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  • Frequently Asked Casio Questions

    Welcome to the FAQ Column. We've had lots of people asking similar questions again and again, and we're getting sick of answering them :) So here's our lazy guide. In here, you'll find answers to the most common questions. First a brief summary, followed by a link to the article. Keep an eye on this page, because there'll be more and more questions and answers posted, and you can email us as well if the question you have isn't on here yet. Well, that's it for the intro - let's get started on the questions!

    Q: How do I know this isn't a fake/ripoff?
    A; Easily one of our top asked questions, and it can be quite hard to tell sometimes. The short answer is, you need to press the buttons to make sure the functions are the same (EG. If you press LIGHT, the backlight turns on). As well as the amount of modes that it has (if a watch has direct start stop watch, whether that function works or not). Another thing to look out for is whether the logo looks correct on the watch. For a more detailed article, please click here.

    Q: How do I clean my G-Shock?
    A: Another common one, in particular with the lighter bands. All you need is warm soapy water, a soft rag, a towel and anything with a small brush (such as a toothbrush). Nothing metallic though. Sometimes it's really helpful to remove the band in order to see how much grime has built up. Here's a quick article with much more detailed instructions.

    Q: Are Casio Watches Chlorine Proof and Saltwater Proof?
    A: It may be hard to believe that Casio watches are so resilient, but we physically went to the beach as well as to the swimming pool, before we answered this question. We used a Baby-G and a G-Shock and both came through with flying colours. Of course, you have to remember you can't press the buttons while submerged. Check out our in depth (pun intended) test here.

    Q: How do I set the Alarm on my watch?
    A: While there are a whole heap of different watches, the alarm mode is pretty much the same in all of them. You simply need to press the mode button, get to the alarm and press on the modify button to change it. Some watches have up to 5 seperate alarms that you can set to either ring every week, every day, there's even some that can ring every hour. For a detailed list or description click here.

    Q: Do any G-Shocks have hidden functions?
    A: Just like Easter Eggs in video games, or the famous Konami Cheat Code, there are quite a few watches that have a hidden screen. You just need to know where to look. Because the modes vary by model, here's an in depth article with all you need to know.

    Q: What do I do if my Solar Powered G-Shock stops working?
    A: There are two really simple solutions when it comes to your Solar G-Shocks not working. First, keep it next to a light source for a few hours. If that still doesn't work, send it back for a repair or replacement. You most likely won't need to use the second option though. In this linked article our tech team discusses the different methods to troubleshoot a non working solar powered watch, so feel free to click here.

    Q: What are Radio Controlled Watches?
    A: These are watches that use satellites to automatically update the time on your watch. Pretty great if you love to travel! Here's an article giving you a more in depth answer, as well as the different watches we have in stock, that are radio controlled.

    Q: What do the Casio Prefix Codes mean?
    A: Ah, that's also a repeat question. Let's use the BG-6903-7CDR as our example. The DR means Wordwide Distribution (some watches are European only, so they have ER, others from China, they have CR, etc.). 7 is the colour code for white, while the addition of C means you'll find either one or multiple colours around the bezel or inside the display. Yeah it may sound a little complicated, but there's an easy to use guide, so click here.

    Q: What is Casio G-Shock Autolight?
    A: One of my faurite features. Basically, in the majority of Casio Watches, there's a button you hold down for a few seconds. Once you hear a beep, you let go, and if it's dark where you are, move your wrist to a 45 degree angle, and the backlight automatically turns on for a few seconds, letting you see the time. Here's an article with a lot more info, including suggestions on which type of watches work best with the Autolight

    Q: Which Casio has the most features?

    A: That's a bit of a loaded question. See, there are watches that are suitable for everything, and there are other watches that specialise. Such as Diving watches, Weather Resistant, Outdoors, ETC. If you're looking for a watch with just about every feature you can think of, that'd be one of our Masters of G. Here's a link to an in-depth article.

    Q: How do I change the Bezel in my watch?

    A: First a disclaimer - doing this WILL void any warranty you might have. Make sure that you're out of warranty before proceeding. Got it? Good. Now, what you'll need is to unscrew the 4 or 6 (depending on your watch) corner screws. This might mean your band will come loose as well, but that's perfectly normal. Make sure you don't lose the screws though. Once you're done, take off the rubbery bezel, snap on the new one, and screw everything... back Into place. It's actually quite simple, but if you'd like more detailed instructions, as well as pictures, click here for an expert guide.


  • Introducing the GRB-100 Casio Gravity Master Series!

    Introducing the Casio G-Shock Gravity Master GRB100 Series

    Welcome back to our preview column. Today,  I'll be telling you about the all new addition to the Gravitymaster, Master of G watch, the GRB100. This series comes in three colours, and has plenty of new features not just for pilots, but for anybody interested in a long lasting watch. Ready to see what the fuss is about? Let's get to it!


    Alright, first up is the GRB100-1A2. This is black with a blue,  Ion plated bezel for added protection to the display. The band is dual coloured, with black on the outside, and blue on the inside. In the display, you have extra-large, light blue hands and hour markers to help you read the analogue time. The digital time is in a cockpit like display, adding to the aviation motif. It is a negative display watch, so you'll have blue numbers on a black display.


    Next up is the GRB100-1A3. This one is black on the outisde with some green writing. on the inside, as well as the inside of the band being green. the analogue display is almost identical to the 1A2, except the hands are white, whereas the digital display is bright green, with black letters and numbers.


    Finally, you have the GRB100-1A4. This is quite eyecatching because unlike the 1A2 and 1A3, the GR-B100-1A4 has a rose gold motif throughout the outside, and inside the display. The band is black, with orange on the inside. In the display, we've got white, extra-large analogue hands and markers, along with a negative digital display, that puts rose gold letters and numbers on a black background.

    That's enough about looks, time to get to the all new functions!

    First up, this is a Bluetooth watch. What this means, is you can connect the watch to your phone in order to have the correct time. But that's only the beginning! Using the all-new G-Shock Connected app, you're able to configure the countdown alarm, which will let you know if you're enroute to a specific waypoint, or if you're running behind.

    You can also use the feature to record and store a flight log of the distance travelled as well as the travel time of your flight. Absolutely essential for pilots!

    Now, going back to time changing, if you find yourself without a phone, or if something happens with the bluetooth connectivity (rare but you can't rule it out), you're still easily able to get the correct time, no matter where you are. That's due to the watch also being Radio Controlled, and getting a satellite signal from up to 6 satellites around the world.

    You don't have to worry about changing your batteries when it comes to this series. The GRB100 have a tough solar battery, which means as long as there's any light, you can use it to charge up the watch. There's even a battery level indicator that'll show you if you're close to running out of power.

    The display also underwent some sprucing up. Unlike the previous Gravity Masters we've had, Casio added two new functions. First up, there's the hand shift feature, so that the hands don't obstruct the digital view. Simply move the hands out of the way, then when you exit the feature, they'll go back to where they're supposed to.

    The final function I'll highlight is one that has only been available in a limited number of watches. It is the Dual LED Display. Unlike most analogue/digital combos, the Dual LED lights up both the analogue, and the digital display, letting you see the time wherever you prefer. It's also quite useful if you're finding it hard to read the screen.

    The GR-B100 is coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline. In the meantime, check out our other Gravitymaster watches here!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Take a chance on the BA-110CH Casio Baby-G Chance Series!

    Take a chance on the BA-110CH Baby-G Chance Series!

    Welcome back to our Coming Soon page, where today, I'll be highlighting the all-new BGA-110CH Series of Baby-G Watches! A collaboration between Casio, and Italian design company PUNTO IT DESIGN, the BA110CH Looks to be a great new addition to the BA110 series. Ready to see what I mean? Then let's get to it!

    First up is the BA-110CH-1A. This is a black watch, with dark purple ribbons all over the band. It's analogue and digital, with a very large face, hands and hour markers. The cog moving the hands is bright pink, and the hour markers themselves are salmon coloured, with pink highlights on the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock marks. The differing colours really make them stand out, so you'll easily see the analogue time.

    For the digital side, the display is pretty much a smaller version of the GA-110 series, with the day/date showing at the top, and the time at the bottom of the screen. It is a negative display, so you'll have a black background with white letters on the screen.


    Next up we have the green BA-110CH-3A. The band is green, with greyish-white ribbons intersped throughout. The interesting thing about the design here, is the green watch looks almost like it doesn't have a glass covering the display, which makes the screen really pop out when you're reading the time.

    The hour markers are a mixture of grey and orange, matching the cog moving the hands. While these hour markers do look smaller than in the black version of the watch, the mixture of colours makes it really easy to see the analogue time. The digital again uses a negative display, with the writing getting a bluish tint to it, still on a black background.


    Finally, we have the BA-110CH-7A. This is more of a classic design, with a white band and rose gold covered ribbons flowing throughout. The rose gold also continues inside the display, with all of the hour markers being surrounded by a rose gold tint. The cog moving the analogue hands is a mixture of white and purple, which goes along with the hands and hour markers.

    Unlike the previous two models described, the BA-110CH-7A has a normal display, with dark letters on a grey background, so if you're not a fan of negative display, the 110CH-7A is the one you'd be after. The rose gold in the background also looks a lot like the BA-110-7A1, making this a great replacement watch.

    So those are the looks, lets talk functions! One thing people complain about is the LED Light, and how it turns off too quickly to read the time at night. In order to offset this, Casio had the hands treated with a neobrite solution, which means all you need to do is hit the light button once, and when it turns off, the hands and hour markers will remain glowing, making it easy to read the time at night.

    If you've ever had to sit an exam (and chances are, you have), you know how hard it is to keep track of the time. Before you know it, it's time to put those pens down, and you haven't even had a chance to proofread! Well, the BA110CH attempts to help you there. These watches come with a countdown function, so all you need to do is sit down, turn on that function, and just glance at the watch from time to time to make sure you're staying ahead of schedule.

    If you like to stay physical, a sturdy watch is essential, so the BA110CH has you covered there. Part of the Baby-G shock series, they're 100m shock and water resistant. Feel free to run, jump, train and even swim with the watch (though make sure you don't press any buttons while submerged, as that will break the waterproof seal.

    Well, there you have it. Take a chance on Casio's BA-110CH series, coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline!

    For more of our Baby-Gs please click here.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B!

  • How to Change Your Casio G-Shock Bezel

    How do I replace the Bezel in my Casio G-Shock watch?

    Welcome to the FAQ column, and today I'll be discussing how to replace the bezel in your G-Shock watch. Now, before we go on, I must warn you... do NOT try this if you're still under warranty. What you are doing will 100% void the warranty, as you're tampering with the way the watch was sent to you in the first place. Alright, warning over, let's get to it!


    First up, I'll tell you about what you need. Obviously, you'll need the new bezel, but you should also have a phillips head screwdriver, a piece of paper to keep the screws on, and a thin plastic spatula, or something you can use to get a grip on the bezel. You should also wear gloves to avoid any dirt getting in the machinery, but that's optional.


    All set? First up, depending on the watch you have, there'll be 4 or more screws to remove.  Please note, in some watches, such as the GA-100 series, the screws also hold the band together, so when you take the bezel off, be extra careful. Either that, or take the band off as well. Also, try to position the screws on your paper in the same places as they were holding the bezel (that way you can put them back in to the right position straight away.


    Now then, use either the plastic spatula or your hands to peel off the bezel, from behind the buttons. The picture above should make it clear, but if not, just imagine you're peeling off the cover to your mobile phone, as it's as simple as that.

    Right, now that the bezel is off you've got the naked watch in frond of you. Take out the bezel you bought to swap the two over, and put it so it's side by side with your newly undressed watch. Don't put the bezel on just yet, first make sure the buttons line up on the watch and the bezel.

    almost in

    After that, it's quite simple. Just like putting on your phone cover back, simply slide the watch into the bezel, line up the buttons, and push in until ou hear a little snap to signify the bezel is in place. Before you put the screws back in though, check that all the buttons are working properly, then once you're sure, put the screws back in (put the band in first if you took it out), and you're done! An all new bezel for your watch!

    Hope you found this tutorial useful. Remember, do NOT do this while you're still under warranty, as you will void it.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B.

  • Introducing the Casio G-Shock Blackout Series

    Introducing the Casio G-Shock Blackout Series!

    Hello and welcome to this week's super-sized Casio Preview Post. Today, we'll be looking at the all-new Blackout edition, and you might want to buckle up, because there are ELEVEN models to get through. So if you're ready, let's get to it!


    First up iss the G-100BB-1A, Now, as you can see, it's a much leaner version of the original GA-100, with te analogue time at the top of the display, and a digital time at te bottom. Removing all the clutter makes the time easier to read. The hands and hour markers have a Neobrite solution, so when the light hits them, they'll keep glowing for a while.

    Aside from being 200m water resistant and shock resistant, the G-100BB is also magnetic resistant, so you're able to go anywhere with the watch. If you like to travel, there's also a dual time feature, letting you see the time at home, as well as overseas.


    Next up we have the GX-56BB-1. This one is fully digital, so the numbers are much larger than the analogue/digital combo watches. If you still have trouble seeing the numbers (maybe the screen is too dark for you?) turn on the backlight, and the entire screen lights up.

    You'll notice that the GX-56BB is a bit more blocky. That's because it was designed to withstand impact from all directions, making the watch extra-tough. On top of that, it's also mud resistant, so it's suitable to wear in any environment.

    A feature that people will really enjoy is that the GX-56BB is Solar Powered. This means you don't have to worry about changing the batteries. Simply ensure that the watch gets some light every day. There's even a battery level indicator, so you'll know if you're running low.


    Next up on our list is the GD-120BT-1. Known as the textured series, you'll be forgiven for thinking this has a leather band, but that's just the texture of the band, thanks to the special mold when forming the case and band.

    Another fully digital model, the writing is given enough room that even if you have bad eyesight, you'll still easily see the time. And at night, the backlight lights up the entire screen, making things even easier. Speaking of which, if you turn on the auto light feature, then tilt you wrist about 45 degrees, the backlight will turn on automatically, so you don't have to blindly try to find it in the dark.

    While this watch isn't solar powered like the GX, the battery here is still a lot better than most, giving you a 7 year battery life. The watch also has a multi time display, giving you the time in 4 different cities.


    The GA-110BT-1A is next on our list. This combines the leather feel of the GD-120BT, and the looks of the GA-110 Series. If you're familiar with the GA-110s you'll know it's an analogue/digital combo watch. With this version, the analogue hands and markers are a bit thicker, helping you see the analogue time. If you turn on the backlight, the analogue hands will also light up, making it helpful at night.

    The main features here are a 1/1000-sec stopwatch (which can be used to measure the speed of your laps), as well as magnetic resistance. That's on top of your usual 200m water resistance and shock resistance. The watch can be worn anywhere.


    Rounding out the textured watches in this blackout range is the GA-100BT-1A. The leather feel of this model is preferred by some, who don't like the look of a normal resin band. The analogue hands and markers are extra-thick in order to help you see the time.

    The GA-100 series revolutionised the Analogue/Digital combo watches, and you'll find all of these features in the GA-100BT. That includes the protection from the elements, shock resistance, and a magnetic resistance.


    If you're not a fan of the resin at all (even textured resin), then you might want to check out the GA-100BBN-1A. I won't bore you by rehashing all the features here, but the band itself is a nylon band, making it quite comfortable to wear no matter the season (let's face it, leather and resin can sometimes be a literal pain to get off a sweaty wrist).

    Now, while it is a nylon band, it's actually extra-strong, because it uses a fabric called Cordura Nylon. This type of material is both light and strong, as well as being resistant to stretching and scratches. The materials are the same as what's used to make outdoor gear and luggage, so you know they'll pull their weight in all situations.


    If you're more of a digital buff, but you like the idea of a nylon band, you're sure to get excited for our next model - the DW-6900BBN-1. Fully digital, the basic black motif will fit right in with any clothing, and even doing missions/drills in the army. The numbers have a lot of room, and if you can't see them, simply turn on the backlight to light up the entire screen.

    The cool thing about the DW-6900s is that you can see if any of your features are turned on (helpful if you've done it by accident). Simply turn them off to preserve power, or on the flipside, turn that alarm on, if you've accidentally forgotten (happens more often than you'd think)!


    The last in the Nylon Blackout Series is the DW-5600BBN-1. This is a bit of a mixture between nylon and resin, with a resin case and bezel supporting the extra-strong nylon band. The band holder is stainless steel, giving you the added assurance that the band will not just rip/break off.

    The 5600 series itself was the first ever G-Shock, and has an even larger digital window, making the numbers and any letters extra-large.


    Prefer to go with the Resin band instead? You're in luck here as well, with the DW-6900BB-1. The matte black of the band allows the form of the watch to come out, giving it n almost 3D effect. The buckles, and buttons here are ion black, making them shine and helping you locate them in the dark.


    The other Digital resin watch is the DW-5600BB. Just like the 6900, the resin band is so dark and thickly layered, that the outline of the watch gives it a 3D effect. The screen, band and bezel are all sunlight resistant as well, so when the sun hits the screen, it won't be impossible to see the time.


    Finally, the last watch in the Blackout series, is the AW-591BB-1A. Now, this is an analogue/digital combo but it's based on the earlier models, so it's not too oversized. The black band and bezel match the ion black plated buttons and buckles, making the shape of the watch stand out.

    As with the G-100BB, the hands and markers are treated with a neobrite solution, which means if you shine a light on them, they glow in the dark for a long time afterwards. The watch is also 200m water resistant and shock resistant, so you'll be able to go anywhere without worrying that the watch will break.

    Well, there you have it! Thanks for sticking with me for this extra-long special edition. Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Top 10 Casio G-Shocks With a Compass

    Top 10 Casio Compass G-Shocks.

    Compasses are very important tools. Not just when you go out trekking, but for pilots, military, there's no overstating their importance. That's why today, I'm telling you about Casio's top 10 Compass Watches. Ready? Here we go!


    10) G-9300GB-1 - This Black and Gold mudman ticks all the boxes for your outdoor expedition. It's relatively inexpensive, it's resistant to cold as well as mud, and it's also Solar Powered, so you don't have to worry about changing the battery! The Compass here is fully digital, and it even has a graphic direction pointer so you know where you're going.


    9) PRG-270-1E - Similar to the Mudman, but with an added twist, the bezel on this watch means you can easily calibrate the graphic pointer, making it even easier to find your way. The compass also has a bearing memory feature, so if you get lost, you can turn the memory on and see if you're still heading in the right direction.


    8) PRG-240-1 - Like the PRG-270, this Protrek has a unique bezel. In this case, however, the bezel actually has the bearings written on it (N, SW, NE, etc). This makes it even easier for all the trekkers. There is also an Altimeter and Thermometer, to help you prepare for any sudden weather changes.


    7) GA-1000-1B - This next one has been a hot seller from the day it arrived. The watch is called the Gravitymaster, and is a perfect tool if you're a pilot and your compass fails. Now, unlike the digital only watches on this list, as this is an analogue/digital combo wath, the analogue hands act as arrows pointing out your bearings.


    6) GG-1000GB-1A - It's no secret that the Masters of G watches are the most sought after by collectors, but for regular buyers, they can get a little pricey. That's why Casio introduced the Economical Mudmaster. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles (such as an altimeter or solar panels), but the essential features are there, and the black/gold colouring really makes it stand out. The second hand here is used as a bearing pointer when you turn on the compass.


    5) GN-1000-1A - This is one of 3 types of Gulfmasters Casio has to offer. The Gulfmaster also includes a tidal trend indicator, tide graph, and moon data, to help you get the most accurate reading.


    4) GWN-Q1000-7A - The latest version of the Gulfmaster is perfect for sailors - the module here corrects the compass position so even  at sea you'll get an accurate reading. It also rivals the sought after Frogman series, because it has a depth reading, so if you're a diver, this is a must. If you're a fisherman, you know how important it is to get there by sunrise, so this watch is the first Casio to come with a sunrise/sunset time indicator.


    3) GWG-1000-1A - The Mudmaster is the ultimate, weather proof wristwatch. It's completely mud resistant, dust resistant and water resistant to 200m. This watch uses a combination of analogue and digital compass, to give you the most accurate reading while you're hiking.


    2) GA-1100-2B - the upgraded Gravitymaster uses a V3 Sensor to increase the accuracy of your bearing readings, helping you stay on the right path. It even has a feature to correct for magnetic wave interference, ensuring you don't get lost. Finally, even at night, you'll still be able to see the compass, thanks to a Super LED function.


    1) GW-9400-1 - One of the most popular watches we have, the Rangeman is tough, easy to read, fully digital and solar powered. The digital compass fills up the whole screen and givces you an accurate bearing representation. Finally, it include a Radio Control function, so the watch will automatically correct itself based on the atomic clock, meaning you never have to worry about re-setting it for daylight savings, or if you're going overseas.

    Well, there you have it. If you're an outdoorsy type, feel free to check out these watches, as well as any others that catch your eyes.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Introducing the All New GD-120NC Casio G-Shock Digial Series

    Introducing the All New GD-120NC Casio G-Shock Digial Series

    With Analogue/Digital combos being all the rage, the Digital G-Shock isn't getting much love. The GD-120NC series aims to correct this, with their Marvel Inspired updates to the GD-120 Series! Both designs in this series mirror some of the most popular superhero costumes! So let's get to it.


    First up is the GD120NC-2D. Evoking Classic X-Men leader Cyclops' colours, this dual coloured watch has a blue and yellow band, with the outside body also being blue, while the writing and buttons are yellow. The display is a regular grey with black numbers, so they're easy to read.


    Then you've got the GD-120NC-4DR. Now, if you're an Avengers fan, there is no way you can miss the homage to Iron Man's classic red and gold suit. It is in fact a replacement for the GA-110CS-4A, which was a limited edition watch. As with the GD-120NC-2, the red and yellow are mixed throughout the band, bezel, and writing, giving the watch a unique look.

    So, now that we've discussed the aesthetics, let's talk about some of the features. First up, as mentioned before, this series is fully digital, which is great if you like going out. See, until Casio came up with the Dual LED light function, Digital watches had one function that combo watches did not – when you turn on the backlight, the whole screen lights up, letting you see the time. Great at night, and in dark rooms.

    And speaking of the backlight, the watches were designed by graphic artist Thomas Marecki (also known as Marok, which also explains the superhero homage). He's added a special feature not seen in any other G-Shocks, so when the backlight turns on, you'll see a graphic saying “No Comply”. Definitely a unique feature.

    Now, unlike quite a few of my previous articles, this series is not solar powered. That's ok though, considering it has an extra-tough 7 year battery life. This way you only rarely need to go and get the battery changed.

    The GD-120NC series is extra-tough, just like all Casio G-Shocks. It has shock resistance, so you can drop it without damaging the internal systems, and you can even dive up to 200m, as long as you don't press any buttons while submerged.

    The last cool feature I'll talk about is the Multi-Time. While usually, you'd only have dual time (letting you change the home time from one city to another), multi-time ups the ante and lets you see the time in up to 4 cities. That means if you're travelling, all you need to do is set up your watch beforehand, then press a button, to get the local time wherever you are.

    Well, there you have it. The GD120NC series is coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline!

    Until Next Time – Jimmy B

  • Which Casio G-Shock Watches are Atomic/Radio Controlled?

    Which G-Shock Watches are Atomic/Radio Controlled?

    Welcome back to the FAQ column, and today I'll be discussing Atomic/Radio Control Watches. I'll be explaining what they mean, and telling you which watches have this handy feature. Ready? Let's get started!

    So, first up, what is an Atomic/Radio Controlled watch? Well, it's got nothing to do with Atom bombs, nor can it be controlled via Radio Signals (Casio isn't that advanced yet). What it means, is, 6 times a day, the watch will automatically connect with a satellite, to ensure your watch is still running perfectly on time. This satellite is connected to the Atomic Clock (which is the most accurate in existence), hence the term Atomic Watch. The satellite connection is controlled via the Radio signals, hence the name Radio Control.

    Pretty simple explanation, right? But which watches have this feature? Ladies, I hate to disappoint, but for now this feature is only available for the G-Shocks.


    The most famous model, is of course the Rangeman. A watch also known as the Master of G, this is a watch for the great outdoors, and no matter where you are, the radio control will kick in, saving the hassle of changing the time whenever you're overseas.


    Next up, we have the Gulfmaster. Now, this is a watch you'll need if you ever go sailing, or even diving. Not only does the Gulfmaster have the Radio Control, as well as a tide graph, but the latest, GWN-Q1000 series also has a sunrise/sunset time display. Great if you wanna go fishing, if you're into nature photography, camping... basically the possibilities for this feature are endless.


    Finally, there's the Mudmaster. The GWG-1000 series, and one that has been on many people's wish list for a long time. The mudmaster is fully weather resistant and doesn't let any mud get through. Perfect if you're in basic training, or you've got a job that involves you getting dirty.

    I hope that answered your questions. For all of the watches I mentioned, please click here.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Top 10 Casio Baby-Gs for Mother's Day!

    Top 10 Casio Baby-Gs for Mother's Day!

    Mother's Day is right around the corner! Have you been a good son/daughter? Welcome to our Buyer's Guide, and today, I'll be discussing the top 10 Baby-Gs to get for Mum. Ready? Here we go!

    10) BGA-225G-1A – Treat mum to a "Glamping" Vacation! This glamorous camping watch will look right at home on her wrist, whether on the beach, camping in the woods, or just showing off to her friends. It also includes a tide indicator, in case she wants to go surfing.


    9) BGA-180BE-7B – Part of the Beach Colour series of Casio Watches, this pastel coloured model can be worn on the beach, or anywhere else your mum goes to. It's also great for taking to the waves, thanks to the tide graph, and tidal trend indicator.


    8) BG-169R-4 – Another digital only watch, it so light that you'll barely notice it. It's very easy to read and it's one of the few watches with a telememo function (so mum can put phone numbers straight into the watch, in case her phone dies... something that happens quite often).


    7) BG-6903-7C – If mum likes to keep fit, then the BG-6903 series is great. Until recently, this series was considered the go to model for ladies who enjoyed running. It has a dual digital display, with the top part being the perfect size for the stopwatch. The numbers are so large, you can glance down at the screen while continuing to run.

    6) BGA-190-1B – A travelling watch, this analogue/digital combo has a world map motif, emphasising the worldwide appeal of this time piece. There's two analogue displays, with the smaller one at 6 o'clock letting you see the time in another part of the world.

    5) BGA-195-7A – Diamond studs throughout the display add a bit of elegance to this white analogue/digital combo watch. Like the previous time piece, this model is good for travelling, because it includes an analogue world time view. 100M water resistance means your mum can
    swim with the watch on her wrist, without needing to take it off.

    4) BGA-240-7A – Another athlete's watch, this model took over from the 6903 series as the go-to watch for runners. Adding an analogue aspect to the series, he digital displays are just as large as the 6903s, so your mum will easily be able to tell the time. It also added a recording function, so you (or mum) can save up to 60 laps to the memory, and try to beat your best times.

    3) BA-110PP-8A – This is the female version of the GA-110PP series, which has a (literally) cool feature of having holes throughout the band. This keeps your wrist from getting too sweaty on those hot days, or while you're having a workout.

    2) BGA-150EF-4B – A soft pink watch, this will look beautiful on mum's wrist, and the analogue hands, along with the numbers, are extra-large, so mum will be able to see what time it is without any problems. It's also shock resistant, so if she drops it, the watch will still work.

    1) BGA-151-7B – The number one on quite a few of our lists, the BGA-151-7B is one of the original Baby-G watches. White, with gold analogue markers, this is an elegant watch that fits on anyone's wrist. The stainless steel bezel also provides ample protection, making sure the watch looks brand new for a long time to come.

    There you have it folks. If you're having trouble deciding what to pick for mum, here are our top 10 suggestions.

    Until Next Time – Jimmy B

  • Which Casio G-Shock Has the Most Features?

    Which Casio G-Shock Has the Most Features?

    Welcome back to the FAQ section. Today, I'll be answering a very loaded question - Which Casio G-Shock has the most features? The short answer is that it depends. Casio has a ton of watches, with the most versatile being the Masters of G. Even then though, the features differ, so I'll just discuss the top 3 Masters.

    First up is the Gravity Master, which you can find here.


    Now, these are watches designed for pilots and navigators. They have a digital compass, a bearing memory and sensor (so you know you're going in the right direction), a thermometer, and if you're flying to a different time zone, you can have the watch show you both the local time in your home city, and the local time of where you're flying.

    Another cool feature is the super illuminator, which will let you see the digital display even in the dark. The display itself is protected by a spherical glass to avoid scratches.

    Next up in the masters series is the Gufmaster, located here.


    Now, the Gulfmasters are the first of their kind to have a Quad Sensor, instead of triple sensor. Along with the previous model's Compass, Thermometer and Barometer, this time piece has a depth sensor, as well as a tide graph and moon data readout.

    Made specifically for divers, sailors and marines, the tide graph is an upgraded import from the G-Lide series of watches, and can pretty accurately predict the tide movements for up to 12 hours in advance. The depth sensor can be used to record how long and how far each dive went.

    One difference between the Gravitymaster and the Gulfmaster, is the latter also has a sunrise/sunset display, which can be really important for navigation as well. Also, to help ensure that you're not distracted by mundane tasks such as changing the battery, the GWN-Q1000 Gulfmasters are solar powered. Just keep the watch in the sun while you're out and about, and you'll never have to changee the battery again.

    The last one we'll be discussing is the Mudmaster, found here. Now, this one does have an economical version, the GG-1000, but since this is a question about the most features, I'll be focusing on the full featured GWG-1000 Mudmaster.


    A much thicker watch than the previous two, the Mudmaster does away with the tide graph, and instead works on its durability. It is not only mud resistant, but dust and weather resistant too. It's also vibration resistant, which is quite helpful if you work at a construction site.

    The Mudmaster also adds another interesting feature, called multiband 6. Basically, it automatically adjusts the time on your watch, based on the reception of one of 6 time calibration signals, ranging from Europe to Japan.

    The sensors in the mudmaster are great for when you're exploring, and if you like mountain climbing, then you'll make good use of the altimeter. The watch also records your altitude, and the date,to help you keep track of your progress.

    Well, there you have it. To recap, the G-Shocks that have the most features are the Master of G series, and depending on what you need the watch to do, you'll want the Gravity Master, Mudmaster, or Gulfmaster.

    Don't forget to send us more questions for the FAQ. Until Next Time - Jimmy B

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