    First up is the AW500MNT-1A. As you can see, the band is quite thicker when compared to most of the other Casios we sell. The background is almost completely empty, which means less clutter - all you have is the 15, 30, 45 and 00 hour markers. Those, along with the hands, actually glow in the dark so you'll be able to see the time at night. The rest of the background looks like laser effect lights, and they appear throughout the entire face.


    Then we have the AW-500MNT-8A. This one is Grey, with orange writing, and just like the black version, has strobing laser lights all over the face of the watch. Though the numbers of the analogue side are a little harder to read due to the orange colouring, the digital part is still very easy to see.

    So, why should you buy this watch? Well, first up it's a limited edition crossover watch, so collectors will definitely want to take a look! It was designed by YOSHIROTTEN, who's an extremely popular graphic designer in Japan. This guy is the go to for fashion design, brand packaging and other advertising projects.

    Now, this model is beautiful looking, and pretty plain, which is actually better for some because there's no extra dials to confuse you. If you just want to see the time, the watch is perfect for that.

    As with all the other Casio watches, this is 100m shock resistant, and 200m water resistant, which means you can take it with you anywhere (and with the multitude of colours on the band and inside the screen, it's going to be hard to lose!

    The AW-500MNT is coming very soon to Buy Watches Online!


    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  6. Coming Soon - The Casio Baby-G BA130CV Series

    Welcome back everyone, to our blog, and today I'll be spotlighting a brand new addition to the BA130 Series, the Casio BA-130VC Baby-G watch! These watches look great on your wrist, and they definitely stand out from the crowd! Ready? Here We Go!


    First up is the BA130VC-2A. This watch has a transparent blue band, which matches the look on the inside of the watch. It's a mixture of light and slightly darker shades of blue, and even the background of the digital screen matches. On the bottom of the band, you can see Catch The Vibe, a slogan that embodies the Hip Hop culture of the 90s and early 2000s, and it's one that Riehata (Casio's partner in this venture) takes to heart.


    Then we have the BA130VC-4A. This one is a flowery pink, with the differing shades and hour markers making it look more like a flower than most watches. A great gift for birthdays, Christmas or Valentine's day if you want to give her something unique!


    Finally, we have the BA130CVG-7A. In case you didn't figure it out by looking at it, the G stands for gold, and this off-white and gold watch definitely knows just how to show itself off! the background, hands and hour markers are gold, as is the Baby-G logo on the transparent band.

    So now that we've seen what the watches look like, just what is it that they do? Well, first up it seems Casio has listened when customers complained that the darker digital screens are hard to read, because they did away with those completely. The background may be different shades of blue, pink or grey, but the numbers are still easy to see.

    The hands and hour markers are covered in a neobrite material, making them glow in the dark with just a minimal exposure to light. This is perfect for seeing the time at night.

    The great thing about Casio watches is not just the amount of features they have, but also their durability. These watches are shock resistant, meaning even if you throw them, the internal functions will still operate. They are also 100m water resistant, though I would recommend against taking a shower with them or running tap water on them, because that weakens the seal.

    The BA130CV series is Coming Soon to BuyWatchesOnline!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  7. Coming Soon - The GBX100 Casio G-Shock G-Lide series!

    Welcome back to our blog! Today, I'll be highlighting the GBX100 Series! Now, I know I wrote Coming soon, but the first watch in the series actually just arrived, so if you like what you read, feel free to buy! Ready? Here We Go!


    So, first up is the aforementioned GBX100-1D. As you can see, it's black, with a stainless steel bezel, which helps protect the display from any scratches. The display itself is fully digital, with an easy to access moon data and tide graph, among other cool features, which I'll discuss later on.


    Next up is the GBX100-2D. This has an aqua blue band, that's pretty eye catching so you'll be able to find it if you ever accidentally drop it (quite a few of our customers don't put their watch on tight enough, so that's a common issue). The silver bezel really makes the colour of the band stand out.


    Finally, we have the white GBX100-7D. Everything from the buttons to the band is completely white, apart from the G-LIDE writing on the bottom part of the band.

    So, that's what they look like, but just what is so good about these watches, and why should you buy them? Well, first up, is they're from the G-Squad range, which is known for being the best for people who love keeping fit and exercising.

    The display is fully digital and has a brand new High Definition MIP (Memory in Pixel) LCD screen, which makes it so much easier to read compared to other negative displays. For surfers, these watches can display specifics such as high tide and low tide times, as well as levels. You can also connect the watch to your phone via Bluetooth, and it will display your exact location on the screen. No more need to manually insert your coordinates. It even gives you Sunrise and Sunset times, something previously only available to the more expensive GWN series.

    Another feature athletes will find useful, is the Training Log Data, which keeps an eye on the speed you completed a lap in, the distance, and your pace (invaluable when you want to keep an eye on, and improve, your times. The training log will record up to 100 runs, with 140 laps per run. It can also calculate your calories consumption for each run.

    As is usual with the G-Squad series, the watch also comes with a pedometer so you can keep an eye on your daily step count (and even has an alar that activates if you're in danger of missing your goals for a particular day).

    Finally, these watches also vibrate, so if you need to set an alarm to take medication, but don't want it to ring and draw attention to you, simply use the vibrate option, and as soon as it's time, you'll definitely feel it.

    The GBX100-1 is out now, with the other two coming soon to Buy Watches Online!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  8. HELP! My Analogue and Digital Times Aren't Syncing!

    Welcome back to my blog, everyone! Today, I'm going to dive into a problem that a lot of you have been asking about. What to do if the Analogue and Digital times don't sync up. Quite a few people get frustrated, ask to return the watch, thinking it's faulty. That's not the case at all, so in this article, I'll show you how to get your watch syncing up again. I'll be focusing on 4 models: The GA-110, the GG-1000, the GA100 and the GSTS100. Now, if your watch is ANY of these variants, you'll be able to set it up without a problem. Ready? Here We Go!

    First up, the GA-110 model. Now, to save some virtual paper, I'll be saying A,B,C,D when I indicate which buttons you need to press, so here's the picture from the manual, so you can follow along.

    Screenshot 2021-06-05 010202

    So, for argument's sake, let's say it's 6:30 PM where you are. On the digital time it says 6:30 (please note by default it actually shows the DATE, you have to press C to get it to show the time). The Analogue however, shows the time as 4:25 (quite a big difference!) How do we fix this? First press D, and hold it until the digital display reads H.SET.

    Push C and the hands will start moving automatically. Here's the important bit here, wait until the hands stop moving, then use buttons B or D (depending where the hands have stopped) to get the hands to 12:00 (both the hour and minute). If you hold the button, it does make the hands go automatically, so you need to press the button again to make it stop and adjust the hands manually, if you overshoot the 12:00 marker.

    Got them at 12:00? Excellent! now press A and watch the hands go exactly where you needed them to! Simple, right?

    Next up is the GG-1000 Mudmaster.

    Screenshot 2021-06-05 011536

    This one has a few more buttons but it should be pretty straight forward too. Ok, so the first difference is, this time we hold the A Button first. Now, you will hear a beep like with the GA110, but this time you need to keep holding, again until you actually see H.SET (not Adjust, which comes up first).

    Next, push D and wait for the hands to stop moving, then use buttons B and E to get the hands back to 12:00, then press A again to align the time. With this one, the hands are a little bit slow so it'll take time for them to set back to the correct position (unless you do it near midday or midnight.

    Moving right along, we have the GA-100 series.

    Screenshot 2021-06-05 012430

    This is pretty much exactly the same as the GA-100, so Press D and hold until you get H.Set, then press C to make the hands move, and use B and D to adjust to 12 o'clock. Afterwards, press A and watch your watch correct itself.

    Finally, the G-Steel series, where I'll be highlight the GSTS100. Now, just a reminder, these instructions will work on all subsets (so GA-110GB-1A, GA-100-1A4, CA100CF-1A, etc, these instructions fix them all).

    Screenshot 2021-06-05 013320

    As with the GG1000 Series, you have to hold A for about 8-10 seconds. Wait for the screen to show H-SET, not Adjust. Then use B and D to move the hands to 12 o'clock, and press A again to adjust. There you have it, all the models you buy will have the exact same instructions to follow. Just remember, look at the screen and wait until H-SET is shown, don't just rely on the tones.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  9. Coming This Week, The GA2000S Series

    Welcome, and welcome back to the blog. Now, one of our most popular new models is the colourful GA2000 Series, but let’s face it, sometimes people just prefer the basics. That’s why today’s article will focus on the 2000S series. Ready? Here We Go!



    First up is the GA2000S-1A. This is completely pitch black, from the textured band, the bezel, as well as the Backlight button just below the display. The writing is in silver/grey which makes it easier to read. Underneath the glass, the display is also almost fully black (including the digital background). The hands are grey, as are the tips of the hour markers, making it simple to read the time. Both the hands and hour markers are thick, and they’re treated with a neobrite solution (we’ll get to that in a bit).


    Then we’ve got the GA-2000S-7A. Out of all the models of both the GA2000 and GA2000S series, this was my favourite, only because I prefer the regular display. This watch is white, from the band to bezel, with the writing on said bezel and edges being black. Underneath the glass, you have grey hands and hour markers, which come out so much, it’s almost like looking at a 3D movie. The digital part is a regular display, so if you’re not a fan of the white on black motif, you’ll want the GA2000S-7A.

    Now, let’s talk features! Usually, when you see a colour addition for a popular model, you don’t expect much else. After all, the 110, 110GB, 110CM were all different variations of the same model, with no differences. Here’s where GA2000S Series breaks the pattern. The hands and hour markers, are covered with a neobrite solution. That means, apart from the Super Dual LED Backlight, that lights up both analogue and digital displays, the hands also glow for a few minutes afterwards.

    Another feature of the GA2000S series is the dual protection. Considered the new standard for protection, the GA2000S comes with a dual back cover to protect the watch even more from falls. The case itself is made of a hybrid Resin and Carbon fiber to ensure not only protection, but a light weight. To compare, the G-Steels (considered at the time the ultimate protected watch) weigh close to, and sometimes over, 100g, while the GA2000 and GA2000S weigh 64g.

    For those of you worried about the hands obscuring the digital display, Casio has you covered with the Hand Shift feature. At the press of a button, the hands will go to the 12 o’clock position letting you see the digital display. Once you go back to the normal mode, the hands go exactly where they’re supposed to be (as if you never pressed the hand shift in the first place).

    The GA2000S series,  is coming this week to BuyWatchesOnline! Until Next Time - Jimmy B




  10. Coming Soon - The Casio G-Shock Metal Series, GM-5600

    Welcome back to our blog, and today, I'll be spotlighting the all new GM5600 Series. This puts metallic parts into the 5600 model, making them look good, and improving the durability! Ready? Here We Go (26)

    First up is the original - GM5600-1D. It's got a black band with a metallic silver bezel, protecting the screen. Fully digital, it has a negative display, but using the backlight you'll easily be able to see the time. (27)

    Next we've got the GM5600B-1D. If you're a fan of colour coordination, and would prefer the band and bezel to perfectly match, this watch is for you. The metal bezel here is black ion plated, but still light enough that it doesn't add too much weight to your wrist. (28)

    The GM5600B-3D is probably best described as the army watch. The olive green band matches the bushes, so you can blend right in. The background of the display is also olive green, while the bezel is again ion plated. (29)

    Not a fan of black? Perhaps transparent with a hint of camouflage grey strikes your fancy? Then you'll be after the GM5600SCM-1. The band is a transparent grey/off white, while the bezel is forged, cut, polished and then given a camouflage look by way of a laser. The display is a regular white on black, with grey camo colouring in the background. (30)

    Are you an Iron Man fan? Or simply like a watch that looks more unique than the ones your friends have? then you'll want the GM5600CX-4D. A red band is followed by a gold ion plated bezel. the background of the display is a garish red, and from afar (as well as up close) the design and colours of the watch make you think of Iron Man's iconic suit. (31)

    Finally, if you just want to stand out from the crowd, with a time piece that can look like a dress watch, you'll be after the GM5600SG-9. It's got a white band with a gold ion plated bezel and buttons. The display is a regular black on white, which stands out from the rest of the gold background.

    Well, those were the looks, but what exactly can these watches do? If you've had a 5600 watch before, you know the display numbers are much larger than your regular digital watch. This is very helpful if you have poor eyesight. You won't have any trouble reading either one of these 6 models.

    The watches are also water resistant 200m, which is helpful if you want to swim. Take my advice though, don't press any buttons while submerged. Also, don't bathe or wash dishes with the watch on, because running water weakens the seal.

    The GM5600 Metal Series is coming very soon to Buy Watches Online!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

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