GA710 Series

If you’ve been a fan of the GA-700 series, but think there’s no enough colour, then Casio’s upgrade, the GA-710 has you covered! Known as the Garish Colours model, the GA-710 comes in Black and Gold (GA-710GB-1A), Black and Silver (GA-710-1A) and Black and Blue (GA-710-1A2). Every one of these models have a black sheen band, which makes the material shine in the daytime. The GA-710 series is a watch for the Urban Sports lover, but all athletes can use these features to improve themselves. One such feature is a Target Time mode for the stopwatch. With it, you can set a specific time for your exercise, and see if you can accomplish it before the alarm rings. Practice makes perfect, and this feature will motivate you to get there! Another feature carried over is the direct timing start. What this means is, you don’t have to go through tons of modes just to find the stopwatch, simply press a button, and get ready to run! Casio’s watches always strive to set new standards for toughness, so you can be sure that this watch will withstand any punishment you throw at it. Its shock resistant construction protects the watch from any damage if it gets dropped, and the 200m water resistance means you can go swimming with it. Every watch here comes with full warranty, and for those who are buying early as gifts, we even include a 365 day returns policy.
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