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  • Casio's GA-110 and BA-110 Denim Range

    Jimmy B’s Guide to Choosing a Casio – Denim Range

    GA-110DC-1A ga-110dc-2a7 GA-110DC-2ABA-110DC-2A1ba-110dc-2a2ba-110dc-2a3

    If you’ve ever hated the plastic look of Casio’s Resin bands, then boys and girls, this range is just for you. Welcome back to my column, and today I’ll be specifically discussing Casio’s Denim range!


    While resin is scratch resistant, the problem is some people think it looks cheap. And with looks becoming more important, people became hesitant in buying something that makes them look bad. To resolve the issue, Casio came up with the GA110DC range. What’s amazing about it is, while the band looks like it’s made out of the same fabric you have in your jeans and sports clothes, it’s actually still a resin band. This way it keeps all the protection you expect, and makes the watch looks fancier to boot (win/win).


    The denim range comes in 3 shades of blue. An almost black GA-110DC-1A, which has a negative display. The dark blue GA-110DC-2A and the light GA-110DC-2A7. As you can guess by the model numbers, they’re an offshoot of Casio’s most popular models, the GA-110. What this means for you, is all the protection and toughness you’d expect in a GA110, with the colourful palettes of the Denim style.


    But that’s not all. When Casio first started bringing out the Baby-G range, the watches were meant to match their male counterparts in all but size. So they decided to go back to basics with the BA-110DC style. As you can see in the picture above, these watches are meant to be a perfect match. And because nothing actually gives the watch away as a female watch, boys can wear it as well.


    Now, while the BA110DC series looks almost the same, there are two key differences to be aware of. The Baby-G version does not have the 1/1000-sec stopwatch, nor does it have the 200m water resistance (scaling back to 100m). Apart from that, it’s a perfect match to the male denim series.


    If you're interested in other big-case models, feel free to look at this link, for a complete guide to the GA-110

  • Top 10 Casio G-Shocks for Gym Junkies

    Top 10 Casio G-Shocks for Gym Junkies


    If you like going to the gym, you know you’ll need a strong watch. One that can withstand a large amount of punishment, but also one that’ll be useful for your exercises. Casio has you covered for the first part, with every G-Shock having shock resistance. As for the second part? Here are 10 G-Shocks that are perfect for gym junkies!


    10) GA-100-1A2 – The watch that set the new standards for toughness and size, the original Big-Case GA-100-1A2 is one tough watch. The first of its kind to include magnetic resistance, the watch also has a 1/1000-sec stopwatch, which is the most accurate stopwatch in the world, and used by judges to time events such as the Tour De France!



    9) GA-110-1A – A major upgrade to the GA-100 series, the GA110-1A makes the digital screens much easier to see. The 1/1000-sec stopwatch also comes with a special feature, which tells you the speed of your laps!


    8) GA-100CM-5A – The Camouflage series got its start with this model, inspired by the GA-100 series. The look of this watch fits right in when you’re out hunting, and it also has 200m water resistance, so you can swim with the watch on.


    7) GA-500-7A – One of Casio’s newest watches, that were built for sports, this entire series comes with features to make life easier for gym junkies, while also keeping them motivated. One such feature is the stopwatch alarm, which makes you run against the clock, to see if you can beat your best time.


    6) GA-500P-4A – The GA-500 series received a makeover just in time for summer. This red and black punching pattern watch has holes going throughout the band. This makes sure your wrist gets some air and can keep it cooler than a regular watch


    5) GA-700-2A – Upgrading the GA-500, Casio came up with the GA700 series. Getting rid of the retrograde hand gave the digital display a lot more room, making it easier to see. Gym junkies might enjoy that all you need to do is press one button, and you’re on the stopwatch screen. Saves you the trouble of trying to find the mode.


    4) GA-710GB-1A – A blinged up, garish coloured upgrade to the GA-700s, the GA-710 series uses a super illuminator to let you see both the analogue and digital time at night (perfect for all of you late night joggers)! If you like to compete, you can use the 1st/2nd place timer of the stopwatch, to see just how far ahead (or behind) you are to your rivals and team mates.


    3) PRG-240-1 – The Protrek series is usually considered an explorer’s watch, but that doesn’t mean gym junkies can’t use it. It’s fully digital with an extra-large screen that you’d normally only find in the combo watches. Hoggers can make use of the Sunrise/Sunset time display, so they can get back indoors before it gets too dark.


    2) GW-9400-1 – The Rangeman is known as the Master of G (a title given to the best of the best). If you don’t like to be limited only to the gym, or maybe if you prefer training in the great outdoors, you can make use of the barometer (so you don’t get caught out by unexpected bad weather). You also don’t need to worry about changing batteries, since the Rangeman is Solar Powered.


    1) G-9300-1 – Gym junkies have probably heard of boot camp, and this watch is perfect for that. It’s a Mud Resistant watch, so even when you’re crawling around in the dirt, it’ll still work perfectly. It’s also solar powered, so you never have to change the battery.


    Have a look at our slideshow of these watches here.

  • Get Your Surf on With the GWX-5600WA-7DR

    Boys and girls, if you like to surf, you’re going to LOVE Casio’s latest surfing watch, the GWX5600WA-7DR! I managed to get my hands on it a little while back, so let me enlighten you on some of its cool features.


    Now, the first thing you’ll notice is, Casio seems to have gone back to basics. This is a purely digital, white watch, and its design is actually based on the GLX-5600F series. What this means is you get all the benefits of a digital watch, including a large, easy to see screen, as well as a simple tide graph, which can be used to prepare for the tides.

    So far everything looks like the GLX series, but there are some crucial differences. First up, the GWX has a Radio Control function. If you’re just joining us and don’t know what it means, it automatically sets the time for you. All you have to do is select the satellite closest to where you are, and let the watch do the rest.

    Now, the GLX-5600F was widely praised for a very simple reason – it had a 7-year battery life. That means if you bought the watch, you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing the battery for a long time. The GWX-5600WA goes one better, and actually turns the watch into a Tough Solar timepiece. This means no matter where you are, if you’ve got access to light, you can recharge the watch, and keep it charged. There’s also a low battery indicator, so you won’t be in for any nasty surprises!

    Alright, now that I’ve talked about the main differences, let’s see the functions. I already mentioned the tide graph, but as you know, the tides are influenced by the moon, so this watch also has a moon phase indicator.

    Just like all G-Shocks, this watch is shock resistant, so if you trip and fall on the watch, it’ll still work perfectly!

    As with the GLX series, the GWX is 200m water resistant, so feel free to take it with you when you surf! Or better yet, check out this video, demonstrating the power and durability of the GWX-5600WA-7!

    If you’re interested in seeing more surfer’s watches, click here for Casio’s range.

  • GPW-2000 - Up Up and AWAY With the Latest Gravitymaster Watch

    The Gravitymaster has been around for a while, and we’re proud to say the latest version, the Casio GPW-2000 is coming shortly. For those who haven’t heard of this model, let me fill you in on some of the features.


    Now, the first thing you’ll notice might be a bit jarring; Casio has completely gotten rid of the digital displays. That being said, the analogue display is more than big enough to let you see the time, and to use the compass function.

    While they got rid of the Digital, Casio combined a function known as Mission Stamp together with a brand new GPS. Used together with the Bluetooth function, the watch reads your location, records how long you’ve been flying, and the path you’re taking. That can later be uploaded straight to your computer or mobile phone as a flight log.

    Now, the functions that I just mentioned are helpful for pilots, but they can also be useful if you’re a hiker, explorer, or even marathon runner. While you won’t be able to record your speed, having the distance and time traveled is a great feature to have.

    Keeping with the theme of directions, quite a few people asked for a Longitude and Latitude indicator, which can be crucial both in flight logs and if you’re lost and need to figure out exactly where on the map you are.

    The GPW2000 also includes a Wave-Ceptor function. For those who’ve never heard of it, this automatically detects the correct time no matter where you are. So there’s no more need to change times every time you’re traveling.

    Now, let’s talk protection: apart from the shock resistance and 200m water resistance, this watch is one of the first to contain Vibration Resistance. What that means, is no matter how turbulent your flight gets, the watch will keep functioning perfectly.

    The GPW-2000 is coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline!

    Before you go, click here to see our entire range of G-Shock Watches

  • Get a tough new watch to welcome the winter season, with Casio’s all new Urban Tough collection!

    Coming together with "New Era" (a company known for its wide variety of accessories), Casio’s Urban Tough series includes a wide screen digital watch, along with a woolen G-Shock black cap (with the logo actually featuring a black metal badge)!

    The watch itself is the DW-5600NEWERA. The DW series has always been known for their toughness – in fact, the very first G-Shock watch was the DW-5000, which goes to show you just how tough and popular this series is!

    The DW-5600NEWERA keeps all the features that made G-Shocks popular. You have the shock resistance to protect from falls, 200m water resistance so you can go swimming and, being a fully digital watch, you’ve got an extra-strong backlight to show you the time even when it’s pitch black.

    This watch is a limited edition, and has the New Era logo showcased on the band, stamped on the back of the timepiece, and even shows up on the watch face. It’s a must-have for any collectors.

    Look for the watch and cap to come to our stores soon!

    Until Next Time. Jimmy B.

  • Urban Tough Collection

    Get a tough new watch to welcome the winter season, with Casio’s all new Urban Tough collection!


    Coming together with “New Era” (a company known for its wide variety of accessories), Casio’s Urban Tough series includes a wide screen digital watch, along with a woolen G-Shock black cap (with the logo actually featuring a black metal badge)!


    The watch itself is the DW-5600NEWERA. The DW series has always been known for their toughness – in fact, the very first G-Shock watch was the DW-5000, which goes to show you just how tough and popular this series is!


    The DW-5600NEWERA keeps all the features that made G-Shocks popular. You have the shock resistance to protect from falls, 200m water resistance so you can go swimming and, being a fully digital watch, you’ve got an extra-strong backlight to show you the time even when it’s pitch black.


    This watch is a limited edition, and has the New Era logo showcased on the band, stamped on the back of the timepiece, and even shows up on the watch face. It’s a must-have for any collectors.


    Look for the watch and cap to come to our stores soon!


    Until Next Time. Jimmy B.

  • My Solar Powered G Shock Has Stopped Working...

    What Happened to my Solar Powered G-Shock???

    Two nightmare scenarios for any Solar watch buyer:

    1) It’s a pain isn’t it? You buy a watch, it’s solar powered so you don’t have to stuff around with the batteries, you open it up and it’s…. DEAD! WHAT HAPPENED?

    2) You’ve had the watch for years, you never needed to replace the battery. You may have stopped wearing it for a while and when you put it on again, what happens? The watch won’t start, even after a few minutes in the sun! What do you do?

    Both scenarios can have the same solutions, so don’t lose your head just yet.

    First of all, there’s something you need to know about all Casio watches. When Casio builds each watch, before shipping it out all over the world, they put a test battery in, and test that the features are all working fine. After the tests, the battery is left inside and sealed to ensure water resistance. Now, here’s the problem – since the battery is left inside, and the watch switched on, it’s already draining. Now, that doesn’t mean the watch you’ll receive has a dead battery, but it won’t last as long as with a brand new battery (kind of like if you buy a printer and use the ink/laser cartridge that’s already there – you won’t print out as many pages as they promise until you get a brand new cartridge).

    So let’s say either scenario 1 or 2 happens. Don’t panic. Put the watch on the windowsill and leave it exposed to the sun for about 3 days. That should do the trick (it’s also helpful when you get the low battery signal on your watch). Now, if this happens in scenario 2, you’ll want to also turn off the automatic backlight, so it doesn’t interfere with the charging.

    Now, let’s say the watch is still dead after you left it in the sun for a few days. Unfortunately, that means your battery is faulty and you’ll need to get a new one. If your watch is still under warranty (or if you had just bought the watch and it’s already not working after the 3 days of charging), take it back to where you bought it from.

    If the watch isn’t under warranty, then feel free to use this guide on how to change a watch battery. Remember, if you’re under warranty, do NOT do this, it’s only for watches out of warranty, as opening the back will void your warranty.

    Until Next Time


    Jimmy B

  • 9 Interesting Facts About G Shocks

    9 things you never knew about G-Shocks.

    The G-Shock watches have been around for over 30 years. They’ve made a lot of models, with no sign of slowing down. Collectors know a lot about Casio watches, but even I was surprised to discover some of the things on this list!

    1) Fox Fire VS Illuminator.

    See, the Illuminator/backlight has been around pretty much as long as Casio, but in Japan for some reason it’s called the “Fox Fire”. Apparently though, that’s only because Foxfire is the term given to a glow, which is found on a fungus. Interestingly enough, said fungus was used in submarines as far back as 1775, thanks to a suggestion by Benjamin Franklin. Everywhere else in the world, the backlight is called the Illuminator, so PETA (or other animal lovers), there’s nothing to worry about – no foxes were harmed in the making of Casio Watches :)

    2) They’re the go-to watch for the Navy Seals.

    In the US, the Navy seals used to get Rolexes, but obviously it cost way too much to repair. So back in the 1980s, they switched to analogue G-Shocks. These days you wouldn’t be surprised to see them wearing a Frogman or a Gulfmaster.


    3) They’re worn by celebrities in movies. That one is Casey Affleck in “Triple 9” wearing a DW-6900MS-1. Everybody from Clint Eastwood, to Arnie can be found wearing G-Shocks in both movies and TV shows.


    4) It’s all about the Screen Size.
    If you’ve ever looked at digital watches, you’ll note that a majority have the time set to 10:58. There’s a perfectly valid reason for that. You see, those numbers take up the most space, so by photographing the watches reading 10:58, you’ll see the whole screen being used up, and it really emphasises the LCD display.

    5) Only three original prototypes exist.

    In 1983, the very first G-Shock was called the DW-5000. Five of those prototypes were built, but as of 2017 only 3 remain. Those three were gifted to members of the original design team. Another interesting tidbit – the follow-up to this model, the DW-5500C was nicknamed the Mudman, due to its high resistance to mud. That name stuck around until the G-9000 and G-9300 series came out and took over the nickname.


    6. What do the codes mean?
    A bit complicated I know, but this picture above shows exactly what the letters and numbers mean. For more information on this point, have a look at our previous article here


    7) For years, the Frogman was the undisputed king of Casio’s Diving Watches… Until late last year when the GWN-Q1000 series came along.

    The newest edition to the Gulfmasters included a depth sensor, along with improving the compass, barometer and other sensors to make them accurate even when the watch isn’t on a flat surface. To find out more about the Gulfmasters click here.



    8) The G-Shock was inspired by a rubber ball. That’s right, something so simple inspired a watch that’s been around for almost 35 years! And it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for an accident. You see, the creator of the G-Shock, Kikuo Ibe, was just an engineer working for Casio, when he dropped and broke a watch. Not just any watch though, this was a watch passed down from his father. Of course, a loss like that would be devastating to some, but for Ibe, this was motivation to build a stronger watch, so that what happened to him, wouldn’t happen to anybody else. He put together a team called “Team Tough” and his idea was for a “Triple Ten” watch. That’s a watch with 10-year battery, 10m shock resistance and 10 bar (which is 100m) water resistance.

    As we know by now, he managed to exceed the 10m shock resistance since every watch made by Casio has a guaranteed 100m shock resistance! But back to the topic, Kikuo and his team used to throw prototypes out of a bathroom window for the 10m tests. As you can imagine, that resulted in a lot of broken watches. What changed? One time, Kikuo was looking out the window and saw a rubber ball being bounced at the park. That got him thinking, since the outer layer was absorbing all of the impact, the inside of the ball was protected. That became his inspiration, and it’s where the G in G-Shock came from (it stands for Gravity).

    9) The creator of the G-Shocks only has two of them (and he can only wear one of them!). According to Kikuo Ibe, his favourite is the prototype that he received (the DW-5000). But since that’s up at the museum, he uses the DW-5600. That’s not just dedication, it’s proof that a good watch can last a lifetime!

    I guess it’s true, you do learn something new every day!

    Until Next Time

    Jimmy B.

  • What Do the Casio Prefix Codes Mean?

    Do you ever feel like you're getting a headache from all these numbers? Why do we need them? If you've ever looked at a model number and just went "Meh, too complicated!" Well, this article is just for you. Welcome to Jimmy B's guide to Casio, and today I'll be explaining what every part of a model name means, hopefully clearly enough that you can understand, and have a guide for next time.

    Hang on... Can't I just look at the watch and see what colour it is? Well that's a good question. Thing is, some pictures on Casio's site are taken under a certain light, which could make a watch look either darker or brighter than it actually is. With my guide, all you'll have to do is take a peek and you'll know exactly what you're getting.

    First let me explain the colour code:

    1= Black

    2= Blue

    3= Green

    4= Red / Orange

    5= Brown / Gold

    6= Purple

    7= White/Transparent

    8= Grey/Silver

    9= Yellow

    So I'll give you an example. If you buy a GW-9400-1 watch, you know that the band will be black. If it was the GW-9400-3 it's green. Now, if there's a number after the A, that actually tells you the colour of the hands or display. So, like the earlier example, GA-100-1A2. That means it's a black watch, but the hands are blue.

    Now, what about the DR? Well that's actually quite simple. When you buy a watch, the end will either be CR, DR, ER or JF. In order that means Chinese Export, Wide Distribution, Made in Europe, and Made in Japan. So, when you see DR models, those are the most common but if you see any of the other three, you better grab them up fast, because they're limited edition, and only a few are being made at a time!

    I hope I've made things clear for you. If there's something you don't understand, then don't hesitate to leave a comment and I'll try to explain further.

    Until Next Time

    Jimmy B.

  • Casio G-Shock GA500 Series is Here!

    Introducing the Casio G-Shock GA-500 series.

    ga-500-7a_l ga-500-1a4_l ga-500-1a_l

    A new addition to Casio’s ever-growing G-Shock family, the GA-500 series is becoming the number 1 choice for those playing urban sports (such as Parkour, Street Basketball, Freerunning, etc.).


    The watch comes in three colours: Black, Black and Red and White. All three watches have what’s known as a negative display (which is white numbers on a dark screen. All three are both analogue and digital, in case you prefer one over the other.


    The GA-500s have an extra-wide screen, to rival the GA-110 series. The analogue markers are colour coded to match the motif of each watch, and they stand out in order to ensure they can be easily seen.


    The hands do sometimes get in the way of the digital display, but Casio has long since solved that problem with the introduction of the Hand-Shift feature. As simple as it sounds, the press of a button will let you move the hands for a few seconds, so that you can see the digital time. Then, they go back to where they belong, without losing a single second of time!


    And speaking of time, the GA-500s are great for athletes trying to improve their times! See, Casio added a very special feature to their GA500 series: Target Time stopwatch. Working similar to the countdown timer, the Target Time mode allows you to input a time limit. Then, once the limit has been reached, the stopwatch will sound an alarm. By using this, athletes can set new goals for themselves and keep improving.


    That’s not the only change with the stopwatch though. Quite a few customers have complained that it takes too long to find the stopwatch mode. So Casio decided to add a new mode called Direct Start. Just like it sounds, the watch can go into the stopwatch mode, with a single press of a button!


    Don’t forget, these are Casio watches, so each model comes with 200m water resistance, and 100m shock resistance, so you can take the watch with you, wherever you want to go!


    The Casio G-Shock, GA500 is in store now!


    Until Next Time – Jimmy B

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