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  • Introducing the Casio G-Shock Rasta Series

    Casio watches are enjoyed worldwide, so it's little wonder that there are models specifically based on either popular cultures, races or even collaborations you'd never think you'd see (Looking at you Big Mac G-Shock)... Welcome to the preview column, and today we'll be highlighting the G-Shock Rasta Series, based on the vibrant Rastafarian community and Jamaican culture. Ready? Let's get to it!


    First up is the DW-5600CMA-9D. Based on the classic DW-5600 series, this is a vibrant digital watch. The band is a mixture of Red, Yellow and Blue, a parallel to the colourful culture. Inside the display, the numbers are extra-large, making it easy to read the time.

    Next, sticking with the digital theme, we have the 5600CMB-1. This is a darker model, with the bright colours reserved for the inside of the band (a bright, sky blue). As with the 9D, this watch is fully digital, making it perfect for those with lousy eyesight, or those of you who just want a retro, classic looking watch.


    Moving on from the classics, we have the GA400CM series, starting with the GA-400CM-1A. This series takes its design from the GA400CM series, incorporating some of the cool features developed there (which we'll talk about later on). With regards to the looks, the outside is grey/black, with a mixture of red, yellow and blue sprinkled throughout, and a bright neon red on the inside of the band. This is an analogue/digital combo, with an extra-large display so you can read the screen easily. The digital display is what's known as a Negative Screen, which means the numbers are light, while the screen is dark.


    Finally, we have the GA-400CM-4A, which is a mixture of salmon red, yellow, as well as a sky blue inside the band. The analogue hands are a mixture of blue and red, while the hour marks are bright yellow, which will really help when reading the analogue part of the watch. If you weren't a fan of the negative display, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because the 4A has a regular display.


    So, that's the looks done, let's talk features! First up, let's look at the 5600CM series.

    Now, I've already mentioned that the watches are fully digital. What I haven't mentioned is why it's so important. See, with an ana/digi combo, some people complain that the backlight only lights up the analogue hands, while they want to read the digital display. With a fully digital screen, you when you press the backlight button, the entire screen lights up, making it easier to read the time whether at night, or in the afternoon if there's glare hitting the display.

    Another interesting feature of the 5600 series is the auto repeat function. That means, you can set your alarm to always start beeping at the exact same time every day (helpful if you need to take meds.

    Moving on to the GA400CM as mentioned that's got quite a few tricks up its sleeve. You notice that rotary switch on the right? That's for those of you who don't like pushing the mode button all the time in order to get to the right function. Simply move the switch up or down to quickly get to your desired function.

    Another cool feature is the hand shift. Basically, if your nalogue hands start blocking the digital display, simply use the hand shift feature to move them away, so you can read the digital window. Once you're done, simply turn that feature off, and the hands will move back to where they were supposed to be.

    There you have it. The Rasta series is coming soon, to BuyWatchesOnline.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Going Retro With the Casio Baby-G BA110NR Series

    Ladies and Gentlemen, cast your minds back to the good old 90s! When Casette tapes were still all the rage, and aliens could be killed by uploading a virus into their computers (Oops! Independence Day Spoilers). It's these happy times that Casio is hoping you'll remember, when you see the BA110NR Baby-G series. Let's take a closer look at these two models!

    First up, we've got the BA-110NR-1A. This groovy watch is black, with orange writing above the buttons (apart from Baby-G, which is white). said buttons are extra-large making them easy to press at night when you don't have much light.


    Inside the display, it's even more colourful. the hands are gold and orange, the hour markers are thick and green, while the analogue background is a mixture of light and dark blue. All in all, it's a watch that's pretty much impossible to lose!

    Then we've got its polar opposite, the grey BA-110NR--8A. This one is grey with pink writing. inside the display you have pink hour markers, pink and grey halnds and gears, and a bluish pink analogue outline.


    These watches are based on the GA-110 series, so the display and case are a bit larger than average, without being too oversized. They're analogue/digital so if you have trouble seeing the analogue hands, just look at the digital display, and vice versa.

    So, now that you've got a visual in your head, let's talk about the features.

    Well, first off, you know it's a Casio, so it's extra-tough! you have shock resistance in case you drop the watch, and if you like swimming, keep the watch on and dive up to 100m. As long as you don't press any buttons while you're submerged, the watch can handle pretty much anything!

    There have been people concerned with the visibility of the hands, especially when it's late at night. Well, let me put those fears to rest. The analogue hands and hour markers are covered in a substance called Neobrite, which glows when it comes into contact with light. So simply turn on the backlight for a few seconds, and even after it's turned off, you'll still be able to see the analogue display.

    If you've got a busy schedule every day, one of the things you'll absolutely love is the 5 daily alarms. You can set them to go off at specific times of day so you'll be reminded if you need to go to a meeting, or take medications, you can program up to five tones for each occasion.

    Time to get Jiggy With it! The BA110NR series is coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline

  • Top 10 Casio Baby-G Watches under $170

    Top 10 Casio Baby-Gs under $170!

    Welcome back to my top 10 list, and because last week’s column proved to be so popular, I’ve decided to do a followup. With Christmas coming quickly, you’ll be looking to get a great gift, without ripping your wallet a new one. So this top 10 list will guarantee you don’t spend more than $169 for that special someone! Stay tuned at the end for a discount code, to save even more! Ready? Here we go!

    10) BG-169R-4 - One of Casio's earliest Baby-G models, this comes with features that are no longer readily available. For example, the telememo function, which actually allows you to save a phone number straight to the watch. Useful if your Phone battery runs out (which can happen at the worst possible moment) and you need to use the PayPhone (remember those?)


    9) BA-110CA-2A - This is a sky blue analogue/digital watch, which looks remarkably like the G-Shock's GA-110 series. That's because it's a smaller scale version of the GA-110s, slimmed down to fit on smaller wrists. The displays are large enough to easily see the time, and at night, you can turn on the backlight, so the analogue hands and hour markers light up.


    8) BA-111-3A - This green Baby-G watch is where Casio started to really differentiate the Baby-G from the G-Shocks. While similar to the BA-110, this model stands out on its own with extra-large, thick hands and hour markers. It is also lighter than the G-Shocks at only 44.9 g


    7) BG-6903-7C - Another fully digital model, this is a watch designed for athletes. It has two extra-large digital windows that you can use to run a stopwatch. The screen is big enough that you don't even need to slow down when you glance at it to check your lap time.


    6) BA-110-4A1, this is a new one but has already been selling like hotcakes! It's another model in the BA-110 series, but this one is pink from top to bottom (apart from the digital display). Perfect for your little girl, baby sister, or even your girlfriend, if she likes pink.


    5) BA-120-2B - This is a sports watch in a back to basics style. With the BA-110 series, you've got lots of dials that can be hard to understand, but here there's only the date/time, and the seconds shown in the digital screens. The hands and hour markers are extra-large and easy to read.


    4) BGA-190-1B - Perfect if you're on the go, this watch is called the traveller's watch. If you look closely at it, you'll notice that the background looks a lot like a world map. The hands look like small paint brushes, and id you look at the 6 o'clock position, you'll notice a mini analogue screen which actually shows you the time in a different city. That way you'll always know the time at home (and you can swap the two times around with the press of a button)


    3) BA-112-1A - After the BA-111 became a hit, Casio stepped up its game and came up with the BA-112 series. While looking similar to the previous models,. the background is a mixture of purple, pink, yellow and blue, making it extremely easy to find if you somehow misplace your watch!


    2) BA-110-1A - This is for both boys and girls, so if you've got a boy that wants a cool watch, he'll definitely love it. It's black and gold, taking inspiration from the GA-110GB-1A. Nothing about it says it's a girl's watch, and it won't be oversized on a kid's wrist!


    1) BGA-230-4B - A surprising winner, this watch only made an appearance at our store recently. Unlike most Baby-Gs, this is marketed specifically as a unisex watch. with orange hands and 3D-like hour markers, this watch is easy to read, and also includes the option to see the time anywhere else in the world.


    Now, I'm sure quite a few of you are clicking the links, and thinking "Hang on, this is $189, or $179, how am I going to get this for less than $170??" Well it's easy. When you check out, use the code BWOXTENDXX. Now, this will not only give you $20 off, but as a special treat, you'll get 3 years of warranty instead of 2! Happy Shopping!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Top 10 Casio G-Shock Watches Under $170

    Top 10 Casio G-Shocks Under $170

    Christmas is coming soon! That means there’s presents to buy, stockings to fill, and of course, trying to save up as much as possible, so you won’t be broke by New Years (probably the hardest part)! Well, you are in luck because this post will show you the top 10 G-Shocks that won’t cost you $300, won’t even cost you $200... The most you’ll pay for one of these watches is $169! And keep on reading till the end, because I’ve got a gift code for you to save even MORE! Ready? Here we go!

    10) SGW-300HD-1AV - This metal watch is perfect for everybody who likes the great outdoors. It’s got a stainless steel band (already differentiating itself from all other watches at that time, since they had resin bands). For the hikers and mountain climbers there’s an altimeter, as well as a barometer and thermometer to keep an eye on the weather! It’s also fully digital so it’s easy to read the time.


    9) G-9000-1V - The Mudman is the go to watch for anybody in basic training. Just as the name sounds, it’s resistant to mud, so when you’re crawling on all fours in boot camp (ouch I feel for you!) or if you simply slip and fall into the mud, the watch will still work perfectly. And it’s not just mud. The seal will keep out oil, sand and water too!


    8) GD-400-1 - Yet another digital only watch, this one focuses on street sports such as roller skating, skateboarding, etc. What’s special about this model is the dual protection it has. Not only is it shock resistant (as is every Casio Watch), but they even included a face protector so even if you fall and the watch banged the pavement/wall face down, the screen protector would ensure that even if you don’t survive, the watch will.


    7) DW-6900-1V - One of the first G-Shocks around, this watch covers all the basics. It’s got a calendar, multiple alarms that you can set, and is actually 200m water resistant. That means as long as you don’t press buttons while submerged (or while the watch is wet), you can go swimming and diving up to 200m with this watch, and it won’t stop working!


    6) G-6900-1 - While a lot of customers liked the DW-6900, there were complaints. One in particular was how quickly the two years flew by and you’d have to change the battery. It’s a bit of a hassle, true, so Casio changed the battery design and gave this watch solar panels. That’s right, you never have to change the battery again! Simply put your watch under some sunlight (or even artificial light) and it’ll charge itself!


    5) G-7900A-4 - This is a great watch for surfers, thanks to the addition of a tide graph. With it, you can see how much the tide has changed in 24 hours (perfect for practicing if you’re in a competition, or simply to avoid a wipeout. It’s also 200m water resistant so even if you do fall off your board, you won’t damage the watch. Finally, it has a moon phase indicator as well, which is helpful since the moon always has an affect on tides.


    4) G-2900F-1V - This is an extra-large display digital model. While you do have watches such as the GA100 and GA110 series, those have a combination display, but here it’s fully digital, which mean you’re easily able to see the time. It’s also one of the only models to have an e-data Memory. What this means is you can record pin numbers, passwords etc onto the watch (up to 40 records) and if you forget it and need to log into your account, the answer is right on your wrist.


    3) G-8900-1 - another in the XL series, this is kind of a back to basics watch, but it’s one that a lot of people have enjoyed. The screen is split into two, with the top quarter showing the day, and the other 3/4s showing the time. The writing is very easy to read, and at night you can turn on the LED Backlight whenever you need to check the time. It has advanced features (such as a multi-time, which lets you see the time in 4 different cities), but if you’re after a basic watch, that will fit your needs quite nicely.


    2) AW-590-1A - This is different from the other watches as it’s an analogue/digital combo watch. The hands have a neobrite coating, which lights them up long after the backlight has turned off, making it easy to see the time. It also has 200m Water Resistance letting you swim with the watch.


    1) GA-100-1A2 - This particular Series started the XL Case revolution, and it’s still one of the biggest sellers around. Not only does it have the shock and 200m water resistance, but it’s also resistant to magnetic waves, making it capable of withstanding pretty much any environment. For the athletes, there’s also a 1/000-sec stopwatch, which is the most accurate stopwatch around (and even used in the Olympics), and can even tell you how fast you’ve been running laps!


    Now, that last model may have you scratching your heads. How can I include a watch that’s $189 in an under $170 article? Well, all you need to do, is apply the code BWOXTENDXX at the checkout page. Not only will you receive $20 off, but also 3 years extended warranty!

    And to those who have trouble finding where to put in our code, Check out the picture below

    discount code

    So what are you waiting for? Get these Xmas presents ready!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Coming Soon: The Casio Baby-G BSA-B100 Series (First Baby-G Bluetooth!)

    Now that the BGS-100 series has been out for a while (and boy we had no idea just how popular they’d turn out to be!), Casio has decided to up the ante, by introducing a feature that’s been requested for a long time - Bluetooth! That’s right, for the first time, a Casio Baby-G has Bluetooth capabilities! We’ll talk about that in a little bit, but for now, let’s see just what these watches look like.


    First up, the BSA-B100-1A. Now, unlike the BGS model, this watch is completely black. Everything from the bezel to the background is dark apart from the hands, and some writing on the watch and inside the display. You’ll also notice there’s a new dial between the 1 and 2 hour markers, which is your step graph. The circular digital display uses all of its size to give you a larger readout.


    Next up, we’ve got the dark blue BSA-B100-2A. As you can guess, the band and bezel are blue. Inside, the analogue hands and hour markers are actually rose gold, making it easy to read the analogue time. Again, this model has a negative display, which is light numbers on a black background.


    Moving on there’s the BSAB100-4A1. A beige coloured model, this combo watch has a regular display, so if you didn’t like the negative screen, you’ve got a pretty viable alternative. As with the blue watch, the analogue hands and hour markers are a beige/rose gold colour.


    If you’re a girl or looking to buy a present for a girl, then the BSAB100-4A2 might be your best bet. This one is pink with just a hint of purple.


    Finally we have the all white BSAB100-7A. The band and background are so white that from an angle it looks like they shine.

    Well, that’s the looks out of the way, time for the features!

    For the first time ever, Casio has come out with a Baby-G that has Bluetooth! Finally on par with the GBA-800 series, you’ll now have more flexibility than ever before. You can use the Bluetooth feature to set the time/alarm on your watch through your phone, as well as downloading your lap data (a massive 200 compared to the 30 of the BGS-100.

    The BSAB100 even has a feature that isn’t yet available on its G-Shock counterpart - the step reminder function. If you’re in the steps mode, and the watch notices that you haven’t moved for a while (or if you’re behind on your goal step counts for the day), the watch will beep and send a message to your screen in order to remind you.

    Well, that’s it for today’s column. The BSAB100 Series is Coming Soon to BuyWatchesOnline. In the meantime check out our other step trackers Here and Here.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Can Guys Wear a Casio Baby-G Watch?

    Can Guys Wear a Baby-G Watch?

    So you’ve got a small wrist and all the G-Shocks you’ve tried keep sliding off? You want to get a Baby-G, but the problem is you’re male? Well let me reassure you, that’s no problem at all. Welcome to our Expert Advice column, and today I’ll be answering a question I get constantly: Can I wear a Baby-G even though I’m a guy?

    As you’ve probably guessed by the first paragraph, the answer is an emphatic yes! Sure there are a lot of feminine looking Baby-Gs, but there are quite a few Unisex models as well. Heck some of them, if you didn’t know that Baby-Gs are marketed for women, you’d think they were just Boys watches. Let’s go through a few of them now.

    One of our most popular models is the GA-110GB-1A. It’s black and gold, with an extra-large face, part of the GA-110 series. Now, I’m 34 years old, and the watch is too big for my wrist! So what do I do? I bought myself the BA-110-1A.


    Take a look at the picture and compare the two. Other than the words Baby-G, is there anything that screams female watch? No!

    Another example is actually called the Unisex Series. The model I’m talking about is the BGA-230. Every one of these models was made so both boys and girls, men and women could all wear the watch.


    There are no feminine colours, it’s pretty big (but not too big), and even in the title says Unisex.

    My last two examples are the BG-169R-1DR and the BG-6903-2DR. Both are completely digital, and neither of them have a comparable G-Shock. So why am I mentioning them? They help me illustrate my next point.

    See, sometimes (though rarely), Casio comes up with modes that are really cool to have, but they’re only on a Baby-G. For example, the Telememo function. Now, these days you have a mobile phone that you can carry everywhere, but the batteries run out quickly. With the 169Rs telememo function, you can save a name and phone number straight to your watch, and if your phone battery dies, you can still find their number and ring from a payphone. Really helpful if you end up getting lost. Most colours in the 169R series are feminine, but the BG-169R-1DR can be worn by boys, as well as by men with skinny wrists!


    The final watch is the BG-6903-2DR. Now, this series was made with runners in mind. It’s fully digital, with the screen being split into two segments. The biggest segment has the stopwatch, taking up over 2 thirds of the screen easily. So if you have your stopwatch turned on, all you need to do is glance down and easily see your time. No need to slow down.


    Sounds great, right? Best thing is, the 2DR is blue, and there’s nothing anywhere on the watch that screams feminine. You can wear it, your little boy can wear it, your little brother can too, and there’s no version of this watch in the G-Shock section.

    Well, there you have it. Just a few examples of Baby-G watches, easily wearable by guys. For our entire unisex selection, please click here.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Casio Watch FAQ: Digest Edition

    Casio Watch Digest Guide

    Hi, everybody! No this isn’t Dr. Nick, it’s Jimmy B with a fun little experiment called a Digest Guide. As you’ve seen, we have an Expert Advice category, but in the FAQs we’ve received lots of questions that would usually only take one or two paragraphs to answer (not exactly worthy of a full, in-depth article). So here’s our solution. This page will have shorter answers with succinct instructions, hopefully easier to understand than the manual. Ready? Let’ s get to it!

    Q: How do I change from 12h to 24h time and Vice Versa?

    A: First, hold down the top Left button (A) for a few seconds until the time zone (sometimes city code) starts flashing. Press the bottom left button (C) twice and you’ll see 12hr or 24hr flashing. Simply press either the Top Right (B) or Bottom Right (D) buttons to change between the two settings.

    Q: How do I change the date?

    A: Just as before, hold A until the time zone flashes. Now, for a rough guide press C 3 times first to get the seconds to start flashing. Pressing it again gets the hours, then minutes and finally the year, month and day. Just as an FYI, the date is americanised so it’ll show up as month/day (eg. 12/15 for December the 15th)

    Q: When was G-Shock Introduced?

    A: In 1983, the first DW-5000C was introduced by engineer Kikuo Ibe. Boasting a 10 year battery life, and thanks to the module being cushioned by resin, proving itself to be quite unbreakable inside. Fun Fact - This year (2018) Casio celebrated the 35th anniversary of G-Shock watches.

    Q: OK what about Baby-Gs?

    A: That came quite a bit later. In 1994, after lots of hounding by customers, Casio came out with the first ever Baby-G watches (The BG-169R series). Since then they’ve released over 80 new models, with some being specifically made as kids/female versions of the G-Shock, and others standing out on their own.

    Q: What are those 3 circles on my Casio Watch?

    A: Another interesting question that actually made me do a bit of research (thanks a lot!:) Basically the circles act like mode indicators. You’ll notice some of them have ALM, SNZ, A.Light, they indicate whether those functions are turned on. Really helpful if you forget to turn them off, since they can make your batteries run out faster.

    Q: How long can a Casio watch last?

    A: OK that’s a bit of a loaded question. See, when you buy any watch, it’s similar to buying a printer. Printers get tested before being sent to the shops, so sometimes the ink cartridge gets used a bit. Same with a watch. Casio tests each watch before it gets sent so even if it should last 2 years, it may last a bit less. Also, some functions such as a stopwatch, or BlueTooth functions in the GBA series are pretty battery intensive, so if you use them a lot, it won’t last the full 2 years even with a brand new battery.

    Q: Where can I change a Casio Watch Battery?

    A: We leave the most important to last. Depending on where you live, there should be a Casio service centre in each state. However, do NOT go to just any Jeweller, as that’s bound to get your warranty voided. Your best bet would be to email us and we’ll be able to send you to the right place. Remember, purchasing from us also means a full Casio Warranty, so you can send it straight to Shriro Australia in order to get the battery changed.

    Well there you have it for this Digest Edition. Remember to contact us if you have any further questions.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Frequently Asked Casio Questions

    Welcome to the FAQ Column. We've had lots of people asking similar questions again and again, and we're getting sick of answering them :) So here's our lazy guide. In here, you'll find answers to the most common questions. First a brief summary, followed by a link to the article. Keep an eye on this page, because there'll be more and more questions and answers posted, and you can email us as well if the question you have isn't on here yet. Well, that's it for the intro - let's get started on the questions!

    Q: How do I know this isn't a fake/ripoff?
    A; Easily one of our top asked questions, and it can be quite hard to tell sometimes. The short answer is, you need to press the buttons to make sure the functions are the same (EG. If you press LIGHT, the backlight turns on). As well as the amount of modes that it has (if a watch has direct start stop watch, whether that function works or not). Another thing to look out for is whether the logo looks correct on the watch. For a more detailed article, please click here.

    Q: How do I clean my G-Shock?
    A: Another common one, in particular with the lighter bands. All you need is warm soapy water, a soft rag, a towel and anything with a small brush (such as a toothbrush). Nothing metallic though. Sometimes it's really helpful to remove the band in order to see how much grime has built up. Here's a quick article with much more detailed instructions.

    Q: Are Casio Watches Chlorine Proof and Saltwater Proof?
    A: It may be hard to believe that Casio watches are so resilient, but we physically went to the beach as well as to the swimming pool, before we answered this question. We used a Baby-G and a G-Shock and both came through with flying colours. Of course, you have to remember you can't press the buttons while submerged. Check out our in depth (pun intended) test here.

    Q: How do I set the Alarm on my watch?
    A: While there are a whole heap of different watches, the alarm mode is pretty much the same in all of them. You simply need to press the mode button, get to the alarm and press on the modify button to change it. Some watches have up to 5 seperate alarms that you can set to either ring every week, every day, there's even some that can ring every hour. For a detailed list or description click here.

    Q: Do any G-Shocks have hidden functions?
    A: Just like Easter Eggs in video games, or the famous Konami Cheat Code, there are quite a few watches that have a hidden screen. You just need to know where to look. Because the modes vary by model, here's an in depth article with all you need to know.

    Q: What do I do if my Solar Powered G-Shock stops working?
    A: There are two really simple solutions when it comes to your Solar G-Shocks not working. First, keep it next to a light source for a few hours. If that still doesn't work, send it back for a repair or replacement. You most likely won't need to use the second option though. In this linked article our tech team discusses the different methods to troubleshoot a non working solar powered watch, so feel free to click here.

    Q: What are Radio Controlled Watches?
    A: These are watches that use satellites to automatically update the time on your watch. Pretty great if you love to travel! Here's an article giving you a more in depth answer, as well as the different watches we have in stock, that are radio controlled.

    Q: What do the Casio Prefix Codes mean?
    A: Ah, that's also a repeat question. Let's use the BG-6903-7CDR as our example. The DR means Wordwide Distribution (some watches are European only, so they have ER, others from China, they have CR, etc.). 7 is the colour code for white, while the addition of C means you'll find either one or multiple colours around the bezel or inside the display. Yeah it may sound a little complicated, but there's an easy to use guide, so click here.

    Q: What is Casio G-Shock Autolight?
    A: One of my faurite features. Basically, in the majority of Casio Watches, there's a button you hold down for a few seconds. Once you hear a beep, you let go, and if it's dark where you are, move your wrist to a 45 degree angle, and the backlight automatically turns on for a few seconds, letting you see the time. Here's an article with a lot more info, including suggestions on which type of watches work best with the Autolight

    Q: Which Casio has the most features?

    A: That's a bit of a loaded question. See, there are watches that are suitable for everything, and there are other watches that specialise. Such as Diving watches, Weather Resistant, Outdoors, ETC. If you're looking for a watch with just about every feature you can think of, that'd be one of our Masters of G. Here's a link to an in-depth article.

    Q: How do I change the Bezel in my watch?

    A: First a disclaimer - doing this WILL void any warranty you might have. Make sure that you're out of warranty before proceeding. Got it? Good. Now, what you'll need is to unscrew the 4 or 6 (depending on your watch) corner screws. This might mean your band will come loose as well, but that's perfectly normal. Make sure you don't lose the screws though. Once you're done, take off the rubbery bezel, snap on the new one, and screw everything... back Into place. It's actually quite simple, but if you'd like more detailed instructions, as well as pictures, click here for an expert guide.


  • Introducing the GRB-100 Casio Gravity Master Series!

    Introducing the Casio G-Shock Gravity Master GRB100 Series

    Welcome back to our preview column. Today,  I'll be telling you about the all new addition to the Gravitymaster, Master of G watch, the GRB100. This series comes in three colours, and has plenty of new features not just for pilots, but for anybody interested in a long lasting watch. Ready to see what the fuss is about? Let's get to it!


    Alright, first up is the GRB100-1A2. This is black with a blue,  Ion plated bezel for added protection to the display. The band is dual coloured, with black on the outside, and blue on the inside. In the display, you have extra-large, light blue hands and hour markers to help you read the analogue time. The digital time is in a cockpit like display, adding to the aviation motif. It is a negative display watch, so you'll have blue numbers on a black display.


    Next up is the GRB100-1A3. This one is black on the outisde with some green writing. on the inside, as well as the inside of the band being green. the analogue display is almost identical to the 1A2, except the hands are white, whereas the digital display is bright green, with black letters and numbers.


    Finally, you have the GRB100-1A4. This is quite eyecatching because unlike the 1A2 and 1A3, the GR-B100-1A4 has a rose gold motif throughout the outside, and inside the display. The band is black, with orange on the inside. In the display, we've got white, extra-large analogue hands and markers, along with a negative digital display, that puts rose gold letters and numbers on a black background.

    That's enough about looks, time to get to the all new functions!

    First up, this is a Bluetooth watch. What this means, is you can connect the watch to your phone in order to have the correct time. But that's only the beginning! Using the all-new G-Shock Connected app, you're able to configure the countdown alarm, which will let you know if you're enroute to a specific waypoint, or if you're running behind.

    You can also use the feature to record and store a flight log of the distance travelled as well as the travel time of your flight. Absolutely essential for pilots!

    Now, going back to time changing, if you find yourself without a phone, or if something happens with the bluetooth connectivity (rare but you can't rule it out), you're still easily able to get the correct time, no matter where you are. That's due to the watch also being Radio Controlled, and getting a satellite signal from up to 6 satellites around the world.

    You don't have to worry about changing your batteries when it comes to this series. The GRB100 have a tough solar battery, which means as long as there's any light, you can use it to charge up the watch. There's even a battery level indicator that'll show you if you're close to running out of power.

    The display also underwent some sprucing up. Unlike the previous Gravity Masters we've had, Casio added two new functions. First up, there's the hand shift feature, so that the hands don't obstruct the digital view. Simply move the hands out of the way, then when you exit the feature, they'll go back to where they're supposed to.

    The final function I'll highlight is one that has only been available in a limited number of watches. It is the Dual LED Display. Unlike most analogue/digital combos, the Dual LED lights up both the analogue, and the digital display, letting you see the time wherever you prefer. It's also quite useful if you're finding it hard to read the screen.

    The GR-B100 is coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline. In the meantime, check out our other Gravitymaster watches here!

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B

  • Take a chance on the BA-110CH Casio Baby-G Chance Series!

    Take a chance on the BA-110CH Baby-G Chance Series!

    Welcome back to our Coming Soon page, where today, I'll be highlighting the all-new BGA-110CH Series of Baby-G Watches! A collaboration between Casio, and Italian design company PUNTO IT DESIGN, the BA110CH Looks to be a great new addition to the BA110 series. Ready to see what I mean? Then let's get to it!

    First up is the BA-110CH-1A. This is a black watch, with dark purple ribbons all over the band. It's analogue and digital, with a very large face, hands and hour markers. The cog moving the hands is bright pink, and the hour markers themselves are salmon coloured, with pink highlights on the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock marks. The differing colours really make them stand out, so you'll easily see the analogue time.

    For the digital side, the display is pretty much a smaller version of the GA-110 series, with the day/date showing at the top, and the time at the bottom of the screen. It is a negative display, so you'll have a black background with white letters on the screen.


    Next up we have the green BA-110CH-3A. The band is green, with greyish-white ribbons intersped throughout. The interesting thing about the design here, is the green watch looks almost like it doesn't have a glass covering the display, which makes the screen really pop out when you're reading the time.

    The hour markers are a mixture of grey and orange, matching the cog moving the hands. While these hour markers do look smaller than in the black version of the watch, the mixture of colours makes it really easy to see the analogue time. The digital again uses a negative display, with the writing getting a bluish tint to it, still on a black background.


    Finally, we have the BA-110CH-7A. This is more of a classic design, with a white band and rose gold covered ribbons flowing throughout. The rose gold also continues inside the display, with all of the hour markers being surrounded by a rose gold tint. The cog moving the analogue hands is a mixture of white and purple, which goes along with the hands and hour markers.

    Unlike the previous two models described, the BA-110CH-7A has a normal display, with dark letters on a grey background, so if you're not a fan of negative display, the 110CH-7A is the one you'd be after. The rose gold in the background also looks a lot like the BA-110-7A1, making this a great replacement watch.

    So those are the looks, lets talk functions! One thing people complain about is the LED Light, and how it turns off too quickly to read the time at night. In order to offset this, Casio had the hands treated with a neobrite solution, which means all you need to do is hit the light button once, and when it turns off, the hands and hour markers will remain glowing, making it easy to read the time at night.

    If you've ever had to sit an exam (and chances are, you have), you know how hard it is to keep track of the time. Before you know it, it's time to put those pens down, and you haven't even had a chance to proofread! Well, the BA110CH attempts to help you there. These watches come with a countdown function, so all you need to do is sit down, turn on that function, and just glance at the watch from time to time to make sure you're staying ahead of schedule.

    If you like to stay physical, a sturdy watch is essential, so the BA110CH has you covered there. Part of the Baby-G shock series, they're 100m shock and water resistant. Feel free to run, jump, train and even swim with the watch (though make sure you don't press any buttons while submerged, as that will break the waterproof seal.

    Well, there you have it. Take a chance on Casio's BA-110CH series, coming soon to BuyWatchesOnline!

    For more of our Baby-Gs please click here.

    Until Next Time - Jimmy B!

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