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  • Showcasing the Casio Baby-G BGA-240 Series

    Take a Closer Look at the Casio Baby-G BGA-240 Series!


    Welcome back to our column, and today I’ll be highlighting a model that’s started to get a lot of attention lately – the BGA-240 Running Series. Now, this watch took over from the BG-6903 as the go-to female running watch. Though I have to say, even though it’s marketed as a female time piece, boys can wear some of these models as well. Ready to learn more about them? Let’s go.


    First up is the BGA-240-1A1. As you can see from the picture above, it’s almost completely black, including the display, with the hands, hour markers, and digital numbers on the screen being white.


    If you’ve got (or seen somebody with) a GA-110 watch, or the new GA-700 series, then the screen setup will seem familiar, as it has the digital time and date split onto the top and bottom of the screen.


    Next up, the BGA240-1A2. There’s not much to say about the look of the watch, as it’s identical to the 1A1 apart from the hour markers and band protectors being a lime green. Another thing these two watches have in common is they’re the only two in the series to feature a negative display – white digital numbers on a black background/display.


    Now, remember I mentioned that boys can wear some of these watches? This next one is a girls only watch, the BGA240-4A. Yeah, that’s why, since it’s completely pink I doubt any boy will want to wear this watch, but girls love this model. The hands are a combination of hot pink and white, making them, as well as the hour markers easy to see.


    Finally, we have the BGA-240-7A. As you can see, it’s exactly the same as the 1A, but with the colours swapped, so it’s got a white band, with black hour markers and hands. As mentioned before, The 4A and 7A have the normal screens that people are used to (black numbers on a white display).


    That’s just the looks though, so time to see what’s under the hood (so to speak). Now, the first thing you’ll definitely notice is that the watches are a combo analogue-digital. Not to worry though, unlike the early combos, the analogue and digital screens are a roughly similar size and it’s easy to see the time on both displays.


    I mentioned it’s a running watch, and it’s quite easy to see why. With the digital screens being split and pretty large, when you turn on the stopwatch you can easily see, not only the amount of time that you’re running, but at the top it’ll tell you how many laps you’ve done. A great training tool! On top of that, you can also save the records of up to 60 laps, letting you go over your times so you’ll know how much you need to improve.


    As an athlete’s watch, it’s important for the timepiece to be sturdy and capable of bouncing back from the usual scrapes and falls associated with sports. With shock resistance and 100m water resistance, this series won’t let you down.


    Thanks for reading. If you’re interested in the original BG-6903 Series then click here.


    Until Next Time – Jimmy B

  • Spotlighting the Casio GWN-Q1000 Series!

    The All New Casio Gulfmaster GWN-Q1000 Series.


    Ladies and gentlemen, for a long time now, the Frogman has gone unchallenged when it comes to diving watches. The sheer amount of sensors always kept it one step ahead of its competition. Not for long though, as he latest upgrade to Casio’s Gulfmaster series has thrown its hat into the ring.


    The GWNQ1000 has 5 models: The GWN-Q1000-1AGWN-Q1000-7AGWN-Q1000MC-1AGWN-Q1000MC-1A2 and the GWN-Q1000NV-2A. So if you’re fashion-conscious, you’re spoiled for choice.


    Now, while the previous Gulfmasters had a triple-sensor installed, the GWN-Q1000 has the world’s first Quad sensor, which adds a depth sensor to the Gulfmaster series. You’ll not only be able to tell how deep you’ve been, but keep a log for future reference.


    That’s not all though, because the quad sensor actually improves the previous functions of the watch. For example, the compass. While usually you would have to have it on a flat surface in order to get the correct reading, the quad sensor compass compensates so even if you’re on a boat, you’ll get the most accurate reading. As a bonus, it can also be used to determine the tide and wind directions!


    Another upgraded feature is the barometer, which can now work in the water to not only tell the water temperature, but give you an early warning of when the atmosphere and water temperature will start to change.


    While the Previous models of the Gulfmaster had a tide graph, it looked more like a mini analogue watch, and some people complained that it didn’t give them an accurate picture. With the GWNQ series, Casio included a retrograde dial hand, which instantly switches back and forth to give you a more accurate picture of the changing weather conditions.


    All Casio watches come with a backlight, however with the GWN-Q1000s, it has a super illuminator. This means it’s so bright, you can use it to flag down lifesavers, the coast guard, anybody that’s willing to help.


    Finally, another first in the Gulfmaster series, these next-gen models have a sunrise/sunset indicator which, if you’re on a yacht, on a boat, or even if you’re a nature photographer, this feature is a must.


    Get the GWN-Q1000s at here and here.

    Until Next Time

    Jimmy B

  • Coming Soon: The Casio G-Shock GAS-100 Series!

    Take a Look at the All-New GAS-100 Series!


    It’s never too late to make improvements, and Casio has taken that message to heart with the GAS-100 Series.


    Looking at these watches closely, if you think the models look familiar, it’s because they’re based on the old AW-590 and AW-591 Series. An analogue/digital combo watch, this series was a hit when it originally came out, due to the extra year of battery life (3 years compared to the 2 you’d usually get with the G-Shocks). So, what’s changed? A LOT! Let’s take a look.


    First up is the GAS-100-1A. Now, as you can see from a side-by-side comparison, they look almost identical, with the GAS100-1A having larger hour markers, compared to the AW-590-1A. The resin band also looks a lot thicker in the GAS series, and they've done away with the dial at the top of the screen.


    The GAS-100B-1A doesn’t really have a double, because it’s got a purely black motif. Where the AW-591-2A and AW-591-4A are blue and red respectively, the GAS100B-1A’s only colours are the grey buttons, as well as the shining metallic hands and hour markers.


    If you’re after something a bit flashier, then it’ll be the GAS-100G-1A you’d want. The stainless-steel bezel, hands, and hour markers are all coloured gold, which makes the black band and display really stand out. But really, if that was all that was different, Casio wouldn’t have changed the model name, so let’s see what features have changed?


    First up is the introduction of a secondary backlight. Following the complaints people have had about how hard it is to see the digital display (particularly at night), Casio has rolled out a Dual LED Module which lights up not only the hands and hour markers, but also the digital screen. Thais means, whether you have a regular display or a negative one (white numbers on a black background), you’ll always be able to tell the digital time, day or night.


    This new module also added to the time zones the GAS-100s can show you. Whereas in the AW-590 and 591, the watch could show you the time in 29 time zones and 27 cities, the GAS-100 bumps the time zones to 31, and the cities to a whopping 48!


    Another new addition is the Hand Shift function. Let’s face it, the Digital screen can be a little small for some people, and with hands that thick, when they’re in the way you won’t be able to see the screen. So, simply activate the Hand Shift feature to move them out of the way, giving you a clear view of the Digital time.


    The next addition Casio gave is probably the most exciting if you want to upgrade your old AWs – the GAS-100 has a Tough Solar panel! That means, from now on you won’t need to change your batteries, just keep the watch near either natural or artificial light, and you’ll never have to worry again. And just so you’ll know when it’s time to step outside, these watches also come with a battery indicator, so you won’t have any nasty surprises.


    There you have it folks, the GAS-100 Series is coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline. Until that happens, check out the AW series here.


    See Ya Next Time – Jimmy B

  • Debunking the Myths About Diving Watches

    Debunking the Myths About the Dive Watch

    Ever since we’ve been able to acquire the Seiko range, we’ve had a tonne of questions about what the diving watches can and can’t do. That’s why I decided to research the most common myths and misconceptions. I was almost fooled by a few of these, so I hope this article will prove useful to you, especially if you want to buy a diving watch.

    First up is probably the most common (and the most dangerous) myth about the bezel, that the rotating bezel will help you track your remaining oxygen level. Now, this particular piece of misinformation was actually in a recent press release about diving watches! Let’s see where it’s wrong...

    rotating bezel
    First thing you need to realise, is while the bezel is versatile, it’s not exactly smart. All it does is track how much time has passed, and even then only up to an hour. You could be looking at your watch for the whole hour, and STILL empty out your tank, because what matters most is your submersible pressure gauge. Don’t know what that is? I don’t blame you, I didn’t either. Basically, it tells you how much air pressure is left in your scuba tank. And if you breathe too quickly, it may not take an hour to empty it out!

    The other thing about this myth is the word Oxygen. See, if you’re a diver, you know that you actually breathe compressed air. This has, maybe 20% oxygen, over 75% nitrogen, as well as some other gasses. That’s because it’s impossible to breathe pure oxygen when you’re even 6m under the water. So unless watch companies figure out how to fit a pressure gauge inside the watch face, you can use the bezel to time your dive, or decompression stops, but you can’t keep track of how much AIR you have left.

    Moving right along, the next myth is that a bright dial helps enhance visibility underwater.


    I’m not ashamed to tell you, I used to believe it as well! Now, this myth is actually the fault of one watch brand - Doxa. See, back in 1969, the designer of the Doxa Sub 300 decided to see which dial colour stayed visible in a murky lake.

    While orange won that challenge, the main problem is the use of a lake, since they’re nowhere near as deep as the seas divers jump into. When you’re in the water, it ends up absorbing the colours, the further down you go. Red and orange are the first to go, at 4.6M. After that, the dial will just look grey.

    While the colours that last longest are blue and yellow, that’s not even the point. The most legible underwater watches are the ones with the most contrast between the face and the hands. If you’ve got a watch with a black dial and really thick white hands (such as this one), you’ll be able to see the time pretty much throughout your whole dive!

    Moving on: A vented strap ensures your wrist can breathe. If you’re not sure what a vented strap is, have a look at our Citizen and Seiko watches.


    Notice the rubber straps? That’s probably one of the smartest innovations in watch history and, ironically, they have nothing to do with the watch itself.

    See, when you dive, your wet suit tightens to your body. But if you wear a normal watch that’s got either a cloth strap, or normal rubber straps, they don’t take up the slack. The band loosens, and it sort of flops on your wrist (making it easy to lose).

    Vented (also known as accordion) rubber straps, that are found on Citizen and Seiko’s diving watches (and actually first created by Seiko), take up the slack once the wetsuit tightens, and so the watch stays tight. Now, remember that’s VENTED straps, which are quite different from the Punching Pattern Casio Series. THOSE have holes designed to let your wrist breathe.

    Next up: A helium release valve will allow you to dive deeper. Right, this one actually inspired a lot of research, since I didn’t even know dive watches HAD a helium release valve! Here it is below.


    Now, this valve doesn’t actually come with all diving watches, in fact, they’re extremely rare. They started up in the late 1960s, when divers wearing Rolex watches found that the crystals on their timepiece kept exploding due to helium buildup. So, that seemed like a simple solution to just add a release valve that had a good rubber gasket and a strong spring. That’s LITERALLY all a Helium Release Valve is.

    The valve itself was meant to relieve pressure but only in DRY environments. If you’re in an underwater habitat, then yes you’ll find it useful. But if you’re a scuba diver? Don’t bother wasting your money just because a function sounds cool. It won’t help you dive deeper.

    OK this next one is really useful! The myth is that 100M of water resistance isn’t enough for diving. Let’s face it, most people asking questions about water resistance want the ones that have 200m. Casio even has a chart on its site stating that only 200m Diving watches can
    be used when Scuba Diving.


    This myth was disproved by an organization called PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). They explained that if you have a basic open water certificate, you should only dive down to 20M. Advanced certificates go up to 40M, but that’s still nowhere near 100 to 200m. You simply won’t need to dive that far, so a 100m water resistance watch will easily do. Heck, it’ll probably be slimmer and more light weight!

    Here’s a fun one! If you flail your arms underwater, you add to the water pressure on the watch! That one actually made me laugh because, if you think about it, according to this myth you need to keep your arms completely still when diving... Kind of hard to get back up afterwards isn’t it?

    The truth is, no matter how much you swing your arms underwater, the pressure on the machinery inside won’t increase. Hell, according some research, your arms would need to move at 51K/PH... If you could go that quickly, you should be in the Olympics instead of wasting your talents at diving!

    Finally, the biggest myth of all... Divers wear diving watches. Now, if you only look at press releases, and photos accompanying promotions, you’d think this was true. That a diving watch is a must for divers.

    diver with a watch

    Hell, before I started my research, I thought it was a no-brainer myself. Well, I was wrong.

    See the truth is, if you go on to a diving boat with a lot of professional divers, 99% of the time, you won’t see them wearing a watch. Instead, they’ll be wearing a diving computer. In the
    1990s, when diving watches evolved into diving computers, those were, and still are, considered state of the art. They can calculate your depth, the amount of nitrogen you’re receiving, and the number of decompression stops you’ve made. You didn’t need to carry around laminated tables or do the math in your head (which is REALLY hard under water!

    Now, that being said, a dive watch is still useful, since it can be used as a backup, in case your computer stops working (if you’ve had Microsoft Windows, you know just how often that can happen).

    Also, the watch is good for timing things a dive computer isn’t. Such as swim distances while navigating, safety stops, and that’s all below the surface. Spinning the rotating bezel can help you keep tracks of boat rides, and the intervals where you went up to the surface for a while.

    So, there you have it. Diving watches are pretty useful, but don’t get caught up in the myths.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B.

  • Top 10 Casio Watches For Dad

    Top 10 Casio Watches for Dad


    It’s that time of year! The one where you thank your dad for not kicking you out of the house! So if you really want to show your appreciation, maybe one of these Casio watches will help! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 Casio Watches for Father’s Day!


    10) ESK-300GL-1AV


    As you can see, this is a dress watch suitable for work as well as casual get-togethers. Comfortable on the wrist, the leather band is almost unscratchable, and it’s even 100m waterproof!


    9) GWG-1000-1A


    If your dad wants something special, a limited edition watch is the way to go. The Mudmaster is one of the few Master of G watches that’s still available to buy in Australia, and it’s fully Solar Powered!


    8) GST-S130BD-1A


    The G-Steels offer even more protection than a regular G-Shock watch (which is really saying something)! This model has a black stainless steel band and bezel, and is one of the few watches to have a dual LED Backlight, so you can see both the Analogue and Digital time at night.


    7) GW-A1100-1A3


    The Gravity Master is almost as advanced as the Mudmaster! It even has a GPS Uplink which can automatically update the time depending on which country and city you’re in


    6) EQB-501XDB-1A


    Another Edifice that’s quickly becoming popular, the EQB-501XDB-1A is Casio’s answer to the Smart Watch craze. Only giving you the features you really need, this watch will automatically connect to the internet every 4 hours to make sure it’s showing the exact time. It’s also Solar Powered, so dad won’t have to keep bothering with replacing batteries.


    5) GA-700-1A


    If your dad likes to stay fit, chances are he’ll want to challenge himself often. The GA-700 does just that with a target time alarm! He can set himself a time limit for his lap and then try to beat it! And since this watch shows 1stand 2nd place, you can race against dear old dad!


    4) G-9300-1


    A watch for the dad that works in demolition, or even just one with a dirty job. Resistant to mud, the watch is also solar powered and includes a digital compass, so you won’t get lost (even if dad has a horrid sense of direction J)


    3) GD-350-1BDR


    Alarms can either be too loud or too soft. Either they’ll distract people around you, or you won’t even hear them. The GD-350-1B solves this problem since it’ll actually vibrate against your wrist when the alarm goes off. Less intrusive, and if dad needs to take meds, it’ll remind him while leaving anybody else in the dark.


    2) GA-100-1A2


    The original Extra-Large case series, the watch was the first of its kind to give the G-Shocks magnetic resistance, as well as a 1/1000-sec stopwatch, with a speed indicator. If your dad wants a simple watch that’ll look good, and be very well protected, you can’t go wrong with the GA-100 series.


    1) GW-9400-1


    One of Casio’s most popular models, if dad likes going out, hiking, exploring, or simply wants a watch with just about any sensor he can think of, the Rangeman is the way to go!


    There you have it. Treat your dad nicely this Father’s Day!


    Until Next Time – Jimmy B.

  • The All New Baby-G Denim Range

    Denim Baby-Gs For Her


    Welcome to our readers, old and new. Now, last week I told you about the all-new additions to Casio’s Denim printed G-Shock watches. The great news is, just like Casio’s first foray into Denim, this version also includes matching Baby-Gs. Now, couples can have matching watches and outfits! So what are the models?


    First up is the BA-110DE-2A1, which pairs up nicely with the GA-700DE-2A. Just like the G-Shock, this Baby-G is an analogue/digital model, with a dark blue resin band and display. The print on the band is almost indistinguishable from real denim, so nobody can say it looks cheap (a common issue people have with Resin bands).


    The BA-110DE also treats the hands and hour markers with a neobrite solution. This means that when you’re out at night and turn on the backlight, the hands and markers glow, making them easy to see in the dark.


    Next up is another 110DE variation, this time pairing up with the GA-100DE-2A. A much lighter colouring of the band, the BA-110DE-2A2 at first glance looks like the above mentioned 100DE, but with the added advantage that the digital part is easier to see (as it’s quite a bit lighter).


    The lighter tone of the digital display is sometimes easier to read than the usual negative display that comes with the BA-110 series. The hands themselves are bright and thick, so even if you have bad eyesight, you’ll still be able to see the time.


    100m water resistance in both of the 110DE models means that you can go swimming with the watch, without needing to take it off your wrist. If you turn on the backlight before diving in, then the hands will glow in the dark, letting you check the time while swimming.


    Finally, we have the BGD-560DE-2, the Baby-G version of the DW-5600DE-2. This watch is fully digital, giving you and your partner some advantages that the combo watches don’t have.


    First advantage – the numbers are much bigger because there are no analogue arrows and markers blocking the screen. Another advantage is the backlight, since it lights up the entire screen, not just the analogue hands.


    The BGD-560DE is also 200m water resistant, unlike the BA-110DE models, so you can dive further with the watch.


    There you have it, a great range of Denim watches for him and her. If you’d like to see some other matching watches, click here.


    Until Next Time – Jimmy B.

  • The All-New Casio G-Shock Denim Range

    All-New Denim Fashion G-Shocks.


    Last week, we covered the GA-110DC series, which dressed up the ever popular GA-110s in denim colours, as well as their matching counterparts, the BA-110DCs. These models proved to be so successful, that Casio has expanded their range to include three new models. The GA-700DE-2A, the GA-100DE-2A and the DW-5600DE-2. A combination of old and new watch models, if you’re unfamiliar, let me give you a brief rundown why you should be excited!


    First up, the GA-700DE-2A. Based on Casio’s GA-700 model, this limited edition watch is an analogue/digital combo. The hands, while thin enough to not get in the way, can be shifted away from the digital screen, in order to see the time clearer.


    The band is a dark blue resin, with a denim pattern. The digital display is also dark blue to match it, but not too dark that you won’t be able to see the time.


    As with the original GA-700, this model comes packed with features for athletes and lovers of urban sports. It has a button to take you straight to the stopwatch without having to search through the different modes, and there’s a target time alarm, which lets you run against the clock, and improve your speed.


    Moving on, it’s time to discuss the GA-100DE-2A. Based on the original GA-100 series, the GA100DE has a light blue resin band that’s patterned to look like the denim shirt/jeans/jacket that you wear. Basically it’s kitted out to match any denim style. Because the band is actually resin, it doesn’t scratch or rip as easily as a normal band.


    Keeping the features, which made the GA-100 so popular to begin with, this analogue/digital combo watch has not just 200m water resistance and shock resistance (withstanding pretty much all accidental damage), but it’s also resistant to magnetic waves.


    Athletes, you might find this next bit interesting. The GA-100DE-2A also includes a 1/1000-sec stopwatch. Not only is this the most accurate stopwatch on the market, but it also includes a speed indicator, which tells you how fast you’re running laps.


    Finally, we have the DW-5600DE-2. This really takes us back because it’s based on one of Casio’s first ever G-Shock watches, the DW-5600. Now, as you can see from the picture, it’s the only one of the three new models that’s digital only. That’s a definite advantage for some because the numbers are a lot bigger and have more room. Not only that, but the backlight lights up the entire screen, instead of just the analogue part (a common complaint about analogue/digital combo watches).


    As with the other watches in this series, the DW has a light blue display to complement the denim styled resin band.


    So, there you have it. The All New Denim Series is coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline. If you’re interested, here’s a link to the denim series’ first appearance in our store.


    Check out a video highlighting some of the key features right here


    And just to whet your appetites for next week, the G-Shocks aren’t the only ones with a new denim look!


    Until Next Time – Jimmy B.

  • Casio's GA-110 and BA-110 Denim Range

    Jimmy B’s Guide to Choosing a Casio – Denim Range

    GA-110DC-1A ga-110dc-2a7 GA-110DC-2ABA-110DC-2A1ba-110dc-2a2ba-110dc-2a3

    If you’ve ever hated the plastic look of Casio’s Resin bands, then boys and girls, this range is just for you. Welcome back to my column, and today I’ll be specifically discussing Casio’s Denim range!


    While resin is scratch resistant, the problem is some people think it looks cheap. And with looks becoming more important, people became hesitant in buying something that makes them look bad. To resolve the issue, Casio came up with the GA110DC range. What’s amazing about it is, while the band looks like it’s made out of the same fabric you have in your jeans and sports clothes, it’s actually still a resin band. This way it keeps all the protection you expect, and makes the watch looks fancier to boot (win/win).


    The denim range comes in 3 shades of blue. An almost black GA-110DC-1A, which has a negative display. The dark blue GA-110DC-2A and the light GA-110DC-2A7. As you can guess by the model numbers, they’re an offshoot of Casio’s most popular models, the GA-110. What this means for you, is all the protection and toughness you’d expect in a GA110, with the colourful palettes of the Denim style.


    But that’s not all. When Casio first started bringing out the Baby-G range, the watches were meant to match their male counterparts in all but size. So they decided to go back to basics with the BA-110DC style. As you can see in the picture above, these watches are meant to be a perfect match. And because nothing actually gives the watch away as a female watch, boys can wear it as well.


    Now, while the BA110DC series looks almost the same, there are two key differences to be aware of. The Baby-G version does not have the 1/1000-sec stopwatch, nor does it have the 200m water resistance (scaling back to 100m). Apart from that, it’s a perfect match to the male denim series.


    If you're interested in other big-case models, feel free to look at this link, for a complete guide to the GA-110

  • Top 10 Casio G-Shocks for Gym Junkies

    Top 10 Casio G-Shocks for Gym Junkies


    If you like going to the gym, you know you’ll need a strong watch. One that can withstand a large amount of punishment, but also one that’ll be useful for your exercises. Casio has you covered for the first part, with every G-Shock having shock resistance. As for the second part? Here are 10 G-Shocks that are perfect for gym junkies!


    10) GA-100-1A2 – The watch that set the new standards for toughness and size, the original Big-Case GA-100-1A2 is one tough watch. The first of its kind to include magnetic resistance, the watch also has a 1/1000-sec stopwatch, which is the most accurate stopwatch in the world, and used by judges to time events such as the Tour De France!



    9) GA-110-1A – A major upgrade to the GA-100 series, the GA110-1A makes the digital screens much easier to see. The 1/1000-sec stopwatch also comes with a special feature, which tells you the speed of your laps!


    8) GA-100CM-5A – The Camouflage series got its start with this model, inspired by the GA-100 series. The look of this watch fits right in when you’re out hunting, and it also has 200m water resistance, so you can swim with the watch on.


    7) GA-500-7A – One of Casio’s newest watches, that were built for sports, this entire series comes with features to make life easier for gym junkies, while also keeping them motivated. One such feature is the stopwatch alarm, which makes you run against the clock, to see if you can beat your best time.


    6) GA-500P-4A – The GA-500 series received a makeover just in time for summer. This red and black punching pattern watch has holes going throughout the band. This makes sure your wrist gets some air and can keep it cooler than a regular watch


    5) GA-700-2A – Upgrading the GA-500, Casio came up with the GA700 series. Getting rid of the retrograde hand gave the digital display a lot more room, making it easier to see. Gym junkies might enjoy that all you need to do is press one button, and you’re on the stopwatch screen. Saves you the trouble of trying to find the mode.


    4) GA-710GB-1A – A blinged up, garish coloured upgrade to the GA-700s, the GA-710 series uses a super illuminator to let you see both the analogue and digital time at night (perfect for all of you late night joggers)! If you like to compete, you can use the 1st/2nd place timer of the stopwatch, to see just how far ahead (or behind) you are to your rivals and team mates.


    3) PRG-240-1 – The Protrek series is usually considered an explorer’s watch, but that doesn’t mean gym junkies can’t use it. It’s fully digital with an extra-large screen that you’d normally only find in the combo watches. Hoggers can make use of the Sunrise/Sunset time display, so they can get back indoors before it gets too dark.


    2) GW-9400-1 – The Rangeman is known as the Master of G (a title given to the best of the best). If you don’t like to be limited only to the gym, or maybe if you prefer training in the great outdoors, you can make use of the barometer (so you don’t get caught out by unexpected bad weather). You also don’t need to worry about changing batteries, since the Rangeman is Solar Powered.


    1) G-9300-1 – Gym junkies have probably heard of boot camp, and this watch is perfect for that. It’s a Mud Resistant watch, so even when you’re crawling around in the dirt, it’ll still work perfectly. It’s also solar powered, so you never have to change the battery.


    Have a look at our slideshow of these watches here.

  • Get Your Surf on With the GWX-5600WA-7DR

    Boys and girls, if you like to surf, you’re going to LOVE Casio’s latest surfing watch, the GWX5600WA-7DR! I managed to get my hands on it a little while back, so let me enlighten you on some of its cool features.


    Now, the first thing you’ll notice is, Casio seems to have gone back to basics. This is a purely digital, white watch, and its design is actually based on the GLX-5600F series. What this means is you get all the benefits of a digital watch, including a large, easy to see screen, as well as a simple tide graph, which can be used to prepare for the tides.

    So far everything looks like the GLX series, but there are some crucial differences. First up, the GWX has a Radio Control function. If you’re just joining us and don’t know what it means, it automatically sets the time for you. All you have to do is select the satellite closest to where you are, and let the watch do the rest.

    Now, the GLX-5600F was widely praised for a very simple reason – it had a 7-year battery life. That means if you bought the watch, you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing the battery for a long time. The GWX-5600WA goes one better, and actually turns the watch into a Tough Solar timepiece. This means no matter where you are, if you’ve got access to light, you can recharge the watch, and keep it charged. There’s also a low battery indicator, so you won’t be in for any nasty surprises!

    Alright, now that I’ve talked about the main differences, let’s see the functions. I already mentioned the tide graph, but as you know, the tides are influenced by the moon, so this watch also has a moon phase indicator.

    Just like all G-Shocks, this watch is shock resistant, so if you trip and fall on the watch, it’ll still work perfectly!

    As with the GLX series, the GWX is 200m water resistant, so feel free to take it with you when you surf! Or better yet, check out this video, demonstrating the power and durability of the GWX-5600WA-7!

    If you’re interested in seeing more surfer’s watches, click here for Casio’s range.

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