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  • Hidden Features of the Casio G-Shock

    Secret Features of the Casio G-Shock Watches

    Hello readers, you're in for a real treat today! You know how Mobile Phones, DVRs, Computers and even TVs have secret features? Well, turns out the same goes for Casio watches. After taking some time trying to figure them all out, I have a list right here. Now, before I begin, I should caution you that you need to be very careful. If you damage the watch using these tricks, that will void your warranty. OK, boring disclaimer over with, let's get to the fun stuff!

    Now, first up, so you don't have to keep wondering what A, B, C and D are, just look at the below diagram. This way you'll know what to press. And don't worry if your watch doesn't look EXACTLY like the picture. The 4 buttons do not change places.


    Right, our first hidden feature is the LCD Display Test. This feature lights up all possible parts of the LCD Display. This is really important, since it'll help you see if there's any flaws, or if the LCD isn't lighting up the way it should be. So, here's the trick to getting in:

    On the main screen, the one that shows you the time/date where you are (aka Timekeeping mode),, press A, C, and D at the same time. Right away you'll see that all the parts of the LCD display have lit up (it's actually easier to do it indoors or in a dimly lit area, so you'll be able to tell what's lit up and what isn't. Now, if you press D, it'll go through the different segments, so you can tell if the lights are brighter in one place compared to others. The best thing about it is, you can actually use this diagnostic to check if your Casio is genuine, since the final screen will have your module number (which you can cross reference with your manual and back of the watch). To get back to the main screen, just press any button apart from D.

    Cool isn't it? That's not the only trick though. Just to give you some background info, most (not all) Casio watches have a feature called Auto-Light. Basically, when you tilt your wrist back about 45 degrees, the light (if Auto-Light is turned on), will light up either your screen or (if you have an ana-digi combo) the analogue hands and markers. If you know your watch has an auto-light but it's not working, it'll help to go into the diagnostics screen.

    This time when you're in timekeeping mode, press A, B, and C at the same time. Right, now looking at the screen you should see the letters TLT, which will mean you're in the Tilt Diagnostic Mode. Now, tilt your wrist back and at the correct angle the numbers will change to 88:88. That means the watch is working properly. If you don't see those numbers after activating TLT, then you may need to go to the person you bought the watch from, in order to get it repaired (remember, if you try it yourself, or go to a local jeweller, you may end up voiding the warranty)!

    Next up, this feature is only for those who have a Solar Watch. If you've been out in the sun, but the watch is still not receiving power, or discharging too soon, there may be a problem with your battery or, more likely, the problem lies with the panels themselves. It's easy to diagnose however, so let's get to it.

    In timekeeping, this time you need to hold A, B and D. All the numbers will disappear off the screen, and you'll see SLR. Put the watch into a sunny place and watch the screen. If 88:88 does not appear, that means there's an issue with the solar panels. If the battery is fully charged though, then the solar panels, to avoid overheating the watch, just won't accept more sunlight. So, your best bet is to do it at medium charge.

    The last trick I'll show you is something that surprised even me. You see, I've reviewed lots of Solar Powered watches before, and I know they come with a power saving mode, but apparently, regular Quartz Battery watches also have this hidden. The power saver mode will turn off your display after about 6-7 hours when you're not doing anything on it. Don't worry though, if you set an alarm or if you have a fancy Radio-Control watch, the alarm and signals will still be active. Those functions will stop after 6-7 days of inactivity (so if you're going on holiday and don't decide to take your watch with you, that's pretty useful.

    Now, doing this trick actually reminded me of playing a video game, because you have to enter a “secret code” to enter this function. First, hold A until the city code starts to flash. You there? Now, try not to lose count, because you need to press C NINE times. You'll know you've done it right once you see the power setting screen (marked as PS on your display). After that, press D to adjust whether it's on or off, and press a again to set it. That's all there is to it.

    And speaking of, that's actually all there is to this article. Hope this was helpful to some of you. Let me know in the comments, and if any of those tricks don't work, tell us that as well, and we'll update this page.

    Until Next Time

    Jimmy B

  • Coming Soon – Casio's Mudmaster X Toyota Limited Edition Watch - GG-1000TLC-1A!

    Coming Soon – Casio's GG-1000TLC-1A!

    Hardcore collectors and casual watch buyers alike, BuyWatchesOnline will soon have a watch ready and able to suit your needs. The one I'm talking about is the GG-1000TLC-1A. A rare collaboration between Toyota Auto Body, and the Casio Mudmaster team, this watch has a lot going for it under the hood.


    Let's get the looks out of the way first. The GG-1000TLC is a combination of black, blue and red, with just a bit of white thrown in. These represent the Toyota team's colours.

    It's an analogue/digital watch, and is based on the popular, budget GG-1000 Series, which trims away a bit of the fat, in order to keep the watch light on your wrist, and in your wallet.

    The band is a resin blue, but with a pattern that looks more like a tire tread. The digital display uses a negative motif, with light numbers on a dark screen. The analogue part is extra-large, with both the hour markers and the numbers being extremely easy to see.

    Finally, as mentioned this is a Limited Edition watch, and the packaging sure proves it! You have the Black and Blue Tin, with Team Toyota written on top, and a Blue and white car pictured on both the tin and the box itself. You can see it for yourself below.


    Now let's talk features. As I mentioned, this is based on the GG-1000 Series. It has a twin sensor, that will give you directions and temperature readings. One feature of the twin sensor is the digital compass. Turning it on will give you up to 20 seconds of continuous measurement.

    This direction recorder can also be used later on, by giving you the bearing memory, letting you know if you're still heading in the right direction.

    As mentioned, the watch is an economy Mudmaster. While some features have been taken away (such as Solar Power), the Mudmaster is still easily one of the most protected watches available. It's completely weather resistant, and the buttons are inlaid in such a way that even if you press them while you're covered in dirt or mud, it won't affect the watch functions at all.

    Some of you may not like the negative display I mentioned earlier. G-Shock and Toyota though, are way ahead of you there. They've included a Super LED backlight, which will light up both the analogue and digital display, making it a lot easier to see the time at night!

    The GG-1000TLC is a limited edition watch, and it's coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline! Don't miss out!

    Until Next Time – Jimmy B

  • Coming soon, the Casio Master of G Mudmaster, the GWG-1000-1A1

    Coming soon, the Casio Master of G Mudmaster, the GWG-1000-1A1

    The Mudmaster series has always been a popular model, mostly because of how tough it is. A watch cannot be called the master of G, without being undeniably the best in its field. This week, we'll be focusing on the latest Mudmaster, the GWG-1000-1A1. I'll also be contrasting it with the more economical GG-1000 series, for those who are interested.


    This model is one that's extremely popular with the military. That's because it is pitch black. The band is matte black, so it doesn't reflect the light, and it is also extra-thick. The analogue numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12 are extra-large and the markers themselves are treated with the neobrite solution, making them glow long after your backlight switches off.

    So, what exactly makes this watch more powerful than the economical GG-1000? Well, for one thing, it's solar powered. This means that you never have to worry about changing the batteries. Simply make sure the watch gets some light every day, and use it to your heart's content! There's even a low battery alert to remind you to keep your watch under some lights. No more nasty surprises with the time piece suddenly going blank! It also has w

    Now, both the GG1000 and the GWG-1000 are among the toughest that you'll find, but here's wehre the GWG shines just that little bit more – it has vibration resistance and a spherical glass. The spherical glass protects your screen from scratches even more than the normal mineral glass, and the vibration resist means even if you're working with heavy duty equipment, the vibrations won't interfere with the watch!

    The GWG-1000-1A1 also has satellite time calibration. Whenever you're overseas, as long as the radio control is turned on, the watch will auto receive signals from up to 6 satellites from Europe, China and Japan. This ensures that the watch will always run on time, and is especially helpful during Daylight Savings.

    The GG-1000 had a dual sensor in order to save a bit on finances. The GWG-1000 however has a triple sensor, that has a compass, thermometer/barometer, and an altimeter, so you'll know exactly where you are at all times (extremely useful when doing the dangerous Kokoda trails, as well as other hikes where you can easily get lost.

    The GWG-1000-1A1 is coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline. The GG-1000 can be found here.

    Until Next Time – Jimmy B

  • Introducing the Casio DW-6900 and 5600 Dual Tone Series!

    Introducing the DW-6900 and 5600 Dual Tone Series!

    If you're a long time follower of the G-Shock brand, you'll know that one of its earliest designs was the DW-5600, followed closely by the 6900. Now, these classic watches have had a facelift, giving you another excuse to reacquaint yourself with the classics.


    First up, is the DW-5600. It comes in two colours, first up is the dark blue DW-5600LU-2. This watch has a Dark blue outside, with the inside of the band showing a blue/grey camouflage effect. A fully digital watch, the display has bright blue, large numbers on a black background.


    Then we have the DW-5600LU-8. As you can see it's got a khaki style, making it look suitable in the army. As with the 5600LU-2, the inside of the band is a camso style, that resembles the woodlands, as well as some military clothes. The numbers on the display also match the colour scheme of the band.

    Now let's discuss the features of the 5600LU. When you look closely at it, you'll notice that they actually ditched the usual Resin band, in favour of a nylon cloth. This doesn't mean the watch is any less protected, but Casio actually listened to its customers, and have given a watch band that is much easier on the wrist for some people.

    The band itself is a pretty nifty design. You see, if you don't like the plain colour, you can actually reverse the band, and wear it camouflage side up. Whichever way you're comfortable with, it's entirely up to you, and it is really easy to put on.

    As I mentioned before, this is a purely digital watch, which brings with it a few advantages. You see, if it's too dark outside, all you need to do is turn on the backlight, and the entire screen will light up to show you the time. This is also helpful during the day, if the glare from the sun is too bright on your screen.

    Alright, that's enough about the 5600s, time for the DW-6900LU series.


    Now, the first one is the DW-6900LU-1. This one is black on the outside of the band, while inside is a brownish colour. The numbers match the inside of the band, with light brown digital numbers on a negative (black) display.


    Then we've got the DW-6900LU-3. This is more of an olive green colour at the front, with a bright orange colour inside the band. The screen itself is black, with white digital numbers.


    Finally there's the DW-6900LU-8. This is dark grey, with a navy blue colour on the inside of the band. Unlike the previous models I mentioned, this has a regular display, so if you're not a fan of negative screens, it's a great alternative.

    As with the 5600LU series, the watches are fully digital, so whether you chose a negative display or not, it doesn't matter as you'll still easily be able to see the time.

    One big difference between the two models, is the 6900LU has a bit more going on inside the case. You'll notice three circles with segments in them. Now, it's a little confusing but the segments represent different functions. So, say you have the alarm turned on, the segment corresponding to the alarm function will turn dark. This is really helpful when you're trying to conserve your batteries, and you're not sure what functions you've turned on.

    The 6900LU series is 200m water resistant, so if you feel like going swimming, as long as you don't press any buttons while submerged, you don't have to take your watch off. It is also shock resistant, and can withstand a 100m drop. As part of the military style watches, this is a great feature, since you'll definitely give your watch a run for its money.

    The DW-5600LU and 6900LU are coming soon to Buy Watches Online.

    Until Next Time

    Jimmy B

  • How Do I Set Up My New G-Steel Casio Watch?


    How do I set up my G-Steel Casio Watch?

    So, you went out (hopefully to our site) and bought yourself a G-Steel? Congratulations, you've got yourself one of the toughest watches in Casio's range. Now, how do you set it up? That, dear readers, is a really common question, and one that I'm devoting this entire article to. Ready to get started? Here we go!

    First up, I will be using the GST-S110D-1A as my example, but pretty much all the G-Steels can be set up the exact same way. To save time, instead of saying top right button, bottom left, etc, I'll be calling them A, B, C and D. A is the top left (also known as the adjust button), B is top right, C is bottom left, and D is bottom right.

    The watch is an analogue/digital combo which will allow you to read the time off the digital display, if you're having trouble reading the hands.

    So, first things first, let's open this baby up. If you live in VIC or NSW, congrats, you literally don't need to do anything else, since it's already set to Sydney time. But that's being a bit unfair to customers in other cities, so let's carry on.

    Take a look at the bottom of the screen. Do you see the Letter H, or M? If so, that means your watch is charged up and ready to go, otherwise you'll want to leave it near a light source for a while (depending on if it's natural light or artificial light, it could take anywhere from just over 24 hours, to over 100 hours. Don't worry though, it doesn't have to be all at once. As long as the watch is seeing some light, you're getting enough power to run its functions.

    Next up, wed're going to check your home city, mainly because if the wrong home city is set, the rest of the world time will also be wrong. So when you're ready, hold down A for two seconds, until you see ADJ appear in the right digital dial. Let go right away, you don't want to hold on to A too long (more on that later in the article).

    So, when you've let go, you'll see the city code replace ADJ, while the left dial reads SET. Use the B and D buttons to set the correct city code. To help you out I've put the table below as a handy guide.

    city codes

    Now then, we've fixed your city code, and we need to press C and you'll see the DST (Daylight Savings Time) indicator flashing in the left dial, while the right one will have either on or off. Press D to change it if you need to. 

    If that's all you need to do, great. But if you want to change the time, press C aagain. That'll ask you if you want the watch to show the time in a 12 or 24 hour format. Press it again to adjust the seconds (though not many people bother adjusting the seconds). Again will finally let you adjust part of what you need (the hours), and then Pressing C one more time will adjust the minutes. To adjust said parts, simply press B or D. Word of advice though, if you're in the 12 hour mode function, and it's evening, make sure the digital time has P or PM next to it. You don't want to know how many people have come to us saying their alarms aren't working, when it's only because they set the time to AM instead of PM.

    You're almost done, bear with me for a few more minutes (and be thankful I'm not the manual, which repeats the same steps over and over till you're sick of looking at it)! Once you've set up the time, you need to set the date. Basically the same instructions, press C (assuming you just finished adjusting the minutes) and press B or D to change Year, repeat for Month and repeat again for Day.

    WAIT! Don't press A just yet. If you want, you can now press C again to adjust whether the buttons make a tone, and then how long the backlight will stay lit for. Adjust those if you'd like, or just press A to finalise the time.

    Now, let's talk fun features. These are modes designed to make life easy for both novices and pros.

    First up, the G-Steels come with a REALLY cool feature, called Hand Shift. Use this if you want to read the digital time, and you find the hands are getting in the way. Just keep in mind, if the battery power is low, the hands won't move. Alright, if you're in the timekeeping mode (the default mode), press and hold C for a few seconds until you see the word HAND appear in the digital dial. Let go of C and the hands will move away from the digital screen, settling at 11:55.

    Not to worry though. All you need to do to bring the hands back is press the C button again for two seconds (Until Hands appears). Otherwise, they'll go back on their own after an hour.

    Here's the thing though, in rare cases, either a bump, or magneic interference, can cause the analogue hands to lag a little bit, and unsync from the digital display. There's a really easy fix to it though. Remember at the start I told you to only hold A for 2 seconds and not too much longer? Well, if you hold it for 5-7 Seconds, you'll see a different menu come up, with the heading H.Set in the right digital dial. So don't release the button when you see ADJ, wait till H.Set

    What you'll want to do, is release the button, and press D or B to move the hands to 12 o'clock (that's their home position). Now press A and the hands will automatically sync back up with the digital display. It's that easy!

    Now, one last tip before I end this mammoth article (which I'm hoping is easier to understand than the tiny manual). Alright, so this will probably only be relevant to people who like to go travelling overseas. You can actually swap the home time around with the international time! So as long as your home time was correct, all you need to do is press a button, and it'll show you the time where you're staying, until you swap the times around again.

    OK, so what you'll need to do is press C once. Don't hold, just press. See the city that keeps flashing? Press D to cycle through until you get the one that you want as your new home city. Now, hold A and B together for a few seconds, until the watch beeps, and there you have it! You're now living in New York Time, or Tokyo, or whichever city you chose.

    Well, that's enough of me yammering on. I hope this was helpful to you, and don't forget to send us your suggestions for more helpful article topics!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B


  • Get Ready for the Casio G-Shock GBA-800 Bluetooth Fitness Series!

    Introducing the Casio GBA-800 Bluetooth Fitness Series!

    Casio is known for its innovations, and specialisations. They've got diving watches, pilot watches, even the previous iteration of the GBA series (the GBA-400) specialised in music, by letting you control your playlist from your watch! With the GBA-800, they've moved on to fitness, and we had a chance to try these watches out. Ready to hear my thoughts? Let's get to it!

    gba-800-9a gba-800-8a gba-800-7a gba-800-3a gba-800-2a gba-800-1a

    Firstly, you're absolutely spoiled for choice. The GBA-800 has 6 different colours to choose from. All 6 of them are analogue/digital combos, with an extra-large case and screen. The coloured models all have a negative display (which is light numbers on a black background), while the white model as the regular display. The hour markers, as well as the hands are extra-large and thick, so you'll always be able to tell the time.

    The bands themselves have a new band ring to prevent sliding, as well as more holes so you can adjust the band even better. The GBA-800's will fit pretty much anybody, and they're comfortable to wear.

    Now let's get to the features. First up, if you've bought a combo watch before, you might be a bit cautious. Especially when you see “negative display.” Unlike the old combos though, both the analogue and digital displays have a dedicated super LED Light, making it easy to see both times at the press of a button. The hands and hour markers in the analogue display are also treated with a Neobrite solution, so even when the backlight switches off, the hands keep glowing.

    As I mentioned at the start, this is a fitness watch, and a cool feature here is the step tracker. There's a 3-axis acceleration sensor, so you won't be able to cheat the system by just moving your arms and legs back and forward. It also lets you set a step goal, and keeps track of your progress. Finally, it gives you your step-counts in graph, so you can see whether you're ahead of your goal, or you need to get stepping.

    Most fitness watches come with a lap counter, with a maximum of 100 laps. Like the GA-800 that inspired this series, the GBA-800 doubles that, and gives you 200 laps. So if you're an athlete, or just want to keep track of your running progress, this is a great feature.

    Now, this is a Bluetooth watch, which means it has some tricjks up its sleeve that the original GA-800 didn't. First up, when you connect it to your phone, you can get it to automatically set the right time, so you never need to worry about changing the times again.

    The step count graph that I talked about earlier, can also be imported straight to your phone, so after a few days you'll have a progress chart, and it can tell you which days you're slacking off (let's face it, sometimes we all slack off). You can also send the 200 lap records you've saved up straight to your phone.

    Finally, the world time feature is upgraded by a huge margin. With other G-Shocks you get 30-50 cities at most, whereas here, you can see the time in over 300 cities. You can also easily swap times so if you travel, the default time will be whichever city you're in now.

    Now, believe it or not, but there are quite a few other features I didn't get a chance to discuss, but if I did, this would be more like a book than a blog piece! Not to worry though, the GBA-800 series is coming out shortly, and you'll be able to familiarise yourselves with all of its cool features.

    Until Next Time – Jimmy B.


  • What is a Casio G-Shock Auto-Light?

    What is a G-Shock Auto-Light?

    Hello and welcome to the frequently asked questions column, where we answer the questions we get asked the most. In this article, I'll be explaining the auto light feature, what it does, how to turn it on, etc.

    Now, this is a very simple, but essential function in all G-Shocks, as well as all Baby-G-Shock watches. If you've ever been in a dark room, with no clue where any of the buttons are, chances are, you'd need an auto light. 

    What it does, is pretty self explanaory. without the need to fumble around for buttons, the backlight turns itself on, letting you read the time, no matter the light conditions. All you need to do is turn your wrist 45 degrees, and the watch automatically does the rest.

    Now, to turn it on all you have to do is press and hold the light button for a few seconds. Depending on your model, the light button will be either on the top right, or just below the display. To turn it off, just repeat the process.

    Now, while the best results are achieved with digital watches (since the whole screen lights up), a combo analogue/digital watch with the auto light function can also be very handy. The hands and hour markers glow to show you the time, and with the neobrite treated watches, they'll continue glowing long after the auto light turns off.

    Well, hope you found this helpful. Feel free to comment below with more frequently asked questions. Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Layers of Colour Add Some Fun to the Casio G-Shock GA-110LN Series!

    Layers of Colour Add Some Fun to the GA-110LN Series!


    The GA-110 series has grown by leaps and bounds since being introduced to the world. There are a lot of different styles, and now I have the pleasure of introducing one more. I am, of course, talking about the GA-110 Layer Series.


    These watches were designed not just to look good, but to make sure they’re hard to lose (let’s face it, the darker watches, if you drop them, they may be impossible to find). With how bright the inside of the bands are, that mission has definitely been accomplished. So let’s have a look at the GA110LN series.


    First up we’ve got the GA-110LN-1A. It’s black with a neon blue wristband. The mesh of colours stand out on your wrist, so you’re bound to attract attention. An interesting addition is the digital numbers are also blue.


    Our next watch in the series is the GA-110LN-2A. A dark blue band on the outside can almost be mistaken for black, with the inside a bright, sunny yellow. The  hands and digital display are also fluorescent Yellow, making it really easy to tell both the analogue and digital time in pretty much any light condition.


    Lastly, we have the GA110LN-3A. At first glance, it looks like something you could take into the woods (or basic training) as it’s an olive green. Don’t worry about losing the watch though, as inside the band it’s bright orange, again just like the hands. The digital display is also a dark orange on a black background.


    As with the GA-110 Series, the 110LNs have an extra large analogue/digital display, with the digital part being split into two (day at the top, time at the bottom). This makes it easier to read the display, and allows the numbers to be a lot larger. The above mentioned colour coded hands attract attention and help people with eye problems read the time. Speaking of the hands, they actually glow when you turn on the backlight, so even if you’re out at night, you’ll still be able to easily tell the analogue time.


    Another great feature that’s been a favourite in the GA-110 Series, is the 1/1000-sec Stop Watch. Considered one of the most accurate in the world, it not only lets you time yourself to the 1/1000th of a second, it also gives you an estimated speed, which is an amazing training tool.


    If you’re around electronics, you should know that magnetic waves can affect the accuracy of most watches. However, the GA110LN has its predecessor’s magnetic resistant features, so unless you’re around industrial strength magnets, your watch will function with no issues.


    The GA110LN series is out now. For more in the GA-110 Range, click here.

     For a cool video regarding these watches, go here.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B.


  • Taking the Casio G-Shock GA-800 Sneaker Series for a Run!

    Taking the GA-800 Sneaker Series for a Run!


    You gotta strike while the iron is hot, and that’s what Casio is doing with the GA-800SC series. This spinoff from the GA800 keeps the features you loved in the GA-800 and adds some exciting new colours. Considering the GA-800, like the 500 and 700 series are running watches, this latest design is here to match your sneakers and trainers. Ready to see what the fuss is about? Let’s get started!


    So first up we have the GA800SC-2A. As you can see, it’s a dark blue, with some splashes of yellow. The second hand, the inner G-Shock logo, and the button below the display are all bright yellow. The digital display is black with white numbers and letters, while the analogue hour markers and hands are extra-thick to enhance readability.


    Next there’s the GA-800SC-6A. As you can see it’s mostly purple with an orange button, second hand and inner G-Shock logo. The outer logo is purple to match the band.


    Last, you’ve got the white and lime green GA-800SC-7A model. Guaranteed to match with most sneakers, this watch is almost pure white, with splashes of green in the inner analogue display.


    Alright, we’ve discussed the looks, but what exactly can this series do?


    First up, let’s handle the negative display. Now, some people may dislike those types of models, saying they’re hard to read, but that’s where the Dual LED Light comes in handy. Unlike the earlier ana/digi combos, the GA-800 series lights up both the analogue and digital screen, making it easy to see the time no matter the light conditions.


    Next is a really cool dual time feature. Now, I gotta admit, I’d never even heard of a digital dual time, since usually dual time is used with two analogue displays. Here though, there’s an option to set a different timezone on the digital screen, and then swap them around with the press of a button. It’s also quite useful in letting you know whether it’s AM or PM overseas (as opposed to an analogue dual time display).


    Being a watch made for athletes, Casio decided to go with a lap memory function. Unlike previous watches though, the memory size has doubled so you can save 120 laps into your memory. A great way to check your progress and see what needs to improve!


    As with the GA-500 and 700 series, The stopwatch is easy to get to – all you need to do is press one button and you’ll be in the stopwatch timing mode. Much quicker than having to go through all the different modes this watch has.


    Well, there you have it. The GA-800SC series will be making its way to us in the very near future. In the meantime, check out the GA-500, GA-700, and GA-710.


    If you want a more in depth analysis of the GA-800 series itself, click here.


    For a video highlighting the GA-800SC Series, click here.


    Until Next Time – Jimmy B


  • His and Hers Casio Watches - For This Valentine's Day (and Beyond)

    His and Hers Casio Watches for This Valentine's Day (and Beyond)

    Aaah, Romance... Love is in the air, which means it must be close to Valentine's Day! In honour of this occasion, we've compiled a list of 8 pairs of watches, that'll allow you, and your loved one, to match. And best of all, these gifts are great for anniversaries, birthdays, or those days where you inevitably put your foot in it, and want to apologise (speaking from personal experience here...) Ready? Let's get to it!

    ga110gb-1a_xlarge      ba110-1a_xlarge_1

    1) GA-110GB-1A and BA-110-1A – Go out in style with these extra-large case models. They're easy to read, with plenty of room for the analogue and digital sides, and the gold pieces all over the display really makes your (and her) wrists stand out!

    ba-110dc-2a2   ga-110dc-2ajf_l (1)

    2) BA-110DC-2A2 and GA-110DC-2A – Denim clothes have become pretty popular over the years, so now you and your partner can match with these G-Shock and Baby-G 110DC Series! Everything matches, including a dark blue tint on the display, to match the band colour. Best of all, since it's a resin band, you still keep the toughness and scratch resistance.

    ba-110tp-7a_l (1)   ga-110tp-7a_l (1)

    3) BA-110TP-7A and GA-110TP-7A – A tribal pattern series will make your wrists stand out and be the talk of the party. These designs are really trendy in the fashion world, and it's easy to accesorise with.

    ba-110pp-1a   ga-110lpa-1a_l

    4) BA-110PP-1A and GA-110LPA-1A – one of two pairs here that are great to exercise with, the 110PP and 110LPA have holes throughout the band. This will allow air to get to your wrist while exercising, helping to make sure it doesn't sweat too much, and doesn't stain the band.

    ga-110-1b_l   ba-110bc-1a_l_1_2

    5) GA-110-1B and BA-110BC-1A – Black goes with pretty much anything, just like this pair of matching watches. Part of the famous XL Case series, the GA-110 and BA-110BC are also a good choice for the military.

    ba110-7a1_xlarge_1   ga110rg-7a_xlarge

    6) BA-110-7A1 and GA-110RG-7A – Match with your partner, thanks to these white wristwatches, which are decorated by Rose Gold throughout the display, and some on the bezel as well.

    ga110c-7a_xlarge_1   ba110-7a3_xlarge_1

    7) GA-110C-7A and BA-110-7A3 – Sometimes something simple is best. If you want a watch that matches your clothes, but don't like black, these white watches may look minimalist, but they have enough features to keep you busy for hours. And they look great with just about anything, so she'll be happy, and you'll match.

    bga240-7a   ga-700-7a

    8) BGA-240-7A and GA-700-7A – The second pair that's great for fitness training, the BGA-240 and GA-700 have both become the go to watches for sports. The BGA-240 has a stop watch with lap memory, and a display that lets you easily see how long you've been exercising. The GA-700 ups the ante by including a direct start stopwatch, and a stopwatch alarm (so you can start it up without having to look through all the features, and you can set yourself a time limit and keep improving.

    Well, that's it from me. For more Baby-Gs, click here, for G-Shocks click here, and if you'd like to see what other customers think about us, click here. For a video highlighting these watches, click here. Until Next Time – Jimmy B

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