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We collect customer reviews via an independent review platform, to provide you with transparent and honest feedback regarding our products and level of customer service. The reviews displayed on this page are taken directly from our public product pages and are both unfiltered and unbiased. They can also be found on individual product pages throughout the site.

Happy with service by Van J on 04/10/2017

Was a little bit hard to set up the watch at first, but support helped me through it. Fun once I worked everything out. Looking forward to testing it more when I go camping.

Good at work by Stan T on 28/09/2017

Don't need a watch that's got too many features. This tells the time and easy to navigate.

Glossy by Arnie F on 27/09/2017

Sun reflects off the band a bit, but that just adds to the effect. Great looking watch.

good watch by Macie J on 27/09/2017

I like the grey styles and that it actually fits on my wrist. Protection is good too, especially the water resistance since i like swimming.

Love it by Aaron J on 26/09/2017

LOVE my G-Shock watch

Very slick by Amanda K on 24/09/2017

Looks good. The black on blue really makes the colours pop

Husband likes it a lot by Meghan F on 23/09/2017

My husband's last GShock broke two months ago, so I got him this as a replacement. He loves it and if it lasts as long as his last one, I won't need to look for another watch for at least 15 years

Great deal by Drake C on 17/09/2017

Lots of features for a good price and full warranty.

backlight by Randy F on 15/09/2017

It's a great watch but the backlight is ordinary. It doesn't light up the digital screen so digital is useless at night.

Everything I need by Samuel H on 08/09/2017

It keeps time well, the stopwatch tells me my speed, and it's a cinch to set up! Everything I need in a watch!

4th watch! by Liam K on 07/09/2017

Love this site. Bought this for myself got a Baby-G for my 9 year old then my brother and sister in law both wanted a watch.

Great watch by Ron H on 01/09/2017

Love the design, simple looking but has lots of features. Particularly like the wheel since it moves me from mode to mode with no fuss.

Classy look by Jerry L on 31/08/2017

Love the black and blue mix. Great watch with a great look

Bit big by Carol N on 25/08/2017

Bought this for my husband's birthday 3 months in advance. He thought it was too big. I sent it back and got a full refund! Haven't seen ANYWHERE where you can get a full refund after over 3 months! They keep their word so definitely going to get more from them.

Rugged by Oliver F on 24/08/2017

Excellent and tough watch for everyday use

Not what I expected by George N on 22/08/2017

Did not like how hard the face is to see. The hands also annoying get in my way all the time.

Almost perfect by Danny K on 22/08/2017

Great fit, great features, if it wasn't for the difficulty seeing the digital screen it'd be perfect

Good army watch by Scott S on 22/08/2017

Bought this when I went into basic training. Now that I go overseas, it's very handy. Good visibility but not too bright.

Hunting watch by Kiva J on 22/08/2017

goes great with my camo jacket.looks like a great hunting watch

Five Stars by Sami F on 21/08/2017

Great price, fast delivery and very helpful. Can't ask for much more

Purchased for Hubby by Jackie D on 20/08/2017

He loves it. And I saved a lot of money on anniversary present

Easy by Jensen W on 17/08/2017

Easy to figure out and very comfortable to wear

Good looking by Jack B on 16/08/2017

Like the camo look.

Just do it by Simon J on 14/08/2017

Almost talked myself out of buying the watch, but decided to go for it. Best decision ever Loving it and discovering new features every day

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