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Boys Watches

Boys can be impossible to shop for. They can change their minds at the drop of a hat, or reject a present for the tiniest reason. That's why we’ve created this page with a great range of G Shock Watches for Boys and Baby G Watches for Boys to help you choose your boy’s watch. The Baby G Shock Watches are sometimes perceived as feminine, but the ones that we've chosen are very well designed, so boys can wear them without any worries. They’re not oversized, they fit on small wrists, and they still have the shock resistance that Casio watches are known for. Just a few examples include black and gold models, such as the BG-6901-1DR, with a black and gold motif that would never be mistaken for a “girl’s watch”. There are also watches with special features, like the BG-169R-2BDR. This bright blue watch has an extra feature, allowing you or your child to save phone numbers straight into the timepiece. Helpful if the phone runs out of batteries. So check out the watches in this section and please get in touch should you have any questions.

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