Welcome back to our blog, and today, I'll be spotlighting the all new GM5600 Series. This puts metallic parts into the 5600 model, making them look good, and improving the durability! Ready? Here We Go

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First up is the original - GM5600-1D. It's got a black band with a metallic silver bezel, protecting the screen. Fully digital, it has a negative display, but using the backlight you'll easily be able to see the time.

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Next we've got the GM5600B-1D. If you're a fan of colour coordination, and would prefer the band and bezel to perfectly match, this watch is for you. The metal bezel here is black ion plated, but still light enough that it doesn't add too much weight to your wrist.

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The GM5600B-3D is probably best described as the army watch. The olive green band matches the bushes, so you can blend right in. The background of the display is also olive green, while the bezel is again ion plated.

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Not a fan of black? Perhaps transparent with a hint of camouflage grey strikes your fancy? Then you'll be after the GM5600SCM-1. The band is a transparent grey/off white, while the bezel is forged, cut, polished and then given a camouflage look by way of a laser. The display is a regular white on black, with grey camo colouring in the background.

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Are you an Iron Man fan? Or simply like a watch that looks more unique than the ones your friends have? then you'll want the GM5600CX-4D. A red band is followed by a gold ion plated bezel. the background of the display is a garish red, and from afar (as well as up close) the design and colours of the watch make you think of Iron Man's iconic suit.

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Finally, if you just want to stand out from the crowd, with a time piece that can look like a dress watch, you'll be after the GM5600SG-9. It's got a white band with a gold ion plated bezel and buttons. The display is a regular black on white, which stands out from the rest of the gold background.

Well, those were the looks, but what exactly can these watches do? If you've had a 5600 watch before, you know the display numbers are much larger than your regular digital watch. This is very helpful if you have poor eyesight. You won't have any trouble reading either one of these 6 models.

The watches are also water resistant 200m, which is helpful if you want to swim. Take my advice though, don't press any buttons while submerged. Also, don't bathe or wash dishes with the watch on, because running water weakens the seal.

The GM5600 Metal Series is coming very soon to Buy Watches Online!

Until Next Time - Jimmy B