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  • Best Casio Baby-G Watches on Afterpay

    Welcome new and old readers alike! Last week, I discussed our great partnership with Afterpay, and how it makes shopping so much simpler. In that column I focused on the G-Shocks, so today, I figure the Baby-Gs deserve their turn in the spotlight! If you're new and don't know how to use Afterpay, click here, or click here for last week's article. In the meantime, let's get this Baby-G show on the road! Here are, the top 10 Baby-G watches on Afterpay:

    10) BGA-150EF-4B - A perfect gift for your partner or your little princess, the BGA-150EF-4B is elegant, cute, and sure to grab attention. the analogue hands and numbers are really large and easy to read, making this a great tool to teach your kids how to read analogue hands as well.


    9) BA-112-1A - A spin-off from the popular BA-110 series, the BA-112-1A focuses on bright, noisy colours, making this watch easy to spot if you somehow end up losing it. As with the 110-1As, the watch has an extra-large face fiting both a digital and analogue display.


    8) BG-169R-4 - Another one for the little girls in your lives, this is a fully digital watch and includes a fun feature called a databank. This allows you to input phone numbers, so even if your phone runs out of battery, if you need to call somebody, the number will be readily available when you get to a payphone.


    7) BA-110-7A3 - We mentioned the BA-110 series earlier on. It's basically the shrunken version of the GA-110 series, but so either children or women can wear it. Makes for a great present, especially if you have the matching GA-110C-7A


    6) BG-6901-1 - A watch for athletes, the BG-6901-1 is black and gold, making it easy for boys to wear as well (nobody can call a black and gold watch girly, even if it has Baby-G written on it!). The fully digital screen means if it gets too dark, you can press the backlight button and make the entire display light up.


    5) BG-6903-7B - As you can guess this is the next step up from the 6901 series. The BG-6903 takes away the unnecessary dials from the top of the screen, and uses the extra space to make the entire screen much more visible. Perfect for when you're running, and don't want to slow down to look at your stopwatch.


    4) BA-111-3A - Another spinoff of the BA-110 series, the BA-111-3A is a greenish blue watch. Also analogue/digital, the hands and the hour markers light up after you shine a light on them, making it easy to see the time at night, and letting you conserve battery power. Any light will do.


    3) BA-110-1A - If your little boy (or you) want a saller watch, without being accused of being girly, you can't go wrong with the BA-110-1A. This is the smaller version of the GA-110GB-1A. It's black with the inside surrounded by gold. A watch that's suitable for all ages.


    2) BGS-100-7A1 - a real surprise since it only came out recently, but the BGS-100 has been flying off the shelves! This is an analogue/digital combo with a pedometer. Great for exercising, you can even set it up to remind you when you're below your step limit. And don't bother trying to cheat. The step tracker has a graphing function so it can tell if you're walking or just moving your feet.


    1) BGA-151-7B - It was a close one this month, but the BGA-151-7B is still the reigning best seller. It is white, with bits of gold surrounding the display. Easy to use, 100m water resistant, and just looking great on your wrist, if you're buying for yourself or a girlfriend, this is always a go-to watch!


    There you have it, I hope I managed to make your Christmas Shopping easier. Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Best G-Shocks on Afterpay

    Christmas is almost upon us, and one of the most common issues people have, is a lack of spending money. Let's face it, we've got parents/kids/partners to buy for. Well, that's why BuyWatchesOnline has joined up with AfterPay, letting you get your presents nice and early, and pay for them, INTEREST FREE, in 2 week instalments. Check out the terms here. In the meantime, to celebrate our partnership, I'd like to show you the top ten Casio G-Shocks you can get now and AfterPay

    10) GD-100-1B - A fully digital model, the GD-100-1B is dark enough that it's been approved for use in the military! Nothing will give you away, and if you have trouble seeing the screen, press the backlight to light up the entire screen


    9) GA-100CM-5A - If your partner, or you, are a fan of going hunting, or you just prefer to blend in to the background, the GA-100CM-5A is your go to watch. It's got a camouflaged band, extra large digital and analogue display, and it's also resistant to magnetic waves.


    8) GA-100B-4A - Another in the GA-100 range, the GA-100B-4A came about because customers felt the originals lacked colour. Crimson red, the watch still keeps the revolutionary (for its time) analogue/digital combo display, as well as being 200m water resistant, so you can even go swimming with it.


    7) GA-110-1B - While the GA-100 series revolutionised the ana/digi combo, the GA-110 perfected it. Instead of having the day and time in two small windows on the side, they're split into the top and bottom of the digital display. Yet another military preferred watch, it will light up the analogue hands, but with just enough light to show you the time, without giving your position away.


    6) G-7900-1 - A watch for surfers, the G-7900-1 is also known aws the Gulfman. One of its settings lets you see the tidal trend indicator, which can help you avoid those nasty wipeouts. There's also a moon phase indicator, since the moon can have a huge effect on the tides.


    5) G-8900A-1 - While people liked the extra-large face of the GA-100s and GA-110s, some people preferred an extra-large digital display. That's just what they get with the G-8900A-1, as the face keeps the enlarged look of the GA-100, while getting rid of the analogue part entirely. The face itself is a unique blue colour, which will definitely draw some attention.


    4) G-9000-1V - The original Mudman, this model is great if you've got a dirty job. Fully digital, it has a special component that prevents mud from clogging up any of the gears or the module itself. Perfect present for somebody going through bootcamp!


    3) G-9300-1 - Just edging out the original, is the Solar pwered Casio Mudman. The G-9300-1 adds a whole range of features, such as a compass, thermometer, and the above mentioned solar panels. Other features include a battery level indicator so you can know when it's time to start keeping the watch out in the sun.


    2) GA-110GB-1A - Bling up your wrist with the black and gold, GA-110GB-1A. This watch adds some flair to your wrist, and is part of the GA-110 series, which means you'll get 200m water resistance, magnetic resistance, as well as a 1/1000-sec stop watch, which can approximate your speed when running.


    1) GW-9400-1 - Arguably our top seller, especially once Afterpay came in, the GW-9400 is known as the Rangeman. It's solar powered, fully digital and is also radio controlled, which means it can connect to a satellite and sync the time to the atomic clock. Perfect for travelling. The compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer are also great for those who like hiking and exploring!


    Well, there you have it. Our top 10 watches, which you can own now, and pay off later! Merry Christmas!!!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Top Ten Casio G-Shock Watches Sold in October

    Top Ten Casio G-Shock Watches Sold in October

    Welcome, and welcome back to our blog, where we discuss anything and everything to do with Casio watches. Because it's getting closer to Christmas, people have trouble figuring out what to buy their kids, parents, loved ones, etc. So I figured I'd help you out by showcasing the top 10 G-Shocks that sold in October 2018. Ready? Let's get to it!

    10) GA-110HC-1A - Kicking us off is the Casio Hyper Colours Series, the GA110HC-1AD. A bright purple/blue background ensures that it's the center of attention on your wrist, and if it falls of, it'll be easy to find. Features include an extra-large analogue and digital screen, as well as magnetic resistance.


    9) GST-S120L-1A - The Casio G-Steel uses a blend of steel and resin to ensure that your watch is completely protected (and it looks good too!). This watch is solar powered and also has a leather band, which some people find more comfortable on their wrist compared to resin.


    8) GWG-1000-1A - One of the rare Master of G watches we have, the black Mudmaster is completely weather resistant, making it perfect for military use, as well as for those of you who like to go out hiking. Other features to help, include a compass, thermometer and barometer. The watch is also solar powered, so you don't have to worry about changing batteries.


    7) GA-700SE-1A2 - Part of Casio's fitness series, this is an analogue/digital watch with a super LED backlight, letting you see both the analogue and digital time at night. The band is dual tone (black on the outside, sky blue on the inside).


    6) DW-5600DE-2 - This watch gives a makeover to the ever popular, classic DW5600 series. With some people not liking the way resin looks, Casio came up with a denim pattern. While the band is still resin, on the wrist it looks like a denim fabric that will match all your denim wear.


    5) G-9300-1 - Another weather resistant watch, the G-9300-1 is one of the later Mudman series. It's fully digital, making it easy to read the time, and it even includes a digital compass with a graphic direction pointer. It's solar powered as well so as long as you shine some light on the watch, you won't have to change batteries.


    4) GBA-400-1A9 - The G'Mix model has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence this month. This watch has a rotary dial to help move through the different modes quicker, and it can connect to your phone to take control of your playlist. No more need to fumble with the iPod in your pocket, control everything from your wrist.


    3) GW-9400-1 - The Rangeman is one of Casio's best ecnomical travelling companions. Fully digital as well as solar, it has a barometer, thermometer, compass, and even an altimeter. To make sure you always get the correct time, the Rangeman connects to one of 6 satellites in order to calibrate itself to the atomic clock.


    2) GA-800-1A - Another athletic watch, the GA-800 cleans up the display to ensure that only the most relevant functions and dials are visible. As with the 700SE series, both the analogue and digital screens are backlit making it easy to see the time at night. The watch also allowes you to save your laps, and gives you a memory for 120 lap times (double most other watches which can only remember 60).


    1) GBA-800-4A - Appropriately enough, this being close to Halloween, the top watch is an orange GBA-800-4A. Now, unlike the GBA400, this model is actually geared towards fitness. It has a step tracker combined with a 3-axis step count graph to make sure you're actually walking instead of moving your hands around. To help with your progress, the watch also has a Calorie Counter.


    Well there you have it, the top 10 G-Shocks sold in October. Hope this gave you some ideas. Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Top Ten Casio Baby-Gs for the Summer

    Summer in Australia can get REALLY hot! You don't want to be going around with a heavy watch, and there are some things that you can't do in the winter. With that in mind, here are the top 10 Baby-Gs to wear in the summer!

    10) BGA-190-1B - Let's face it, when it's too hot, you want to leave and travel somewhere with a cooler climate. This watch is perfect, it has 2 analogue displays letting you see the time in your home city, and wherever you plan on going. The background looks like a world map, accentuating the travel motif


    9) BGA-190BE-4A - This light pink watch is does share similarities to the BGA-190, but it was specifically designed for the beach. The background motif looks like there are diamonds surrounding the display, and the unique colouring helps protect the band when you sweat.


    8) BGA-180BE-2B - This one is for all you surfers out there. The BGA-180BE is light blue (so can easily be worn by men with smaller wrists too), and has a tide graph, as well as a tide trend indicator. This'll allow you to measure what the tide looks like now, and potentially for the next 12 hours, helping you avoid those wipeouts.


    7) BA-110BE-7A - Part of the ever popular BA-110 range, this analogue/digital combo watch is one of the most basic models in the range, but if you just want to laze around and sunbake, you'll easily fit right in with this white and blue model (boys too). The digital time is at the bottom, with the day and date at the top, making it easier to read.


    6) BG-169R-2B - One of the all time classics, this series was one of the first in the Baby-G range. Fully digital, weighs only 43g, and it has a mode called Databank, which allows you to save phone numbers straight into the watch. Perfect if you want to free up space in your phone.

    bg169r-2b_xlarge (1)

    5) BGA-190BC-4B - this travellers watch offers the same map motif that was so popular, and colours the whole background pink. It fits in when you're out on the beach, and it looks great for girls and women alike. Stands out without being too bright.


    4) BGA-225-7A - The Glamping series is new but also took off quicker than anybody thought it would! It's got a unique diamond-like bezel shape, and a bigger case to help you see the time. It's an ana-digi combo watch with an added tide graph for those who like to surf. The hands and hour markers are also extra-large to help you see the time.

    bga225-7a (1)

    3) BA-110DC-2A3 - If you don't like the way resin bands look on your wrist, you're not the only ones. That's why Casio came up with the Denim/Resin band for this watch. At first glance (and even up close) it looks like a denim fabric band, but in actual fact it's still the damage resistant resin.


    2) BGA-150EF-4B - Another one to wear to the beach, this pink watch takes its cues from the classic BGA-151-7B, with extra-large analogue numbers and hands making it easy to see the time, and 100m water resistance letting you swim without needing to take the watch off.


    1) BG-6903-1 - One of our most popular running models, the BG-6903 is fully digital with an extra-large display screen split into two, so you can pay attention to the stopwatch as well without needing to slow down. Great for jogs along the beach it's light at only 47g


    There you have it, these watches are the most popular we sell for the summer. Happy shopping.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Summer Highlight: The Casio Baby-G BA-110CF Series

    Summer Time, it can get REALLY hot, and all you want to do is go sunbaking. Well, Casio has you covered with the rerelease of the Baby-G BA110CF series! Even better, we've got them in stock and ready for you! Want to see what all the fuss is about? Let's get to it!

    First up is the BA-110CF-1A. This is mostly black, but with blue flowers throughout the band. Now, these flowers are blue, so if you go on vacation in Hawaii, and you're a guy, you can also wear the watch without being embarrassed.
    Under the mineral glass, the hands and hour markers are extra thick, and a mixture of black and grey, which makes them easily seen on the light blue background, so you're able to see the analogue time. The digital display is also well lit, with the day in the top window, and time at the bottom.

    Then we have the BA110CF-7A. Now, while the black watch could have passed for a boy's model, the white and pink BA-110CF-7A is definitely for the girls. As mentioned, it's mostly white, with the band being covered by both pink flowers as well as grey ones for some variety.
    The display is extra-large letting you see both the analogue and digital display. The analogue hands are thick and black, while the hour markers are white, all on a pink background, which will draw your eyes and make it easier to see the analogue time. The digital display is identical to the 110CF-1A so you shouldn't have any problems reading the time.

    So that's what the watches look like, but how do they perform? Well, let's find out!

    Now, as you may have guessed by the model number, the BA110CFs are a version of the BA-110 series, and they keep all of the essential functions. First off, the hands and hour markers are covered with a neobrite solution, so if it gets too dark, press the backlight button, and the hands and hour markers will start glowing even after the backlight turns off.

    The BA-110CF series is one of the most lightweight models, weighing only 45g, so they're easy on your wrist, and won't weigh you down when you run/jog. They're also 100M water resistant, so you can swim with them as long as you don't press any buttons while you're submerged.

    Unlike my previous columns, these watches aren't coming soon, they already HERE! So click here for the 110CF-1A and here for the 110CF-7A

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Introducing, the Casio G-Shock GW-B5600 Range!

    Introducing, the Casio G-Shock GW-B5600 Range!

    If you're a Casio Collector, you already know all about the GMW-B5000 Series. Casio's flagship (and pretty much most expensive) series of Bluetooth Solar watches. Here at BuyWatchesOnline, we strive to bring you timepieces that are not only innovative, but also affordable, so we jumped at the chance to bring in the GW-B5600 Range. Ready to hear all about it? Then let's get to it!

    First up, we've got the GW-B5600-2. This looks like, at first glance, the classig DW-5600 series watch. It's black, with a blue bezel and is also fully digital. The background is quite dark but still easy to read. The display is pretty large as well, making it easy to see the time.


    Next up, the GW-B5600BC-1B. This is fully black, including the display itself. It's also got a composite band, made up of both hard resin and metal, to make it even harder to damage the watch.
    Finally we have the GW-B5600BC-1. Unlike the other two models, this one has a normal display, so if you don't like a black displa, then this is a good watch to get. The watch itself is mostly black, with golden outer layer.
    So, now that we know what's on the outside, let's see how these watches perform!

    So, as mentioned they look like your ordinary DW-5600E (one of the first ever Casio G-Shocks), but they have 3 advanced features. Firstly, they take their cues from the G-5600E series, which first introduced Tough Solar to these models. That's perfect for people who hate changing their battery. Just make sure to give the watch plenty of light, and you won't have to worry about it ever going flat.

    Next up, Casio included a feature called Multi-Band 6. This is absolutely perfect for travellers, since it allows you to use one of 6 different satellites to always pick up the correct time, no matter where you are in the world. All you need to do is press a button, and the watch connects to its nearest satellite. And since this is atomic time, you're guaranteed to be correct, down to the millisecond.

    But what happens if, somehow, the satellites are down, or the watch can't connect to them for some reason? (you know technology these days...), Well, that's where the third feature comes in. This watch has Bluetooth Connectivity through your phone. So, you can change the time with your phone, and it'll automatically be reflected on the watch!

    Apart from these main features, I have to talk to you about the phone finder! If you're honest with yourself, there's gotta be a few times during the day where you stand up, leave the room and forget your phone. Or you left it somewhere and can't find it. And if you've got it on silent, that's an even bigger mess. Well, as long as your watch is connected to the phone via Bluetooth, you can get the ringtone to play even if you previously put the phone on silent!

    Easy to use, looks good, nostalgic and, most importantly, AFFORDABLE! The GW-B5600 series is coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline! Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Introducing the Casio G-Shock Rasta Series

    Casio watches are enjoyed worldwide, so it's little wonder that there are models specifically based on either popular cultures, races or even collaborations you'd never think you'd see (Looking at you Big Mac G-Shock)... Welcome to the preview column, and today we'll be highlighting the G-Shock Rasta Series, based on the vibrant Rastafarian community and Jamaican culture. Ready? Let's get to it!


    First up is the DW-5600CMA-9D. Based on the classic DW-5600 series, this is a vibrant digital watch. The band is a mixture of Red, Yellow and Blue, a parallel to the colourful culture. Inside the display, the numbers are extra-large, making it easy to read the time.

    Next, sticking with the digital theme, we have the 5600CMB-1. This is a darker model, with the bright colours reserved for the inside of the band (a bright, sky blue). As with the 9D, this watch is fully digital, making it perfect for those with lousy eyesight, or those of you who just want a retro, classic looking watch.


    Moving on from the classics, we have the GA400CM series, starting with the GA-400CM-1A. This series takes its design from the GA400CM series, incorporating some of the cool features developed there (which we'll talk about later on). With regards to the looks, the outside is grey/black, with a mixture of red, yellow and blue sprinkled throughout, and a bright neon red on the inside of the band. This is an analogue/digital combo, with an extra-large display so you can read the screen easily. The digital display is what's known as a Negative Screen, which means the numbers are light, while the screen is dark.


    Finally, we have the GA-400CM-4A, which is a mixture of salmon red, yellow, as well as a sky blue inside the band. The analogue hands are a mixture of blue and red, while the hour marks are bright yellow, which will really help when reading the analogue part of the watch. If you weren't a fan of the negative display, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because the 4A has a regular display.


    So, that's the looks done, let's talk features! First up, let's look at the 5600CM series.

    Now, I've already mentioned that the watches are fully digital. What I haven't mentioned is why it's so important. See, with an ana/digi combo, some people complain that the backlight only lights up the analogue hands, while they want to read the digital display. With a fully digital screen, you when you press the backlight button, the entire screen lights up, making it easier to read the time whether at night, or in the afternoon if there's glare hitting the display.

    Another interesting feature of the 5600 series is the auto repeat function. That means, you can set your alarm to always start beeping at the exact same time every day (helpful if you need to take meds.

    Moving on to the GA400CM as mentioned that's got quite a few tricks up its sleeve. You notice that rotary switch on the right? That's for those of you who don't like pushing the mode button all the time in order to get to the right function. Simply move the switch up or down to quickly get to your desired function.

    Another cool feature is the hand shift. Basically, if your nalogue hands start blocking the digital display, simply use the hand shift feature to move them away, so you can read the digital window. Once you're done, simply turn that feature off, and the hands will move back to where they were supposed to be.

    There you have it. The Rasta series is coming soon, to BuyWatchesOnline.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Going Retro With the Casio Baby-G BA110NR Series

    Ladies and Gentlemen, cast your minds back to the good old 90s! When Casette tapes were still all the rage, and aliens could be killed by uploading a virus into their computers (Oops! Independence Day Spoilers). It's these happy times that Casio is hoping you'll remember, when you see the BA110NR Baby-G series. Let's take a closer look at these two models!

    First up, we've got the BA-110NR-1A. This groovy watch is black, with orange writing above the buttons (apart from Baby-G, which is white). said buttons are extra-large making them easy to press at night when you don't have much light.


    Inside the display, it's even more colourful. the hands are gold and orange, the hour markers are thick and green, while the analogue background is a mixture of light and dark blue. All in all, it's a watch that's pretty much impossible to lose!

    Then we've got its polar opposite, the grey BA-110NR--8A. This one is grey with pink writing. inside the display you have pink hour markers, pink and grey halnds and gears, and a bluish pink analogue outline.


    These watches are based on the GA-110 series, so the display and case are a bit larger than average, without being too oversized. They're analogue/digital so if you have trouble seeing the analogue hands, just look at the digital display, and vice versa.

    So, now that you've got a visual in your head, let's talk about the features.

    Well, first off, you know it's a Casio, so it's extra-tough! you have shock resistance in case you drop the watch, and if you like swimming, keep the watch on and dive up to 100m. As long as you don't press any buttons while you're submerged, the watch can handle pretty much anything!

    There have been people concerned with the visibility of the hands, especially when it's late at night. Well, let me put those fears to rest. The analogue hands and hour markers are covered in a substance called Neobrite, which glows when it comes into contact with light. So simply turn on the backlight for a few seconds, and even after it's turned off, you'll still be able to see the analogue display.

    If you've got a busy schedule every day, one of the things you'll absolutely love is the 5 daily alarms. You can set them to go off at specific times of day so you'll be reminded if you need to go to a meeting, or take medications, you can program up to five tones for each occasion.

    Time to get Jiggy With it! The BA110NR series is coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline

  • Top 10 Casio Baby-G Watches under $170

    Top 10 Casio Baby-Gs under $170!

    Welcome back to my top 10 list, and because last week’s column proved to be so popular, I’ve decided to do a followup. With Christmas coming quickly, you’ll be looking to get a great gift, without ripping your wallet a new one. So this top 10 list will guarantee you don’t spend more than $169 for that special someone! Stay tuned at the end for a discount code, to save even more! Ready? Here we go!

    10) BG-169R-4 - One of Casio's earliest Baby-G models, this comes with features that are no longer readily available. For example, the telememo function, which actually allows you to save a phone number straight to the watch. Useful if your Phone battery runs out (which can happen at the worst possible moment) and you need to use the PayPhone (remember those?)


    9) BA-110CA-2A - This is a sky blue analogue/digital watch, which looks remarkably like the G-Shock's GA-110 series. That's because it's a smaller scale version of the GA-110s, slimmed down to fit on smaller wrists. The displays are large enough to easily see the time, and at night, you can turn on the backlight, so the analogue hands and hour markers light up.


    8) BA-111-3A - This green Baby-G watch is where Casio started to really differentiate the Baby-G from the G-Shocks. While similar to the BA-110, this model stands out on its own with extra-large, thick hands and hour markers. It is also lighter than the G-Shocks at only 44.9 g


    7) BG-6903-7C - Another fully digital model, this is a watch designed for athletes. It has two extra-large digital windows that you can use to run a stopwatch. The screen is big enough that you don't even need to slow down when you glance at it to check your lap time.


    6) BA-110-4A1, this is a new one but has already been selling like hotcakes! It's another model in the BA-110 series, but this one is pink from top to bottom (apart from the digital display). Perfect for your little girl, baby sister, or even your girlfriend, if she likes pink.


    5) BA-120-2B - This is a sports watch in a back to basics style. With the BA-110 series, you've got lots of dials that can be hard to understand, but here there's only the date/time, and the seconds shown in the digital screens. The hands and hour markers are extra-large and easy to read.


    4) BGA-190-1B - Perfect if you're on the go, this watch is called the traveller's watch. If you look closely at it, you'll notice that the background looks a lot like a world map. The hands look like small paint brushes, and id you look at the 6 o'clock position, you'll notice a mini analogue screen which actually shows you the time in a different city. That way you'll always know the time at home (and you can swap the two times around with the press of a button)


    3) BA-112-1A - After the BA-111 became a hit, Casio stepped up its game and came up with the BA-112 series. While looking similar to the previous models,. the background is a mixture of purple, pink, yellow and blue, making it extremely easy to find if you somehow misplace your watch!


    2) BA-110-1A - This is for both boys and girls, so if you've got a boy that wants a cool watch, he'll definitely love it. It's black and gold, taking inspiration from the GA-110GB-1A. Nothing about it says it's a girl's watch, and it won't be oversized on a kid's wrist!


    1) BGA-230-4B - A surprising winner, this watch only made an appearance at our store recently. Unlike most Baby-Gs, this is marketed specifically as a unisex watch. with orange hands and 3D-like hour markers, this watch is easy to read, and also includes the option to see the time anywhere else in the world.


    Now, I'm sure quite a few of you are clicking the links, and thinking "Hang on, this is $189, or $179, how am I going to get this for less than $170??" Well it's easy. When you check out, use the code BWOXTENDXX. Now, this will not only give you $20 off, but as a special treat, you'll get 3 years of warranty instead of 2! Happy Shopping!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Top 10 Casio G-Shock Watches Under $170

    Top 10 Casio G-Shocks Under $170

    Christmas is coming soon! That means there’s presents to buy, stockings to fill, and of course, trying to save up as much as possible, so you won’t be broke by New Years (probably the hardest part)! Well, you are in luck because this post will show you the top 10 G-Shocks that won’t cost you $300, won’t even cost you $200... The most you’ll pay for one of these watches is $169! And keep on reading till the end, because I’ve got a gift code for you to save even MORE! Ready? Here we go!

    10) SGW-300HD-1AV - This metal watch is perfect for everybody who likes the great outdoors. It’s got a stainless steel band (already differentiating itself from all other watches at that time, since they had resin bands). For the hikers and mountain climbers there’s an altimeter, as well as a barometer and thermometer to keep an eye on the weather! It’s also fully digital so it’s easy to read the time.


    9) G-9000-1V - The Mudman is the go to watch for anybody in basic training. Just as the name sounds, it’s resistant to mud, so when you’re crawling on all fours in boot camp (ouch I feel for you!) or if you simply slip and fall into the mud, the watch will still work perfectly. And it’s not just mud. The seal will keep out oil, sand and water too!


    8) GD-400-1 - Yet another digital only watch, this one focuses on street sports such as roller skating, skateboarding, etc. What’s special about this model is the dual protection it has. Not only is it shock resistant (as is every Casio Watch), but they even included a face protector so even if you fall and the watch banged the pavement/wall face down, the screen protector would ensure that even if you don’t survive, the watch will.


    7) DW-6900-1V - One of the first G-Shocks around, this watch covers all the basics. It’s got a calendar, multiple alarms that you can set, and is actually 200m water resistant. That means as long as you don’t press buttons while submerged (or while the watch is wet), you can go swimming and diving up to 200m with this watch, and it won’t stop working!


    6) G-6900-1 - While a lot of customers liked the DW-6900, there were complaints. One in particular was how quickly the two years flew by and you’d have to change the battery. It’s a bit of a hassle, true, so Casio changed the battery design and gave this watch solar panels. That’s right, you never have to change the battery again! Simply put your watch under some sunlight (or even artificial light) and it’ll charge itself!


    5) G-7900A-4 - This is a great watch for surfers, thanks to the addition of a tide graph. With it, you can see how much the tide has changed in 24 hours (perfect for practicing if you’re in a competition, or simply to avoid a wipeout. It’s also 200m water resistant so even if you do fall off your board, you won’t damage the watch. Finally, it has a moon phase indicator as well, which is helpful since the moon always has an affect on tides.


    4) G-2900F-1V - This is an extra-large display digital model. While you do have watches such as the GA100 and GA110 series, those have a combination display, but here it’s fully digital, which mean you’re easily able to see the time. It’s also one of the only models to have an e-data Memory. What this means is you can record pin numbers, passwords etc onto the watch (up to 40 records) and if you forget it and need to log into your account, the answer is right on your wrist.


    3) G-8900-1 - another in the XL series, this is kind of a back to basics watch, but it’s one that a lot of people have enjoyed. The screen is split into two, with the top quarter showing the day, and the other 3/4s showing the time. The writing is very easy to read, and at night you can turn on the LED Backlight whenever you need to check the time. It has advanced features (such as a multi-time, which lets you see the time in 4 different cities), but if you’re after a basic watch, that will fit your needs quite nicely.


    2) AW-590-1A - This is different from the other watches as it’s an analogue/digital combo watch. The hands have a neobrite coating, which lights them up long after the backlight has turned off, making it easy to see the time. It also has 200m Water Resistance letting you swim with the watch.


    1) GA-100-1A2 - This particular Series started the XL Case revolution, and it’s still one of the biggest sellers around. Not only does it have the shock and 200m water resistance, but it’s also resistant to magnetic waves, making it capable of withstanding pretty much any environment. For the athletes, there’s also a 1/000-sec stopwatch, which is the most accurate stopwatch around (and even used in the Olympics), and can even tell you how fast you’ve been running laps!


    Now, that last model may have you scratching your heads. How can I include a watch that’s $189 in an under $170 article? Well, all you need to do, is apply the code BWOXTENDXX at the checkout page. Not only will you receive $20 off, but also 3 years extended warranty!

    And to those who have trouble finding where to put in our code, Check out the picture below

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    So what are you waiting for? Get these Xmas presents ready!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

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