Edifice Bluetooth

The Casio Edifice was designed as a dress watch, but looks aren’t everything! In this category, you’ll find watches that were specifically designed to be used with your Smartphone, to make life easier. Part of the Smartphone Link Collection, you have the EQB-500 series. This collection came out in September 2014, 6 months before any “Smart Watches” had ever been released. Linking up with your phone, the watches in this category automatically get the time from your device, which means you never have to worry about changing the time again. Even better, you get the exact time from over 300 different cities! And you can also check your email with your EQB-500 watch! If you’d like to use WiFi instead of Bluetooth, you can get the EQB-501 series. Moving on from that, we have the EQB-600s which, while they don’t have the email check function, are made for travelers. The global time that shows on your dial will tell you if it’s day or night, saving you from embarrassingly late phone calls. Finally, we come to the EQB-700 models. These models have dual time setting, showing you the time in your home city, and wherever you’re going. For all of you collectors out there, we also have a Limited Edition collaboration between Casio and Scuderia Toro Roso, the EQB-501TRC-1A! This model also comes with a unique leather/cloth combination band with the leather on the outside for toughness, and cloth on the inside for a comfortable feel on your wrist!
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